Top 10 Bubble Gum Brands

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The Top Ten

Stride is so flavorful, and the flavor lasts, too. Stride Gum is amazing.
You can eat the wrapper AND the gum tastes AWESOME!
Best gum ever I can't believe I can eat the wrapper best gum ever
[Newest]I love stride because you can eat the wrapper and it lasts so long in your mouth. And when you buy the pack of gum it smells so delicious. And one more thing is that all of the flavors are so tasty and colorful.
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I love trident and I love all the flavors they last long and they're cheap. This gum is the only gum that says on it 'while chewing trident which contains XYLITOL and helps fight cavities. This is the only gum I trust.
It is the best gum you could ever chew. If you haven't tasted it then you need try it right know
I love the taste of that bubble gum it's really good. My favorite is pineapple and apple and also strawberry and orange. It's awesome the best gum I have ever tasted. Super good because its a combo of two fruits at the same time!
[Newest]Trident is great. They're good for your teeth too!
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The company is so creative with coming up with new, amazing flavors. Who would've thought of key lime pie and dreamsicle gum! Plus, the flavors are absolutely delicious and last way longer than any other gum.
I love extra gum chewing it now the dessert delights orange creme pop it taste just like a orange creme pop
Mint chocolate chip all the way! It's so GOOD PEOPLE don't BE A HATER! YES
I hate mint chocolate chip gum. It tastes like you would want to swallow it and it is very bad to swallow gum. It also tastes like Styrofoam.
[Newest]ALL flavors are great and last super long
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45 Gum
AWESOME FLAVORS LASTS SUPER DUPER LONG! I love wrigley especially the 5 gum! The BEST gum ever in the whole world
All the other gum stinks 5 is the best especially elixir how do you not choose 5 gum as the first and is that just a coincidence that 5 gum is #5 whats wrong with you people
[Newest]I love it so much and it tastes like heaven in your mouth. It lasts so long and all of the flavors are super yummy! :-) :-) :-) :-$ :-!
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I actually have it right now
It filled with delicious flavour and never runs away (unlike kidz)
Or runs out, love this flavoursom gum
It tastes so good its kind of hard to explain
best flavors. best selection. orbit rocks!
[Newest]Orbit has some pretty good gums

6Hubba Bubba Max
Hubba Bubba is delicious! It has long lasting flavor and you can make gigantic bubbles!
Hubba Bubba is the best there are no competitors. The best is sour apple. Who ever doesn't agree respond.
[Newest]Its amazing you blow big bubbles has amazing long-lasting taste and it doesn't get stuck in braces!

7Juicy Fruit
The best flavor ever. Period. I have tried many variety but nothing comes closer to Juicy Fruit.
I love Juicy Fruit, it should be at number one! There is no other gum like it making it yummy and flavorful. The taste lasts long, too!
Juicy fruit is the best chewing gum ever it should be number 1
[Newest]This was a close vote between this. Trident layers. And ice cubes. But I have been chewing juicy fruit sense grade school and have enjoyed every taste.

8Trident Layers
It's a tangy blend of fruit and it's in all different flavors, my favorite is strawberry tangerine!
Teident layers ROCKS! IT COMES IN SO MANY FLAVORS. It lasts long to and it has two different flavors in each gum! I just love it!
[Newest]Fruit layers and more fruit. It's like a fruit-merry-go-round in your mouth

9Dubble Bubble
Double Bubble has a knock out grape flavored bubble gum, it makes big bubbles and lasts long!
This was the very first bubble gum ever created by Walter Diemer. It wasn't meant to have the most flavor, it was meant to last the longest amount of time. Because it's sugarless, the bubbles can be bigger and better! Haha stride!
The Most flavorful what an exciting peice of chew
[Newest]Right now I am having double bubble.

10Ice Breakers Ice Cubes
It is awesome. But it is a little hard to find. The flavor lasts a long time and it has xylotol in it and that is very good for your teeth. I just can't believe that nobody had mentioned it at all before me. Raspberry is my favorite flavor. ICE CUBES ROCK!
Raspberry is my favorite I tried it one time when I saw it at the store and bought it it's so wonderful my favorite gum. It's really hard to find I can only really find it at walmart I have never seen it any where else. I love how is good for your teeth now I don't have to feel bad about chewing it.
I love ice cubes
Its awesome but really expective
[Newest]Love it so so much! 111

The Contenders

11Big League Chew
SO ADDICTING! I get a pouch, and it's is gone in a day! So delicious. I love the strips!
Is this like.. A joke or something? Is it me, or is Big League Chew NOT at 1st place? Whatever, it should be. Flavor lasts long, flavor is delicious, and I love it. I could just go on and on, but I have to go chew some more of that delicious gum.
Big league chew is the best bubblegum ever! It was originally used by ballpark players to keep their mouth from being dry during the game. The sweet sensation of good bubblegum is hard to come by, so I go to big league chew. So I don't know what your thinking if you decided you want to vote for some top brand that everybody else loves, try BIG LEAGUE CHEW. Yummy.
[Newest]I have never had big league chew, but I do know that my big brother gets, like, a new bag of it EVERY DAY. It must be good!

12Extra Desserts
Yum with the yummy flavors of a totally yummy dessert in your mouth like mint chocolate chip ice cream!
Love it is was so good but I can have just like desserts yum
Its so good its derserts that you can blow bubbles with tell me that's not cool and they made a root beer flavor so going to try it. But the best one I think is the green mint choclate chip icecream


[Newest]I love Extra Dessert Gums! There's so many yummy flavor, some are yucky to me but I love the Mint And Chip Ice Cream flavor!

13Mentos Gum
I love the way this gum keeps its flavour for ages, and keeps your breath fresh as well. It also has different flavours too, so you have a selection of flavours to choose from. I would definitely recommend this gum to anyone.
It has last long flavour it has 3 layers I like the flavour strawberry, apple, raspberry
When we are talking about yummy gums, mentos gum comes at the top in the list. YUMMY GUM, YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM...!

It is good tasting and it has a lot of flavor that you can taste it is honestly the best gum I have ever tasted and tried eating its great and you should vote for this gum to thanks
This brand is um... I lost well its cool! I love the flavor and the scent of it. It lasts super long! I always buy it you should too
It is WAY WAY better than the ones that are so-called better than it. I LOVE wrigley's and I think that the people who voted for any other gum are CRAZY!
[Newest]Uh move this higher because I'm chewing it 25/7

I've been eating it since I was a kid. I guess sometimes the flavor doesn't last. Overall, I love this gum and all the quirks and qualities it has! Go bazooka!
Bazzoka is the best gum I love it and its an older gum my mom loved it when she was a kid!
I love this gum while I was growing up, best in the world...
[Newest]This should be number 1 not number 14

16Eclipse Gum
I really love this gum! It is the best I've ever tasted!
I love how spicy it gets and how it makes your mouth smell good
Eclipse polar ice is the best tasting gum. It's a spicy-sweet sensation. It is the only mint gum that I absolutely love.
[Newest]Eclipse has got to be the best gum ever polar ice is the best flavor

17Bubble Yum
Forget all the ridiculous rumors and try this gum, you shouldn't be disappointed. I definitely recommend the original flavor which happens to be very sweet, but buy the "sugarless" version if you want to skip severe cavities. In my opinion Bubble Yum totally failed with the cotton candy flavor, it's kinda dull. Been looking for the old watermelon flavor that seems to have disappeared recently..
I'm not going to write some fancy critic, all I'm going to say is that this is the best gum of all time.
It tastes so good and blows the biggest bubbles! It is very soft and has many delicious flavors. This gum is the bomb.
[Newest]They were the first to create Bubble Gum.


18Cry Baby
I love this gum because it gives you a punch of sour than it becomes sweet
This gum sucks; it's too spicy
I don't like it because it doent last longer

Its awesome but doesn't last long at all
This gum's taste is really good. It has a nice mint flavor. I recommend this gum to any one who wants a tasty gum and also a gum that keeps your mouth fresh. 5 STARS
Love the minty taste

20Hubba Bubba
It tastes like chicken
No it tastes like steak.
Best brand in the world

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