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81 Lucky Me Lucky Me

How is it this far!

82 Hope We Meet Again Hope We Meet Again

Though it's a Pitbull song but Chris is amazing...

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83 Party Hard Party Hard
84 Wet the Bed Wet the Bed
85 Up to You Up to You
86 4 Years Old 4 Years Old

This is such an underrated song! Best song on fortune without a doubt.

92? Really? It Should be at least in Top 15 - MrLonely_95

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87 Right by My Side Right by My Side

Whoa! This 96! It's the Nicki feat. Chris B song right, its such a good song. should'av been in top 20 at least. - requi-lml

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88 Erased
89 Up In the Sky
90 That Somebody
91 Holla At Me
92 G S***
93 Calypso Calypso
94 Brown Skin Girl Brown Skin Girl
95 Celebration Celebration V 1 Comment
96 Nobody's Business Nobody's Business

Like Rihanna but Chris brown killed this song

97 Make Love

Seriously? 81? This should be like 1 or 2 alone with Fine China.

98 Heart Ain't a Brain Heart Ain't a Brain

This is a hugely underrated song! Not only that but it's widely unknown because it was released on the forever edition of exclusive which fans probably didn't check out as much as the original, except for 'forever' and 'superhuman'... Check this song out guys, it tugs on the heart strings and the lyrics are so true!

99 I'll Go I'll Go V 1 Comment
100 Without You

The greatest song without you is a good song and really appropriate for school.

Jordan Thomas Hines

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