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41Destruction of the Eiffel Tower - Ghetts
42To Da Break of Dawn - LL Cool J
43Back to Back - Drake

If you get killed literally "Back to Back" I don't care if you release No Vaseline 2.0 3 seconds after the Back to Back was posted, you still die after what he said.

This was literally the weakest baby Twitter beef ever, shouldn't be on here lol

I don't think a rapper has ever been bodied harder than Meek from this song.

Drake and Meek both suck, can we stop this mindless "feud"? - SwagFlicks

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44Allame & Joker - Piyango
45Loose Change - Ja Rule
46Red Bandana - The Game
47Succubi - Azealia Banks
48Brooklyn - Jay-Z
49Nasty - Skepta
50Stay Schemin - Rick Ross

Was targeted at Common... Drake really killed this one...

Definitely deserves to be in the top ten.

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51Pest Control - The Game

This diss should be in the top 5... The game killed Meek

The new Ether. The new 300 bars. He destroys Meek. - winter

Without a doubt, the best diss track I've ever heard. Took The Game a day to make a counter-diss on the same beat as Meek's "OUUU."

I salute the game

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52Officer Down - Lloyd Banks

Oh my God, Rick Ross should just sit down after this one. I love the cartoon skit 50 did. Officer ricky!

After this hit officer ricky should die

53Murekkep Doldurdum - Ceza

Sagopa was die after CEZA do this diss

54Superman - Eminem

He dissed Mariah Carey again... she just keeps getting murdered... I kinda feel bad for her.

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55So Many Rappers In Love - Westside Connection
56Kim - Eminem

He ODed on his Ex-Wife... he finished her

57300 Bars and Runnin' - Game

This should be either #2 or #3. Not where it is now. What. Best diss song since Ether.

Man, he kills G-Unit, he kills 50. This should be in de top 5

This should be in the top 10 no matter what they say

This isn't suppose To be so low, at least top 20

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58Who Dat - Young Jeezy
59Fırtına ve Şimşek - Sagopa Kajmer
60Enes Alper - Sakat Bırakırım P5

Best Diss. Enes Alper is the Diss King! Listen!

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