Top Ten Hookah Flavors


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The Top Ten

Its one of the best flavours... Any other flavors can't take the place of it... Its good for a beginer to start with it!
because at first it was the therefor the apple is my first choice
No other flavour can take apple's place, it's my favourite ever.
[Newest]King ss always a king

2Night Queen
Best among what I've tried

It's the best out there<3:
Out of my mind
Awesome flavour dude... Keep it up... It is the best flavour amng all the flavours...

4Starbuzz Sex On the Beach
The only thing I can say is... It's great...
Its Really great.. The smell is great and the taste is also awesome..
[Newest]Best flavor I have ever tried

ul sultan bubblegum is the best flavour it taste like a real gum and it smells very nice, and it makes a lot of smoke.
The smell of Bubblegum is awesome and makes feel any one to smoke it:-)i love it...
Bubblegum.. Just wow! It makes lots of Smoke and I enjoy it a lot ;*
[Newest]This one has a exotic and smell to it!

Bored with apple and mint... The best taste is kivu

if you wana hv sumting refreshing in your mouth then d answer is mint with ice base with rose water...
Besides being a wonderful mixing flavor, anybody who has had a Fumari Lemon Mint or Apple Mint will agree that it's the cool and refreshing quality of the mint that takes a good flavor and turns it into a new favorite.
its got a real cool feeling in my mouth
[Newest]I love mint flavor. I did it today and it was amazing.

8Pan Rasna
I don't find any flavour better than this one. Mix it with mint or kiwi or have it alone. It is the Best.
I don't use mint so that's why I voted this flavor and I love this flavor because it can be mixed with any flavor you don't need to mix mint with it it's better then mint
[Newest]Awesome flavour no other flavour can take place

9Fire N Ice

10Blue Mix
Blue mix is hands down the best it taste amazing
Blue Mix is like the Best ULTIMATE Flavour I've ever tasted!
Tastes great! Thumbs Up! =D
Mixing Blue Mix with any other flavour works brilliantly as well!
A MUST-TRY for Hubbly Bubbly Fans!
[Newest]I love this flavor, so smooth!

The Contenders

11Silver Fox
There's nothing awesome like this fox going through the silver pipe down to your throat
Silver fox is the king of all flavours 💛💋
Mostly I use this flavour and the smoke I get through this flavour is awesome
[Newest]This is the best flavored and very light flavored

12Watermelon and Mint
Great and best on hot days!
Just wow... it tastes better than some apples or mints.. big thumbs up ^^
Awesome sense in mouth

13Brain Freezer
Its the best flavour that iv ever had should try it once
I m a big sheesha fan and I have tried almost every flavour... Its the best flavour I have ever had...
No comparison with brain freezer

14X On the Beach
X on the beach is a flavour like no other is all I can say!
On the beach hukkah flavour is the best! Use milk as the base, it gives you an awesome demse smoke!

15Black Berry

16Arabian Delight
Amazing flavor, It's more wonder full when it get mixed with mint and orange,
Still more excellent when used with x on the beach

17Code 69
Kiwi is the best flavour so far and unbeaten for that matter not to talk of the smoke it has a great taste and an astonishing aroma
Best flavor so far, love it.
Had one that tasted like coke

I love grape fakhar with mint cold and ice water try it. It's really good

19Red Bull
Great for if you like the drinks

20Krazzzzy 4

21Pink Lady

22Queen of Sex
Just like like Lemon Starburst
The flover is so sexy...

23Double Apple Mint
Is it best in my hooka bar, mabruk sahara hosptality ( aamby valley) lonavla pune india

I love berry mint apple, but mango is different. Tastes really sweet, some people hate it, some people love it, I love it.
Tastes like heaven in a pen
Exotic flavors are grwat


26Mint Chocolate Chip
I just went to a bakery!

27Starbuzz Blue Mist
Awesome flavour I love it muahh...
My cousin always gets it ITS AMAZING!

28Double Mint

29Play Boy
Honestly it's the best I've tries next to smurfs blood and sex on the beach
It is the best flavour that I personally have ever tasted it gives the taste of alphenlibe banana flavoured candy together with mint's cooling effect it is a must try shisha...
Awesome flavor is the scnd mst flavor which I liked if you gofr hukka mst taste play boy

Yes it's great and smells so addictive!
If you squirt it in your bum it taste bare nice

31Double Apple
Yummy and it doesn't have smoky flavor it's sweet but also a tad sour it's delicious
This is the best flavour liked by all hookah smokers in the world
Best mix of green and red apple flavors


33Rose Berry

Pear is great mixed with mint. Overall pear is probably my favorite single favor that I have ever smoked. My favorite mixed flavor is rum punch and mint. I've been hookahing for 2 years now and love every minute of it.
Apple is fine, but overrated. Pear is the new fashion;)

35Blue Berry
Smooth, soothing, you should try it.. Loss of words

36Spring Water

Its awesome... every time I ask for supari than else flavour
It is a good flavour it never hurt anyone

38Energy Drink

39Summer 69
One if the best ever

40Pirates Cave
One of the best flavors that starbuzz made.. So juicy and just amazing taste, you can't resist it.. I always smoked watermelon with mint, but since I tasted the pirates cave, it became my favorite, the best one by far.. I'm a middle eastern, take it from a middle eastern, Shisha is out daily habit guys, PIRATES CAVE number one!
Best taste I've ever had

41Red Dragon

So great, taste like a peach sweet, and feels juicy and succulent!

43Blue Melon

44Pan Masala Strawberry

45Orange Mint

46Sweet 16
Darling chease he kuch aasi hai

47Convicted Melon

48Dragon's Breath

I like vanilla because it is very tasty
The cup vanilla makes me amazing in the world of vanilla.
70% people like vanilla

50Blue Rays

51Bombey Pan Masala
There ain't any flavor beta than this. I've been smoking hookah for 7 years its just awesome

52Citrus Mist

Light but strong; very interesting flavor. It's a great flavor to alternate with a strong one (fruity or minty flavors).

54Smoke On the Beach

55Delhi Belly

56Party Animal

57Lemon Mint Al Waha

58White Gummi Bear

59Blueberry Muffin
So creamy, thick, and buttery, just like a blue berry muffin! I've never tried something that actually tasted just like the name. Hands down, best flavor ever.

What a great its english

61Strawberry Rasna


63Kachi Karrey

64Candy Cane

65Cherry Cola


67Coco Lemon

68Summer Crisp


70Amma Puk

71Black Mix
It's the best out there 100%
Burns after a while but nice In the beggining

72Triple Berry

73kiwi + mint
Different to other flavours, give off a different taste out of the ordinary. Loved by everyone!

Really its just awesome.
Ecstasy is the best flavor ever it makes you feel light headed and the somke that comes out is just amazing

75Friday Night

76Kesar Apple
Kesar apple + Night queen (Y)
KIWI+ KEsar apple + night queen

77Black Cherry

78After 8
One of the best flavours I had ever had

79Sweet Melon


81Black Mamba


83Ivory Coast
Best flavour hands down

84Blue Pan

85Choco Pookie

86Picha Pookie

87Grape and Mint

88Choco Mint
Mmm tastes like a real mint chocolate

89Red Wine
Ohh. It's so light

90Gold Mist

91Green Mist

92Black Mint

93Fresh-up Dark Mint


Tastes fruity, like Special K red berry breakfast bar, by far my favourite👌

96Blue Pineapple

97Pan Salsa Al Marjan
It's Amazing flavor Better than any pan flavors I smoked

98Choco Lava

99Afther Nine

100Lilcrazy Pampa
Try it.. Its makes you feel good...

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