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The Top Ten

Synyster Gates, Avenged Sevenfold
One of the greatest of all times. Amazing sweeps and takes the dueling guitar to a whole new level with Zacky vengeance. Listen to anything from a7x and your sure to be taking by the driving riffs of Gates
One of the most creative guitarists of the decade. Him and Zacky Vengeance combined make up the best duo that can be, and anyone who has heard their solos should know. For example, Bat Country.
At his age his already done things that made the world crazy! So just think when he reaches the age of SLASH, JIMI HENDRIX or VAN HALEN...
[Newest]So much feel in his solos, Seize the Day, 'enough said

2John Petrucci
Most technical and one of the few modal players left
Deadly Combination of Speed and Melody...
John petrucci is god

3Steve Vai

4Yngwie Malmsteen

He is all time God of Guitar who the hell all these guys in front of him.
Slash means God n if you don't agree just go and listen only November Rain
Goddammit guys you dare put Hammett ahead of Slash? Gimme 1 Hammett solo whch even equals Slash's solos...


6Angus Young, AC/DC
I think this dude super ugly... but a beast guitarist! I also think his duck walk is cool
Thunder struck on highway to hell!
This is the 3 best

7Kirk Hammet, Metallica
He really changes the pathway of music... Just drives it to the heavens... The way he synchronizes each and every note and leads it, just makes him the boss...
he is the finest guitarist. He is one who enjoy the feeling of music & go into deep.


Yes yes yes way better than the rest of these guys. Especially Hermain Li.


8Herman Li, DragonForce

How is Buckethead not higher up on this list? Buckethead is the only one of these guitarists that spans across every genre imaginable, from Prog rock to country to Avant Garde. And how many of the other people on this list can finger tap using 4 fingers on each hand? Just listen to Soothsayer and you'll no what I mean.

He was born in a coop, raised in a cage
Children fear him, critics rage
He's half alive, He's half dead
Folks just call him BUCKETHEAD!

10Joe Satriani
Great guitarist I have ever seen!

The Contenders

11Micheal (Padge) Paget, Bullet For My Valentine
Padge is way better than Kirk! No offense to metallica they are one of my favorite band but he's always using a whawha pedal to make his solos, and that's not very hard. Page does most of his solos with no effects except distortion and that stuff. His solos are so clean, dynamic, fast, melodic and it fits to the tone that they're playing.
Btr then any other band. His solos are lovely as heaven and clean too. He doesn't mix them or miss any good riff
Damn, padge is the best guitar player in this days, he should be in first place!

12John Mayer
You really have to dig deep to find out how great of a guitarist he really is. Most people think of his pop hits but see this guy live and you will understand. He changes versions of the same song in every concert to keep it fresh, real and raw. YouTube his stuff with BB King, Buddy Guy and Eric Clapton.
The best pure musician of the post 2000's... He will never be forgotten BECAUSE of his amazing guitar playing; not because of his cute singles that make hits on the radio.
On many of his songs, you don't get to see his amazing abilities. I was blown away when he played with Keith Urban.

13Dan Donegan, Disturbed
Danny "Orchestra" all the way! Nobody is better than Dan Donegan, COME ON PEOPLE!

14JB Brubaker. August Burns Red
Most inovative/creative writing style I've ever heard I don't think any of these other guys can quite compare with the complexity of his work
He shreds on guitar... Look at those nice breakdowns and guitar solos
Man, this guy is like, really talented. he makes good riffs that match up with other instruments.

15Oli Herbert, All That Remains

16Dan Jacobs, Atreyu

17Joe Bonamassa
Best all around guitarist. Doesn't constantly overplay. Electric, acoustic, slide, dobro. Blues, rock, funk, country, swing, he can do it all.
Can't believe he's not in the car top 10

18Matthew Bellamy, Muse

19Adam Dutkiewicz, Killswitch Engage
Nut case can play

20John Frusciante
Constantly able to adapt and change his sound, yet always sounds amazing
The best one at live soloing

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