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41Do You Mind?
42Sweet Serenade
43Open Road

I like your song of open road because it's a beautiful love song where I can sing in a wedding or anything.

Jordan Thomas Hines

I like your song of open road because is a beautiful song where I can sing in the wedding or anything.

Jordan Thomas Hines

This song should be number 2 for me, of course

44My Last

Big Sean is OK bit Chris Brown's voice is so moving. At least put it in top ten

46Should've Kissed You

Definitely my favorite song by him. Everyone please listen to this song and I promise you will not regret it. It is very touching and the lyrics are great. It also has a very calm, enjoyable beat.

This song is really awesome!
I mean it's lyrics are awesome!
Total Romantic Song and it should be dedicated to every lover..
It should be in the top 10 at least!
I mean come on people!

A really good song. Needs more recognition. People listen to this! The song is just amazing! One of his best!

This is my one of the favorite song which I would like to see in Top Ten.

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47So Cold

Nothing' because is the coldest and deepest song 4 ever

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48Five More Hours

Its Just Shakes our Mind should Be #1

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49Paper, Scissors, Rock

Nice song I liked it for quite a long time, the beats won't leave my head! - requi-lml

50Bitches N Marijuana

Me and my friend sing this song at school

51Take You Down

Should be in the top 10 best C. B songs

Awesome song. Should be in the top ten. Awesome song and the
Meaning is also cool. I guess that some people doesn't like it but
For me it is one of the best song of CB

One of the greatest physical songs of all time

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52Wall to Wall

What! Not even in the top 3 come on. This is number one right here!

Yes this was the first song I ever heard by Chris. A very underrated song and was disappointed that it didn't chart that well :(

This is just so outrageous, this was the first song I've ever heard by chris and I thought it was amazing. This song right here should be number one, well at LEAST in the top 3.

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54For the Road

The Song of the road it is a greatest song so that I can dance with it.

Jordan Thomas Hines

55Sweet Love

Awesome song..! Lyrics are awesome... and could be sung only by chris brown...!

This song makes you want t be with your man or women and just make sweet love all nite long

Sp great song I love the sonbg to much just too good song please vote for it guys I know it is little new but please take it in top 10, I know this song it is too good you have to listen it!

This song is so great I love it so much.

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56New Flame

103 no!, Think this should be in the top 20 at least

Wow! What a song it is. I just love it. the starting line is awesome. can't stop from listening it!

I like the 2014 song of "New Flame" because it talks about god and it's good.

Jordan Thomas Hines

Chris brown killed it with this song I don't think any other artist would have been able to pull this off

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Your song up sweetheart is a lovely and beautiful song and I like your song.

Jordan Thomas Hines

35th? Are you kidding me...this song desereves to be in top of the list!

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58Grass Ain't Greener

Stuck in my head! Heard it on the radio and it has stayed in my brain for so long now. It phenomenal.

Such an addictive song. Chris Brown killing it as usual. This has been stuck in my head all day - Forhad_765

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60All Eyes On YouV1 Comment
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