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1EminemEminem, born Marshall Bruce Mathers III, is an American rapper, actor and music producer born on October 17, 1972 in St. Joseph, Missouri. Eminem has sold over 172 million albums making him the bestselling hip-hop artist of all time.

em came from the deepest parts of the underground (if you know what I mean) and now he is the top, he is a great rapper, and raps about life, hate and love, his strangles, the poorness of our community, and comedy. he really deserves to be 1. however, 2pac should definitely be no. 2, he is a legend, and any rapper who says they weren't influenced by pac is definitely lying, I know both em and pac have influenced my style a lot too. nowa days nobody gives a sh** bout lyrics, just a good beat, man, lyrics is what rap should be about. I can't believe that artists like flo rida are even classified as rappers.

eminem is a true lyricist, he talks about life and problems in our society instead of girls money and cars. However, a lot of other old rappers did the same, the reason he deserves to be here is that he mixed real lyrics with great beats, a good hook, and he does it in a catchy voice. he also turned the rap industry upside down by becoming a multi-platinum white rapper

Eminem is undeniably on top of the hip hop game. People can't deny his skills. In a rap battle or freestyle he proves himself over and over again just as much as the controversial music in his albums. Eminem deserves every bit of respect, success, credibility and then some because he truly represents hip hop/rap well and one of music's finest and talented artists and yes it is completely true, because hip hop could definitely ill afford to lose him.

He is like the best rapper I can imagine I can rap all of his songs like almost fluently that's all I listen to

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2Tupac Shakur

PAC deserves to be #1 he died to soon of course but if he was still here he would have out sold every rapper period he is a rap icon its more rapper's trying to either look like him or sound like him then any other rapper to ever rap think about it drama, ja rule, DMX need I say more

Pac hands down needs to be first! biggie and em are 2 and 3

If you vote for em your a racist

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3Notorious B.I.G

I know Tupac was better. But, I had to vote for Biggie. NO way does the B.I.G. deserve to be way the F down here. Bumped him up from 16 to 15. A couple more votes will put him in the top 10 where he belongs.

Can't belive biggie is number 6 he should be at number 1 with Eminem

Best tap gtoup ever! Eminem still deserves to be 1 with big coming in 2

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4Kendrick Lamar

So much potential and such an early success! His rhymes tell deep stories of growing up as a troubled adolescent in Compton, and his flow is dead on smooth. Expect big things from Kendrick!

Has some of the best lyrics and one of the best rap albums ever and he still has much to come. Expect big things from king kendrick

KENDRICK is one of a kind what best punch lines of which he deserves to b on top 5... WELL RATED!

I think he is one of the best rappers

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He still a legend and active while not failing at all can't beat these new rappers

The Highest selling rapper of all time, should at least be in the top ten, but I can't believe that 27 other suggestions have been placed here without Jay-Z, I mean hell. But Snoop and 50 Cent are better

Holy smokes most of people voting consider lil Wayne to b a rapper rather than a drug abused stoner loner.. jay z is the reason I listen rap along with Eminem. What the hell is drake doing here. - butthurtbastard

Because like his songs

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7J. Cole

Good rapper our time..


Way better than Lil Wayne. T.I. will murder Lil Wayne in a rap battle. He wont even last a minute against the true and only king of the south. T.I. is the greatest ever!

Way better than Birdman, David Banner and Lil Wayne. T.I. can beat these rappers together in a rap battle. He will murder them. King forever.

Why is to even here. He's mediocre at best and doesn't belong with rappers like biggie nas tupac jz.

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9Dr. Dre

Best selling rapper of all time

Why the hell is LIL 'PAIN'doing above dr dre and B.I. G, what the hell

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10Lil' Wayne

Lil Wayne is a horrible rapper compared to Eminem and 2Pac! No one will ever be above their level, maybe you should rethink the music you listen to because if you listen to Lil Wayne you don't know real music... !

Lil Wayne is far better than most of thesethe only two that keep up is Eminem and 2pac

Lil Wayne is one of the best rappers alive that would actually beat some of the greatest like jay z Eminem

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11Norm Ender

Best rapper ever.

Socialist policy gangsta all in one!

12Tech N9ne

Tech n9ne should number one 13 is bull number1 all the way he deserves it more he raps like no one else has the deepest and created a new rap style he is not even in his prime he's 42 and he is only getting better tech n9ne for number1 - Realtechnician

Technicians stand up this is bull he's better than almost everyone on this list top 10 for sure - tsshadyfan1

Tech n9ne's lyrics and lyrical genius is why he deserves to be at number 1

13Kanye West

Voted low because he's a douche, but as a musician, he has more tricks up his sleeve than the devil himself. Not to say he worships satan, but... never mind. Get him in the top ten, for Christ's sake.

What the hell is Kanye West doing all the way down here? Granted I'm more of a rock n' roll guy but still the way that Kanye West makes and produces music never ceases to amaze me and he is undoubtedly my favorite Hip Hop artist. Should be in the top 5 at least. For me, Kanye West defines the meaning of Hip Hop!

He well better then Lil Wayne should be second behind eminent

What the hell is Kanye doing all the way up here he is so full of himself he is so terrible

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I think he's best because his song thin line means a lot and it's cool too.

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Drakes has been the greatest rapper since day one so I think he deserves to be the best rapper

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1650 Cent

He is better than drake and maclemore and should be above norm ender and kanye with tech but tech even higher. - tsshadyfan1

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17Big L

Top 15 for sure he's better than b dawg, big l, Kanye, and macklemore as far as artists outside the top 10. - tsshadyfan1


Deserves more respect for his skill. Top 15 - tsshadyfan1

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