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41 Knights of the Splintered Skies Winged Shades
42 Inaugural Top Hat
43 Black Iron Warhelm of Pwnage

Best. Hat. Ever. No arguments.

So epic like 112 sales

44 Kitty Ears V 1 Comment
45 Canie Beanie
46 The Maker Fedora V 1 Comment
47 Hooded Cloak of the Astral Isles

Awesome mesh with new texture

Looks nice, and its cheap.

48 Naruto Headband
49 GoldenHeadphones

Very stylish and cool looking

50 Nerd Glasses V 1 Comment
51 Ghosdeeri

This is really rare like the other hats that cost over 40,000. RooBuck (Robux) This hat is really big and also change the color Black or white of your head so it won't be that bad or wear an Ninja mask of light so that you don't need to change the color of Person.

This thing is sick, it was only in a gift for 31k robux of Halloween 2014. it sould come back on sale! It's a white pumpkin with antlers and it projects blue flames out of the top of it!

V 1 Comment
52 Red Sparkle Time Fedora

How isn't this first

53 Leopard Fedora

Cheap, and makes you look like a pimp. Where are my hoes? -

Great for the cities, glad to own this hat!

54 Dominus Astra

Its just 2kool4school

55 Rainbow Shaggy
56 Narwhal Hat
57 Pink Sparkle Time Fedora

Its really expensive, if I was rich I could have bought.

This is a classic. I own one. I get hundreds of requests

58 Ancalagon
59 Surgery Hat
60 Teal Sparkle Time Fedora

It is a very cool collectors item and it is awesome to have.


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