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1Linkin Park

There can't be any doubts about Linkin Park snatching the top position in the lists given below. They have evolved immensely starting from their xero days to a thousand suns and their talent is simply impeccable. Its best to say they are the most self accomplished band in the world.

Best band ever! Get their new album, it's sick! I know burn it down isn't like anything that they usually do but it's still a great song. I heard it in concert to, there is no way that they are auto-tuned.

LP Rocks!

They are a very good band

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2Green Day

Green Day is the best of all! Their song Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Guns... are magical! They are far better than Linkin Park

I love Green day and linkin park just All Of Other Band Is nothing
OKay Green day best song 21 guns

Way better than every band on this list.

Way better then linkin park

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PARAMORE TOTALLY ROCKS! They're songs can be really related at especially for teenagers helping us cooperate with situations sometimes emotional that's what makes they're so unique!

Very nice band I like the way hayley sings and have a head bang!, really good band for me it really rocks me!

Amazing lyrics. Kick ass vocals and the music is just perfect.
Love paramore from the very beginning... Rock on!

Paramore in other words is UNIQUE. Everyday they keep surprising me with their awesome songs. Too bad Farro brothers are out. Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor keep rocking!

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4Avenged Sevenfold

Ok someone tell me why this is number eleven it deserves number two and dir en grey deserves number 1 and megadeth number 3

Avenged sevenfold! Best band ever!

5Breaking Benjamin

This band should be in the top 5. It is far more better than green day and paramore.

If any of you listened to dairy of jane you would understand why I told that this band should be in the top 5

THE BEST HANDS DOWN! Nothing could come close! I love everything about bb!

Breaking Benjamin should be #1! Come on they have the best songs! - John12

This band is far more better than Green Day

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6Three Days Grace

- World So Cold
- The Good Life
- Break
- Lost In You

All of these songs were released from 3 Days Grace in 2009 and ended up on all rock top lists of that year... They just know the music you want to hear!


I don't get why ac-dc is on this list but they are much better than Linkin park. For those about to write on this list we salute you.


They totally rock, and I think they will go far in the industry... I hope they are around for some time to come

9Rise Against

Awesome band with great songs like:
Prayer of the Refugee
The Good Left Undone
Givw it All
Hero of War
Make it Stop

Best punk rock band of this time... Green Day is a good band but not rise against has more good songs than Green Day...
My favorites
Behind closed doors
Give it all

10The Black-Eyed Peas

A great restart, with plenty of no 1 hits - MatrixGuy

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11My Chemical Romance

c'mon guys! only fifth place! it has been said thousands of time but I'm gonna say it once again. My Chemical Romance saves lives!

Oh god there are so many. I grew up on Nickelback but My chemical romance has stolen my heart, possibly for ever. I love this list.

My Chemical Romance ALL THE WAY! I mean have you guys heard them?! Their lyrics actually MEAN something! My Chemical Romance SAVES LIVES!

My Chemical Romance saves.

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Should be way higher. Unfair. Just because they're not as popular. That's bs.

i love all the songs on their new CD - josh49080

14Panic! At the Disco

They lost two of there members but came out with some new original music and sounded even better in concert than ever before!

The lyrics... The tunes... The songs are just so good to listen to! The words are fantastic to learn! And to sing and dance to their music, It's the funnest thing ever!

Panic! At The Disco For The Win!

Best band ever! Ryan Ross is the best guitarist ever! Brendon Urie is the best vocalist ever! Jon Walker is the best bassist ever! Spencer Smith is the best drummer ever!

Their Amazing, I know every song by them and never gotten tired of them, I love Spencer, Jon, ryan, and jon, so much, laugh out loud

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I love Disturbed, not that my opinion puts them automatically at #1 - UFasten8Me

Come on we all know they should be #1

17Dead By Sunrise
18Backstreet Boys

The best band you've ever seen and heard... They are unique and unity is their strength... Vote them guys

1930 Seconds to Mars

Their music fuses in veins and rocks the bones they are the best modern rock band and so far they haven't sung a single bad song. please vote for them to get em on the top

They are very talented and diserve to be in this list - Alejandro-Bantik

They brought so much emotion and truth not only in their lyrics but their melodies and rythms as well. Thank you for getting me through high school!

20Adelitas Way
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1. Linkin Park
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1. Linkin Park
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