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The Top Ten

Wings of a Butterfly
Just amazing. Nothing else to say.. Words speak for themself!
A beautiful song, absolutely one of the best songs, and such a powerful meaning behind it as well!
This song is great! Like their other song
[Newest]Epic song, great voice from Ville Valo!

2The Funeral of Hearts
favorite song ever... it'll never get too old, too boring or not exciting
One of the most romantic songs I have ever heard, and definitely shows how HIM make extremely meaningful and beautiful songs with equally amazing lyrics...
HIM is my favorite band and this is my favorite song. Nothing else to say.
[Newest]Incredible great great song!

3Join Me In Death
This world is a cruel place and we are here only to loose
So before life tears us apart let death bless me with you! <3
Wat else to say man...
The most romantic lines I'v ever heard! :'(
Nthng abt life and death.. jus luv!
The best of the best HIM song! It is really very inspiring and is one song that you can listen to a thousand times and never get bored. HIM is great band but Join me was what made them famous
Thats a pretty cool song I was suprised it wasn't on the list


[Newest]I think this is the number one. WON'T YOU DIE TONIGHT FOR LOVE? BABY, JOIN ME IN DEATH! I love the frozen video, and Ville Valo's sexy low voice...

4Vampire Heart
There's something extra in this song. It's what made me fall in love with the band. The wings of a butterfly is awesome too though.
"Hold me, like you held onto life
When all fears came alive and entombed me,
Love me, like you love the sun scorching the blood in my vampire heart."
It's a catchy song! This song has a very good rhythm :D

5Killing Loneliness
This song made me a fan of HIM..for me it’s the best song from the made me realize that metal can be beautiful and Scandinavians are awesome when it comes to melancholic yet testosterone inducing songs…I got so much addicted to this one that I actually started preaching about HIM to people who are not, leave metal, even into rock music. The song has got some pain deep within yet it expresses it with open soul and…in a heroic sexy way
The song that got me into this band, such beautiful music behind his marvelous voice, with such deep lyrics
Totally amazing really it kills
[Newest]Made me a HIM fan. One of their best songs.

6(Don't Fear) The Reaper
Like the amazing cover of Metallica - Astronomy, this cover also can find a place in most beautiful covers of all time.

7The Sacrament
best beginning ever... this piano makes me mad, yea! I can't stop listening to this song, really.
The piano gives this song so beautiful feeling, I've loved this song the most since I started listening HIM.
One the best songs they've sung. Mindblowing piano

8Wicked Game
This needs to be number 1. As the number 1 him fan and having every HIM song on my phone and listening to nothing but HIM on a daily basis this list makes no sense to me. Venus (in our blood) shouldn't even be on this list. There's so many good HIM songs. most of the songs on this list are just the popular ones. Wicked game #1 and venus doom #2
I know this song isn't by ville himself but he made it ten times better and it's the most popular and famous song from HIM!
It's a cover, but is the best song's version ever! That's the song what make me like HIM

9It's All Tears (Drown in This Love)
All their songs are very good. But it's something special with this one... I do really like Love You Like I Do also

10Gone With the Sin
Love this song it makes me calm... Very good lyrics and I love the voice of ville valo!
I just love the way your losing your life!
Because we all have gone with the sin...

The Contenders

11Kiss of Dawn
Best song on the album venus doom!

12In Joy and Sorrow
Frankly, this song possesses a bit of a "cowboy" tone, but it sets a tone perfected only by the great and powerful HIM. He has yet to disappoint me or any other people I know who listen to HIM, and if he keeps making songs like these, he never will.


Simply amazing song, possible to listen to it again and again and again in a row
Amazing Song, too bad it is not I the top 10 list,
The lyrics the tone the solo everything is good in this song..
It is amazing

13Right Here In My Arms
For me it's the best song! Whenever I feel sad, I listen to this particular song! It's really emotionally strong!
This was the first HIM song I've ever heard that got me into the band. 6 years later and it's still my all time favorite track. This song needs to be at least #5 on the top ten.
Fell in love with them when I heard this song. It's so powerful and hard to ignore when I see it on my music list in my ipod.
[Newest]This song got me into HIM and the complete genre. Definitely deserves #1

14Your Sweet 666
The only way someone doesn't love this song is if they haven't heard it. Listen to this.

15Into the Night
Such a catchy song!
Great song with amazing brilliancy in every level

16Poison Girl

17Salt In Our Wounds
This is song is incredible, it should be in best five songs. Its Lyrics are absolutely adorable, really deep, obscure and poetic. Theses guys are true artists

18One Last Time

19All Lips Go Blue
Beautiful song from their album tears on tape propably the best one

20Love You Like I Do

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