Top Horde WoW Character Types

I list the types of WoW characters and you say which one you prefer, I'll change them as you vote. Blood Elves are listed separately because they have extra spells and stuff.

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1Blood Elf Paladin

First of all, Blood Elves own no matter what. The armor they start out with actually looks good, and not just some rags. This is especially said for paladins, and BEs are the only Horde race available to the paladin class. And they rock at it, too ;) - EmceeBlood

I voted for this because blood elf is a good race because I have a death knight and doesn't just look good its really powerful and paladins are I think goin to be much stronger than warriors because they can heal and fight
- liamelder12

These dudes are amazing! This is the best race for pallys. They start with a sword I love swords

Rogues are awesome too! Despite the fact that they rape at PvP and you are overkilled by them (very annoying)

I have just started a blood elf paladin they own

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A guy told me it was cool.


I love playing this one. and I can have 2 pets thx to collectors edition - jagababa

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I've had a warrior for 2 whole years and I'm still not bored of him. Warriors have practically the biggest range of abilities (tank, burst damage, dps and with the right gear even some good dot) and in combination with a holy priest they are virtually unbeatable - dagreek77

Amaazing I loved it so much ;d still not bored of it I reccoment everyone makes one


Its powerful at arcane no matter what the enemy will go down at 4 shots

6Tauren Druid
7Blood Elf Hunter

Shadow priest are a pain ass if you know how play with them... instant dots are are hell lots dmg

Shadow Priest Best Castor For Damage

9Blood Elf Mage
10Blood Elf Warlock

The Contenders

11Orc Shaman
12Blood Elf Rogue

They're badasses. They run around in Azuremyst Isle Dropping one of the most rare low level gear

13Tauren Shammy

Seriously, a Jack of all trades

14Blood Elf priest
15Troll Priest
16Death Knight
17Dark Elf Rogue
18Tauren Paladin
19Orc Death Knight
20Orc Fury Warrior
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