Top 10 Diane Lane Movies


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What a sex scene, really enjoyed... The more I see the more I enjoy it what can I say no words really awesome.
Awesome. Have seen it about a hundred times! Love the scene on the train after she has her very 1st sexual affair! Cheers
Nice movie, daily my sperm ejecting when seeing diane lane.

2Under the Tuscan Sun
SUPER ROMANTIC! The place suites the movie theme. The best B-)

3A Walk on the Moon
1969 the way it really was..
This is one of my favorite movies... Ever! She is sublime in it as are all the actors.

4Must Love Dogs
Great movie should have million votes... Funny love and movie I watched for one week straight never gets old... ! I lovebher in the outsiders too awesome actress and very pretty

5Streets of Fire
Best diane movie! What chemistry!

6Judge Dredd

7The Cotton Club

8Rumble Fish


10The Only Thrill

The Contenders

11Man of Steel


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