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21 Lost and Found
22 Sunrise
23 Cement Cement

A 5/5 single rating from Kerrang! Says it all... An absolutely brilliant song, and I cannot believe it wasn't already on the list.

24 Burn the Bridges
25 So Well So Well
26 Tracing Lines Tracing Lines
27 Insomnia

THE BASS INTRO! Excellent song, sounds like Nirvana a bit!

So amazing! would rank it in my top 200 songs of all time! FEEDER FOR LIFE

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28 Find the Colour Find the Colour
29 Borders

New stuff is class!

30 Children of the Sun Children of the Sun

After much thought this just beats Just the way I'm feeling and Quick Fade

Love this song it's been my ring tone for years

31 Sweet 16 Sweet 16
32 Moonshine Moonshine

Whoa! #28 in the list is ridiculous. I don't disagree with the current top three but Moonshine is a great track from the Comfort in Sound album and one of my absolute favourite Feeder songs. It would easily get into my top 5 any day. Vote it up the list please people!

33 Love Pollution Love Pollution
34 Summers Gone Summers Gone

What a track, one of the best song on the best feeder album (comfort in sound). I'd probably say 2nd and 3rd best songs on the album are 'helium' and 'comfort in sound'. Their is no way this song should be so low down the list! Go Feeder!

35 Satellite News
36 Snowblind
37 Renegades

Great track. One of my favorite.

38 We Can't Rewind
39 Pilgrim Soul
40 Eskimo Eskimo
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