Top 10 European Countries to Visit


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I love Germany, because it has got all you need! In the north the coast lines, the east much history about the world wars, the west has got big cities and great architechture (every part has got wonderful architechture). And the last one the south: There are the wonderful alps and the beautiful castles like Neuschwanstein castle.
Best country to visit by far! So much amazing architecture and historic sites as wel as breath taking modern architecture. Germany has the biggest zoo in Europe as well as the biggest rollercoaster in the third biggest theme park so lots to see if your not interested in history too! Also the cuisine is a must see if you have a sweet tooth!
yay I'm going here this summer!
[Newest]It's amazing because of the history

Italy has the riches history in Europe if not in the whole world. We have more UNESCO World Heritage sites than any other country in the world. Our people are warm, kind and welcoming. The only problem is that we can sometimes be close-minded in some aspects like tourism, we receive so many tourists annually and we seem not to give much importance to the fact that we need to make their stay enjoyable in the sense that our roads in the south are in terrible state, traffic is horrible, we need more beach resorts etc. I would say that Italy need to take example from Spain tourism-wise. If we can get to that level and have the tourist attraction that we have we can surely beat France or any other country in terms of international arrivals.

it seems one can easily spend two weeks in this country and still not see all there is to see. I think Italy, as a country, offers the most bang for the buck. I'm going as soon as I can!
I love italy there food is the best and portugal and spain should be on this list
[Newest]I love Italy, I go there every year. After the first time I've been there I left my heart there forever. I am Armenian and I consider Italy as my second homeland. Italy is full of art, history and what's the most important it is filled with love and warmness of it's people.

Simply the most visited country of the world! Whopping 80000000 tourists a year! That's mighty and I am not a French :) Besides, film festivals, climate, fashion, food makes it a great place to visit. And, not to forget the movies with great sex! :P
First of all France is the best country for entertainment and family fun and attractions its also the best country for cold nature there are so many reasons that the sentences that I wrote about France there are a lot of beautiful stuff in France that I'm not going to write about there are so many I'm just going the most important things

Attractions; Eiffel tower the lover Notre de trhomphie and the French Rivera ; entertainment ; champs eyleys tasulioes gardens and the biggest restaurant in the world Moulin rouge ; family fun ;Disneyland Paris ; cold nature ;the tallest mountain in Europe mount blance French alps grain alps the gardens of Versailles thanks
Their culture lifestyles festivals food are all amazing especially their food
My dad wnt there and in 2 days he brought a full luggage of gifts from france. He went to louvre and he couldn't finish the whole place because every where around him where artwork sculptures and stuff got to visit france
[Newest]I am from Philippines. France is one of my favorite country to live. Along USA & Germany

Gorgeous islands, amazing beaches, beautiful sunsets that turn 8 different colors, long history which you need years to learn, great nightlife, fun loving people, good food, always sunny, the water in Greece must be the cleanest in all the Mediterranean its so clean it sparkles and you can see your face in it
Greece is one of the most historically deep countries in the world. It offers great food, ancient monuments and the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. It is one the most amazing destinations in the world.
Sunny, good food, good people, good sea, beautiful women and a bit of high prices but.. what can you do?
[Newest]Great people, great food, and the best beaches in all of Europe, and so much to do there you will never be bored

The best place in the world! So clean and posh! Everything here is so upper class and every one is rich and elegant. The scenery, the food, the beautiful towns there's noting quiet like it!
Good place 2 visit
This place is BEAUTIFUL! It has a lot of amazing scenery with amazing mountain ranges. It would be a great place for an adventurous type which could be you.

How can England be 10th? I live here, and apart from the very unpredictable weather, England has stunning countryside, very interesting history and amazing attractions such as Big Ben, the national history museum, The London Eye, The Tower Of London, Buckingham Palace, Stonehenge and the national gallery! :) have fun exploring such a beautiful place
I live here and I love it! How could it be tenth?! I don't know where else in Europe I could live in, because Britain's so Great! It's in the name: "Great Britain"! But if I were to VISIT another European country, it would be Italy. Definitely.
I would love to visit this country someday, the home country of football, it has a rich history and cities like London, Manchester


[Newest]So much stuff to learn here, try it

Great country! One of the friendliest country in the world (very open-minded). Amazing culture. And the architecture.. I love the cities there. Visit The Netherlands. In my opinion the best country in Europe. Visit Amsterdam (of course), Utrecht (very beautiful), Deventer (small but one of the oldest cities in Europe, and very cosy). Greetings from Italia!
Love this country very much. Nice people; good food; they understand foreign languages very well; and most important of all the country has a beautiful landscape, dominated by both cities and nature.
Netherland is great country and full of historic place my favourite cities there are amsterdam, rotterdam, the hague
[Newest]Best food ever. Friendliest people in the world.

Even though the world class cities of Madrid and Barcelona steal more than their well deserve fair share of the spotlight from other international destinations, Spain has the unmistakable European Old World charm, yet that escense which you can't really describe and hence you must experience for yourself. Zaragoza, Toledo, Cordoba, and the Spanish planes will show you more than you bargain for, weather you look for culture to absorb, good weather, or somewhere to take a breather.
A lot of things and variation to see (from beaches to mountains, from rainforest to almost desert, from cities to small villages...), good climate, very good food, clean and safe. Enjoy it!
Madrid is the best European city I've ever visited.. It's amazing how people there treat you as if you were one of them
[Newest]Spain is awesome :-D

Austria is the best place to visit! There are so many sights like famous castles or churches and also attractions like the Prater! Also, Austria is very clean and the people are extremely nice!
Austria is a very beautiful and traditional place! Come here and enjoy the mountains and nature!
Best place in the world, because it's the home of that gap toothed, sweaty AND oily, beef cake we all love

Must-to-visit! I've been there many times and I'm going again this summer. My favourite places are Zagreb, Cres and Sibenik. People there speak english (not that great, but who cares :-) ) and they are so nice and helpful. And the beaches... Heaven. So many historical buildings, and I love their culture. So quiet and peaceful, completely opposite than Manhattan (NYC) where I live. CAN'T WAIT SUMMER!
Old people don't speak english well but younger people talk very good.
Once I asked a boy (who was probbably 12-13 years old) where is the shopping center. I was surprised because he could speak perfectly. I asked him if he is from Britain because his accent was the same as bitish, and he told me that he has always lived in Croatia
Beautiful beaches, nice people, amazing historical cities (Dubrovnik, Split etc. )
Visiting Croatia again this summer. Can't wait
Old, unique cities and the most beautiful sea and shore in the world. Must visit!


[Newest]Crystal clear water and amazing history! Definitely the next place you should go on vacation.

The Contenders

Filled with history and beautiful scenery no matter where you look. The people are genuine, fun and super hospitable! This is my favorite European country, and I'm not of Irish descent. Tourism is much more reasonable than other countries and the Irish really give quality service to their tourist. I'm pleasantly impressed. Ireland exceeded my expectations in every way.
Best Country In The World! You Wont Be Disappointed! Beautiful Countrysides And Cities! Loads Of Fun! Gorgeous Beaches And Water Parks! Lovely People! They Don't Drink As Much As Everyone Thinks! So genuineness! Just Goo!
Lovely rich, natural country with stunning scenery and green lush country sides and with breathtaking coastlines and beaches. Generally nice country and friendly people despite the stereotypical fights between the religions and of course the unpredictable weather! But when Ireland is sunny honestly in my opinion one of the nicest countries to be and live in
[Newest]I am part Irish.

12Czech Republic
Castles, Nature and Prague.. very nice city welcoming people and the best thing about Czech Republic is the atheism rate which is about 90%.. That is a dream country for all open minded, smart and science-universe aware folk.
Prague is one of the best places to visit in Europe! Rich history and music.
Prague is the best city in the world
[Newest]Amazing castles and nature

Just got back from a trip from Sweden and I have to say I'm amazed how beautiful Sweden is. People just must visit this beautiful country.
Beautiful country, Great cities, People very kind, many things to do. After my trip to Sweden I official want to move there.
Sweden has great cities and nature! Lots of museums as well. Definitely worth a visit.
[Newest]I like Sweden, I wish that I visit to Sweden and meet to their kind peoples.

Norway was voted the most beautiful country in the world, and I have to agree; I have been to 20 countries and Norway outshines them all. Lots to see and do, I love the culture and the fjords and history and shopping and food and mountain hiking and the people. I would say this list is wrong and Norway is #1.
I love this country! Great food, good culture (and much of it), and the people is really nice if you get to know them. Norway got a lot of viking history museums and the Sami culture in the north.
Norway is awesome place to travel and live really awesome

Please put Istanbul in the first place ( I swear to God this city is stunning ) have been almost all of Europe I found istanbul one of the best, visit and see, I promise you will never wish to go! LOVE YOU ISTANBUL
If you want to visit, Turkish people have a great hospitality. You all will feel welcome. Also Turkey isn't just Istanbul, there are really great cities to visit at East and West. As a Russian, I spent five of my vacations in Antalya, amazing city... They have the best coasts and a great culture.
Turkey is the most unique country in Europe it combines Middle Eastern style and European styles
[Newest]I think Turkey is one of the most unique destinations in the World, it's probably my favourite European destination along with Italy and Spain.

Country with the most history plus it is one of the oldest countries in the world, Portugal was already Portugal when most countries were still scattered around like france and spain ( castille). To me all european countries are beautiful but this one just has so much history and beauty, should be in the top 5.
Portugal has everything! Beaches, wonderful weather, breathtaking landscapes, fantastic castles, palaces and museums. It's the only country in Europe to have all together.
Great beaches, great food, amazing weather!
[Newest]Great food, weather, roads, friendly people, excellent infrastructure!

It's the best of the best country I love Denmark till I die
Wonderful place.. kind people.. and not to forget architecture and great food.. best restaurant in the world..
Denmark's the best
There's so many reasons to visit Denmark.
There's so many, that I cannot say anything ;_;

Interesting architecture (Gdansk is like Amsterdam, Wroclaw like Hamburg, Krakow like Brno), great food (especially "pierogi"), they have mountains for winter sports, Baltic sea and lakes for summer vacations.
A beautiful mix of architecture, friendly people, good public services and one of the best environments in Europe. There is even a small desert.
Old history very beautiful mountains love it got to visit

The place to live
Great food, great cities, great people!
Iceland maybe small, but it's BEAUTIFUL... ! ;-P


It's the most unique place to go. Great people, amazing food and the cleanest air and water that one can eat and drink.
Never visited but I think it should be up the list more... I will visit someday... It seems very underrated...
It is a fantabulous country near the aurora borealis. A calm island with poping geysers

We went two times to travel to Russia and we fell in love with this country. Russia amazing country. I think living there is quite interesting and not boring. Russia and the Russian are different than the rest. I advise everyone to visit
Biggest country ever, it has a very interesting history.
Lol, I just would like to see the wild part of it;like the tigers and things. I am a photographer! ;-P


It's expensive in Finland, but the country is so beautiful! Lot of forest's, lot of lake's (Finland is called Country of the thousand lake's) friendly people, and of course, over 2 million Sauna's, in summer, lot of music festival's around Finland and many more other great things. I really suggest Finland to visit.
Beautiful country, with lots of forests, lakes and snow up in the North. It's very underrated.
I am from Finland. Trust me, it's the best place to go! WOW I LOVE IT

Great country, beautiful nature and people!
Yep, I'm the local

A country that has contributed through out its history (T.V. , Telephone, antibiotics, radar, the steam engine) yet isn't egotistical like other big contributors like England, the Netherlands or Portugal.

Also doesn't have the smarmy ethnocentric streak of their joint closest neighbours the Irish, although they don't cultivate their diaspora like the latter which can be a negative.

All in all, among the nicer European nations.
I love bag pipes ^•^ and Scotland (which I have Scottish blood, lol) and would really enjoy going there.


Scotland is one of the most loveliest places.
Amazing people and just makes you feel at home.
Make you want to pack your bags and move there

I think the word "nature" says everything because buildings and bridges you can see all over the place! So don't be a sysy pants and visit the wild nature!
Much better than Germany. Trust me!
[Newest]A Eastern European country, a Balkan country and a Central European country in the same time. Something totally different from all Europe.


27Bosnia and Herzegovina
Best country in the world. Mostar is the most beautiful city in the world, this is a very popular place to visit and you should see it too. It has a lots of old ottoman buildings and monuments, but you've probably heard about the Old Bridge and the famous contest in jumping from that bridge. The jumping contest has a long long long tradition (i think about 500 yrs). My suggestion for this summer is mostar, it's very cheap (food, drinks, hotels) and nightlife is great. You won't regret it, I couldn't believe it either when I came here, this town rocks :) and by the way you should visit sarajevo from August 16, Sarajevo is the host of the famous Sarajevo Film Festival and the town is crowded with tourists and you won't forget 10 days of the festivals, for me it was great, best days of my life
Beautiful old cities and great people make this a wonderful place to visit
Go to find your soul
[Newest]Beautiful country with greatest people :D

Despite of many people hate this country it has many unique places.
Russia really sucks not Ukraine
Ukraine is the best country ever) People are hard working Not like Russians. I think that we will win the war because Ukraine IS THE BEST COUNTRY EVER! )
I live in Ukraine and I think to go live in Russia. I traveled to Russia and I really enjoyed. In Russia is much better live. Ukraine dirty gray backward country. In Russia to live much more interesting

Good artifacts, animals and tourist place and road to F1, history castle and super sea.
Budapest is beautiful, Szeged has some amazing sites, stuff is not too expensive and Langos is lovely
Its a great central european country with a lot of termal bads, good vine, cheep, good services and a beautiful capital Budapest. Love it a lot
[Newest]Take me back budapest

The oldest European country that has never changed it's name. It was once one of the three greatest empires of Europe. Even now, with most of it's territory taken away by other countries, Bulgaria still has lots of stuffs to be seen and incredibly low prices. You can't go wrong with it as long as you are not blind booking the first hotel you see.
Low prices, beautiful women. What more do you need?
The most beautiful nature in Europe! You certainly can't miss it!

How is Wales so low? Beautiful countryside and amazing coastlines. It has amazing history along with modern cities such as Cardiff and Swansea which are amazing places to visit.
Green, that's the best word I could describe about Wales. The countryside is fantastic, and it's full of forests. The language is unique in many ways. It should be higher up, definitely. Wales, it's the country of poets, musicians and artists. It is THE place for me.

Love from somewhere else not in the UK!
Google up Snowdonia. Wales should not be 30th I'm telling you. Top 15 at the very least. Unbelievable scenery of coastlines, countryside, castles, loads of mountains plus many, many landmarks and attractions! Wales is THE perfect country for the tourist.


In small place we have lakes, mountines, sea hills and vallys and much more. People are very friendly too turists. Almost every Slovenian speaks English and Croatian. Many of them knows German too.

Amazing nature, lots of forests and wonderful cultural heritage especially in Vilnius, with historical buildings and restaurants. One of the best places I have ever visited! Hopefully will return again... :) by the way, they have amazing beaches and seaside resorts with watermarks!
The most beautiful woman in the world
I love this country, beautiful forests and the country itself has a very rich and interesting history.

Albania has Amazing nature especially it's mountains it's great to have a look at Albanians landscape
I think it's very beautiful but the city Tirana is dangerous so stick to the beach not Tirana plus the beaches are not barley dangerous

35Vatican City
If it's Renaissance art you like, then Vatican City is the place. In fact many churches in Rome are actually extraterritorial property of the Holy See.

Most people speak English and love the English... Very expensive since they went to the Euro... Lovely, welcoming people and a beautiful island with lots of attractions. Zoo (swimming with dolphins! ), water park, Popeye's Village, shark bay, Valletta and more. I've been 3 times and would happily go again!
Just amazed by the History of the Place! Also has an amazing nightlife!

Estonia is gorgeous! Some of the nicest people in Europe that I met were in Europe! Tallinn is an amazing and fun village city! Everyone is really helpful and open-minded! The food is great and there is so much pretty nature in Estonia to its shiny lakes to its never-ending forests! Estonia is very underrated, but also very powerful and breathtaking!
Beatiful landscape and really fresh air. A great place for anybody to visit who wants some peace and quiet.

38United Kingdom
Good! Too many beautiful places. The Buckingham Palace is so big and great. The Royal family is so Respectful..

I love cyprus becouse of their schooling standard.
In my opinion its amazing and wonderful conutry in the world

Friendliest people I've ever met.

The nicest people in world, they make you feel right home. Serbia also has some of the most beautiful hill sides, churchs and more. Also the most beautiful women in thr world!
People are so nice and nature is so beautiful.
Quite nice place, Belgrade is great!
[Newest]Simple, BEST NIGHT LIFE! So beauty boys and girls

Great rich nature and so many kind hearted and funny people
Beautiful rich, nature tasty food, and very funny people.
Lovely country side. Lake Ohrid is simply breath taking

43San Marino
Also known as the Most Serene Republic of San Marino. San Marino is the oldest republic and surviving sovereign state in the world, as the continuation of the monastic community founded on 301.
Beautiful Hilltops, prettier then Tuscany and not as crowded.




So cool love it. It is also the newest country in Europe

Amazing and stunning. The Norway of Balkans.

Great country. A must go. believe me

It's not even in Europe...
It is the best
Theirs only 1 Armenia





Not a European country

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