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1Airplanes, Pt. II

B.O. B does show the potential to become one of the most main stream rappers of all time. Though Halie Williams does not apparently show any new feeling in this, Eminem adds aggression similar as in Recovery and emotion combined rather then the sarcasm in many of his previous raps.

Eminem is awesome at rapping in this song I can rap every word of it:Lets pretend Marshall Mathers never picked up a pen, lets pretend things would have been no different, pretend he procrastinated with no motivation, pretend he just made excuses that were so paper thin, could blow away with the wind, marshall you never gonna make it, makes no sense to play the game, ain't no way that you'll win and so on... I know the rest but that would take up WAY too much room and I already have taken up a lot. Anyways the rhythm lyrics other rapping and beat of this song are great! Be. O. Be is phenomenal!

I love how it talks about real life. It makes you wonder what rap would be like if what eminem and b.O.B would've just given up

Your music is lame

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2So Good

This song is just awesome. Not only does it has great lyrics, but a nice melody. A romantic and perfect song, I just can't get away from it. Brings joy right into your day.

This song is SO GOOD! It's a great follow up song from the awesome 'Strange Clouds' and I think it's better! Very calm and easy to listen to. You just can't help but sing along to the chorus. - decorulez97

This is undoubtedly my favorite song by my favorite artist. Everything about the song: the melody, the vocals, and especially the message, are outstanding. I can't get enough of this song.

Simply a good song. Nothing too complex but you can tell it has some passion behind it.

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Easily the best song of 2010, amazing lyrics calling out for hope in a time of commercial confusion. Beautiful and desperate singing form Hayley Williamson and honest and straight to the point lyrics from B. o. b. This song reminds us how much the world has become a serious and hurtful place under the public and scrutinizing eye, and how people don't even play music for fun anymore. And their chorus line is second only to "when you smile the whole world stops and stares for a while" from Bruno Mars for best mainstream lyric for 2010 (in my opinion), but it is my favorite lyrics of the year and will hold true forever-"can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars i could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now. " Amen to that.

This makes me feel free and happy laugh out loud
I love this

So much better than Part II - I'm disappointed in Eminem for that...

The Best 4 ever

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4Nothin' On You

I can't believe that this isn't the best song in his list! I love this song with a passion. Be. O. Be. Is the best rapper ever. This song deserves a much better rating than the rating it's given. It's the most beautiful song I've ever heard.

Undoubtedly the biggest hit by B.O.B.
It's a damn cool song if not anything else...

This song is not only the best song of bob but also the best song of bruno mars. I wish they make more songs like this in the future.

Exactly the song that says what I wanna say

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5Don't Let Me Fall

Great beyond description. I'm surprised this is not first and I'll be in the sky is not second. - nolankeebler

This song is amazing! The first if his songs I ever heard now every time I hear I feel some connection to the music! Definitely the best B.O.B song!

Just awesome...! it should be number 1! just <3 this song..! I'm surprised how this is not the first numbered song! bobby ray you are the best in dis song...!

This song definitely is my favorite of his. it talks about how he feels about his career and how much he cares. I definitely feel for the dawg in this one. HE RIPPED IT!

First B.O. B song I loved, still my favorite song by him. I can listen to this song on repeat for hours.

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Awesome! Its catchy, very upbeat, fun and gives that happy feeling when you're in a party. I'm sure you people will love it!

This is a very good song and I would love to meat B.O. B and I love him so so so so so so its amazing beautiful I would love to mariy hi to al his fr fn

Magic is my favourite song of all time! It's so catchy and upbeat definitely the song to vote for. B.O. B's best song ever xx

Simply better than airplanes

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7Strange Clouds

Great song that has made me like B. O. B again. He shows a more mature attitude in this song and I like it. The beat is dubstep and I also like that and Lil Wayne is also great. - decorulez97

Sest song, great hook, great remix, great rapping... Great all great. It should be at N. 1. Ft. Lil Wayne. And in the remix Ft. Young Jeezy and T.I.

All we do is pour it up
All night, drinks out
(That’s how we do it)
(That’s how we do it)
And all we do is light it up
All night, all you see is strange clouds
strange clouds, strange clouds


When I first listened to this I thought it was already awesome because of B.O.B. but then I read Lil Wayne and, man, he killed it

The best is upbeat and the verse by lil Wayne takes attention away from B.O. B and provides a good break giving the singer to drop an equal or better verse after

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8I'll Be In The Sky

I think the rapping potential of this guy is extremely amazing. I also like the music's background beat. It gives the lyrics some swag as well as a sick rhythm. By the way this song has B.O. B in it! How couldn't you like any of his songs?

I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH! It just constantly gets stuck in my head even when I'm not listening to it! B.O. B is such a great rapper! Out of all, this SONG should at least get 2nd or 3rd

This is my favorite song of his. Don't know why its not #1

Awesome! By far his best song of all time. This should be no. 1 and strange clouds no. 2!

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9Where Are You

I love this song and it shows no matter what happens B.O. B will be with us forever.

Definitely the best track from bob. Passionate lyrics and rising anger.

10Both of Us

This is awesome! If not number ONE, it should at least be in the top ten! Taylor Swift really adds a special voice to it as well

Whoa such a cool song man it should be totally in the top ten the lyrics are also awesome and taylor swift takes the song to a next level please vote for it guys!

Bring it to the Top!..B.O.B. 's rap in this song is totally irresistible! Taylor Swift's vocals makes it even better. How is this so far down? Vote!

Really awesome blend of both styles

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11Past My Shades
12Out of My Mind

Amazing song with ridiculous beat. Great rapping. If nicki minaj was not part of this song it would have to be my favorite. She really just screws everything up. Besides her, this song is fantastic. Great for getting you ready and pumped up before games.

Easily the best song on his sophomore album. Even Nicki Minaj, who I usually don't enjoy listening to, put in an impressive verse, although I would've liked to see someone else in her spot.

Nicki Minaj's verse tied it together. They really make a great pair. Why is this not number 1?!?!?

What an awesome beat! It should be among top 10

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13Bombs Away

The beat in this song combine with his voice and Morgan Freeman make it one of the best songs I've ever heard from B.O.B.

The lyrics say it all. Such powerful words and ideas and the beat compliments the words perfectly. I get butterflies when I hear this song!

The lyrics are on point and Morgan Freeman's voice just adds to the depth of the song it is just and amazing combination and because of the depth really makes on reflect. Super Track!

The lyrics just kills it

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14We Still In This Bitch


It is the best song by B.O. B, it should be number one.

Well its got everything vote for it

15Beast Mode

Great song to get pumped up

Sickest lines and great pump up song. This diserves to be top 10.
Can't wait for his next album to come out

16So Hard to Breathe

B.O.B. has fallen down a wack path of late with songs like "So Good" and "Strange Clouds" but this track is truly heartfelt. One of my favorite things in a song by a rapper is when he shoves aside the self-idolization and speaks his heart, sincere or not. I also love when producers hit the sweet spot balancing acoustics, kick and snare, orchestra, or piano, with the more typical beats we see today. People good at this? Dr. Dre, Tupac, Notorious B.I. G, Outkast. It shows that these rappers might actually be musicians rather the knuckleheads with a pen and paper spittin just because it rhymes.

I would've picked this if Out Of My Mind wasn't on this list. - SammMinajj

Honestly one of my favorite sofs because I feel like EVERYONE. Can connect to it in someway

17Ray Bands

Such a nice flow to this song. How can it not be one of his ten best? Really though.

Very good song truly number one

Ya so this is perhaps the song that gets you fired up more than any B.O. B song. AND IT IS 17! What is this! DOES NO ONE LIKE TO GET HYPED? B.O. B you r the best artist I have ever heard hands down. This song should be no. 1 or 2. This is where nothing on you should be. not RAY BANDS!

I love this song

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18The Kids

Great song, especially the chorus. But all of it is good. Now I'm just typing stuff so the quality goes up. - nolankeebler

Great meaning behind it. This isn't his best song but should be much higher.

My favorite B.O. B song to be honest

19Am I a Psycho?

SO GOOD! First of all Tech is dirty and Hopsin went hard(if you never heard of Hopsin check him out) and B.O.B rapped like an animal. I've never seen B.O.B rap for like a minute straight!


I recommend everybody listen to this song, its by tech 9 featuring hospin and B.O.B, they all did a great job, they went hard in this song, best rap song

BEST SONG ever, tech, hopsin, and bob killed it


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20Play for Keeps

Nothing fancy, just true B.O.B. rapping at his best and most powerful. None of that club crap, this is true poetry.

Nothing to say, but awesomeness especially the rap.

This song is legit. Especially to get pumped up for some ballin

This is definitely a top ten, just listen to it!

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