Top 10 Japanese Rock Songs


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The Top Ten

Filth in the Beauty - The Gazette
In the beginning of the song, the tantalizing intro and the seductive female harmony already created a sexual atmosphere for the audience. Step by step, Ruki(the GazettE's vocalist)managed to lead us deeper and deeper into the isolating world of sex. During the climax of the song, GazettE loses themselves, completely thinking and playing in the identity of a sex slave. This song ends beautifully with insanity while the audience is still trapped in lust and desire.
Well I think this song is great. I mean here you are in computer world and now they give you reall rock music like you ever wanted. Love music video clip cause they're shakin their heads all around and can't stop this makes me feel free...
they not just show they abilities in music, they also show their style! and this songs is good for headbangers! very energetic song
[Newest]Best one no doubt
More comments about Filth in the Beauty - The Gazette

2Kurenai - X-japan
This song, though old, is the best.
Old school is the best!
Its more original then most, the arrangement is amazing.
Forever X.
Great music. Great vocal. I lost for words when I heard this song. It is really "kurenai" music. You should listen to it to feel the great.
This is the first famous rock song from X-Japan, the best rock band ever in Asain! I love this song. Before this song, I don't think rock in Japan is that popular!
[Newest]It is awesome! 111

3Rosier - Luna Sea
Just listen to the song, It is perfection, Music at it's finest. All of it flows perfectly within itself. It is Hypnotizing.
Si edwin suka ini

4Drink It Down - L'arc~en~ciel
specially the video.. check it out!
One of the coolest song of l arc en ciel, yukihiro composed the song and hyde wrote the lyrics


kurenai is old and drink it down is new, great song esp when playing devil may cry 4


[Newest]I love this song from the first time I listened to this. It has cool intro, too! Go and check the video. It is really cool!

5Shunkan Sentimental - Scandal
~This EPIC SONG! Gave Me Goosebumps All the Way!
Powerful song, written by cute girls, lyrics of strong messages and above all complete command of their instruments. They can rock the stage any day with this song. Oh and their studio live version of this song is.. Just.. THE BEST!
One of my favourite anime songs from one of my favourite bands. MEGA LOVE THIS SONG.
[Newest]In my opinion this is a great blockbuster song, deserves even to the first position.

6Serafine - Dead End
Morrie's vocals & the lyrics of this song are very relaxing and beautiful. The melody makes me shiver every time I listen to it.

7Rain - SID
Rain is a song which is very special to me. The powerful music arrangment, the strong, melodic vocal stole my heart even when I hadn't understand the lyrics at all.. Then, when I read the translations.. I cried out real hard. Rain made my heart poured out and it "rained" my face, arms, and all over my shirt. I still remember that I cried non-stop, like a flowing river for a couple of hours.
Why? Because what Mao-san said, what he sang in the song was what I had kept in my heart for years, which I wish to let out but can't. I realized that I'm not alone anymore, that somewhere out there someone is feeling the same kind of pain and helplessness. The complex music arrangement is so beautiful, that I can't forget this band at all. I fell in love.. (^^)
SID-san, thank you for being a part of my life that made be become stronger. (^^)
Rain of SID is very perfect. Please vote for this song
Beautiful song. Amazing vocals. Good bass. Brings tears to my eyes even though I you don't understand the lyrics.
[Newest]Amazing song that I ever listen... , rain always my favorite song...

8Core Pride - UVERworld
UVERworld is highly recommended. I think it should be even higher up the list. Their lead singer has an amazing voice.
Amazing song... It will touch your sense... A great band and a great singer, a amazing songwriter. Uverworld is the best band I ever heard in my life and I support them
This is a great song of UVERworld I ever heard
[Newest]This song saves many people. It should be higher on the list. The band is incomparable, and their songs (especially the lyrics) bring spirits and reasons to live. I love them very deeply. Six Pride forever.

9Slow Down - Zi:kill

10Art of Life - X-japan
Of course Art of Life is the best song, not only in Japan, but in the world. Much better than anything above it, even Kurenai. Drink it Down? Any song by L'Arc en Ciel, Dir en Grey, The Gazette (especially) will never compare to a single song of X Japan, especially Art of Life. Filth in the Beauty and Cage are pure crap and shouldn't even be on this list, and Drink it Down just isn't good enough to be number one. No other song will take you on such a roller coaster ride--the journey of life. Art of Life is perfection.
Love the song mate; of course it has some soft parts, it is progressive metal for crying out loud. Love the orchestra too. God Bless Japan.


One of best song ever in the world. Yoshiki plays piano so cool.
May be, this song is better than octavarium (dream theater)
[Newest]Art of Life is the best songs ever. Nobody can write and make this song because it's too long. Although it was long, this song still listened by X Japan fans. FOREVER X!

The Contenders

11Nocturne - Die In Cries

12Greyish Wing - Siam Shade

13Serenade - Versailles-Philharmonic Quintet
I believe this song is almost a full tribute to Jasmine after his passing. It may or may not be about the loss of him, but it gives you a sense that apart from Versailles' constant high-energy music can come a smoother and quieter style.
This song, I cried so hard when I first listened to it because of how much I missed jasmine you. I still do, and I still tear every time I listen to it. It's a beautiful piece, and it's a beautiful reminder of how life goes on, and there's still beauty even in its sadness.
Love the song. Beautiful melody, amazing lyrics, and a damn good arrangement. Makes you wanna cry after listening to it, especially so if you know the meaning.
[Newest]This is the first song I ever heard from versailles and the one that made me fall in love with them too. everything is right with it. kamijo's voice, hizaki's and teru's guitar parts, even the lyrics while I don't understand them at all. a true masterpiece

14Cage - Dir en Grey
I don't care that the song was from visual kei days, but there is meaning behind it. It starts out very slow and beautiful but ends up rocking out. The lyrics are beautiful and this song always strikes something in me. Toshiya's bass solo was also incredible. Kyo's singing was also perfect. It's like the whole band's soul is in that song.
Visual kei at its best with a truly amazing bass solo.


My favourite of this Dir en Grey's era, the guitar solo at the beginning is truly enchanting. It's my mom's favourite too. not kidding.
[Newest]They have great solo bass part!

15Good Morning Satellite - Dead End

16Luna Sea - Precious

17No Scared - One Ok Rock
One ok rock should be in the list. Their music is amazing
I love this song to much to not vote for it
ONE OK ROCK is one of the best rock bands in the world
[Newest]The best rock song ever.

18Nothing You Lose - Nightmare
I love everything about this song! Like, all the parts seem to fit perfectly :) Guitar solo, the bass, the drumming, and also yomi's voice just sounds amazing all together! Come on people vote vote vote!
This song is full of bass! Yomi's voice is wonderful! With beautiful lyric too!
This song is great I always sing it even if no-one knows what I'm saying and it's music was written by Ni~Ya (BASS) and he did a great job!

19The Final - Dir En Grey

Everyone in the group puts perfect amounts of effort to make this sound amazing. The video is brilliant, the members look amazing, and they don't go overboard. It's eargasmic laugh out loud.

Probably because I've been a Diru fan for years that I'm writing this comment, but I will support them no matter what.

Please take a moment to look up this song and listen to it. You won't be disappointed.

20The Beginning - One Ok Rock
The best group and song EVER!
They are awesome, and this is their best song!
I'm like Beginning song
[Newest]The best... I love them!

21Life - Siam Shade
Please listen to Daita's melody... You can feel the most strong guitarist emotion inside

22Destiny - The Lovers - Versailles
Amazing voice from Kamijo, Great lyrics, and great collaboration from Hime Masaya and Prince Teru *laugh out loud, Masashi Bass always cool. and Yuki, I love your drum! Great! ^^

23Decision - One Ok Rock

24Cassis - The Gazette
One of the best songs I've ever heard, it has one hell of a melody plus ruki's voice is great especially in this song
Epic music, slow in early and awesome guitar sound at end by aoi, I like it.
GAZETTE the best band for me.

25Let's Take It Someday - One Ok Rock

26Viva Rock - Orange Range

27Zi:kill - Lonely

28Mighty Long Fall - One Ok Rock
This goes very well with Kyoto Inferno, but mostly it's an excellent track on its own! I'm addicted

29Mizerable - Gackt
Love him, and his music! He is just individual as his music. He is the best singer ever! Mizerable is a very beautiful song with the violin play - just listen and enjoy!
His songs always have meaning to something in our lives, Mizerable is one of them like the other songs written by him. My favourite forever is Tsuki no Uta, an beautiful song
even though it was his first solo single I think its the best.


30Tears - X-japan
Number 8th? This shouldn't be happening... I mean, don't you all think this song should be top 3?
No? Try listening to it before you deny the awesomeness. Once you listen, you may be moved to TEARS, just like what happened to me a year ago. 8)
This song... For about half an hour after I first heard it, I couldn't talk. It just swept me off my feet, blew my mind and left me speechless.
Why this song not in top 3?... This is the best song from x japan for me... I'm 14 years old now but I can fell this song... Beautiful lyrics... Good musician... Old song is gold... Tears~
[Newest]Wanna cry? Hear this...

31Lost and Found - One Ok Rock

32Love Phantom - B'z
One of song from b'z I love, when I see the video clip I feel strange people, nice song from koshi inaba and tak matsumotto. Recommended this

33Rock, Scissor, Paper - One Ok Rock

34XXX For You - D'erlanger
we need new songs like this, you go argue with me that this is popular, but there are very annoying people who pm me, lectured me but I heard these songs in japanese rock forums a lot and you can find lots of d'erlanger in japan and here because I want these bands to be popular as well


kurenai is old and everyone who knows j-rock esp x knows it try something new and don't stick to one band, xxx for you is one of the main reasons why I love d'erlanger and that song introduced me to the band


hard rock song from the visual-kei pioneer band D'ERLANGER. the songs on the list is softer than this


[Newest]just ask the new fans since 2007, they love this song


35Ketsuraku Automation - One Ok Rock

36Tsumetai Kaze - Penicillin

37Sign - Flow
Never heard anything like this... Best ever song, I've heard so far. Whenever I listen to it, it starts controlling my mind and give me the perfect pleasure which a one can expect from a music track. Thumbs up to FLOW!
Definitely my favourite song by Flow of all time. I don't know about it being the BEST ever, since I haven't heard many of the other contenders at all, but this is my personal favourite for being simple pure rock music.
this is the best! naruto shippuden's 6th op


38Oasis - Janne Da Arc

39Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer - One Ok Rock
Each and every song is awesome. Try it.
Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer always gets the crowd moving into the beat. M/ never get tired of it.
One ok rock songs always have meanings and inspiring realizations. They're one of a kind
This song makes me want to dance and scream!
The best song EVER! It always lifts me up
[Newest]All Their songs are amazing!

40I for You - Luna Sea
Great song sad and but with a uplifting guitar riff.


41Go!!! - Flow
The best song! This song got me hooked onto jrock. The best song yet.

42Dozing Green - Dir En Grey
this is my favorite song of dir en grey, the sound and the lyrics always reminds me my childhood, its a masterpiece mixed with music.

43Bel Air - Malice Mizer
This song is amazing! One of my favorites from my very favorite band! It deserves to be up much higher on the list than this.
Amazing song and Gackt at his best.


44Bluebird - Ikimono Gakari
theme song of naruto shippuuden with a very good pv


Nice opening anime naruto shippuden
Ohh I like this one very much... !

45Daybreak's Bell - L'Arc~en~Ciel
Intro and refrain are just gorgeous, Hyde's voice reaches a heart-swelling falsetto. Apart from that, it's the opening of Gundam 00 and contains a meaning of critic against war and fight.
the intro is one of the best hard rock riffs

46the Fouth Avenue Cafe - L'Arc~en~Ciel
Accompanied by the majestic orchestral band, this song injects a certain noir sentiment that reminds you of some tragic, moving, rush of love. Plus, the bass is of top-notch quality, too. Listening to this will sweep you away for a tribute to great, yet tragic life, all in just 5 minutes of your time.
Cool song. very like the drum beat and fill in. guitar melody also sounds great.

47Rewrite - Asian Kung Fu Generation
This song is awesome! The voice of Masafumi just suits with the song! Guys just give this song a listen! It will just make your day!

48Nobody's Home - One Ok Rock

49Blurry Eyes - L'Arc~en~Ciel
Love this song! The melody and lyrics are pretty good, also Hyde voice is sexy as always
Nice ear cathchy song

50Kagerou - Buck Tick

51Vinushka - Dir en Grey
This song should in top ten list

521/3 Junjou Na Kanjou - Siam Shade

53Vanilla - Gackt
This was my favorite song... Until I looked up the lyrics :p It's still a great song though. Give it a listen
Gackt's voice is so beautiful! ^^

54Jesus - Luna Sea
A true japanese rock song.


55Gensou Kyoku Eternal Silence - Phantasmagoria
Great visual kei song sad and a great guitar riff and solo. Awesome vocals.


This song is just perfect

56Diver - Nico Touches the Walls
It's maybe the only song I've ever feel on my skin... Music and words and his voice... Simply the best! Really it must be more higher in chart! And more other songs of the group are great!
I really love it! A really good band! =D

57Lost November - Diaura
I really like this song too. I have ALL their songs on my ipod. It's a shame so little people have even heard of them. If you are reading this then go check Diaura out!
Lost November is a very energizing song that always makes me want to dance. Yo-ka's voice harmonizes well with the upbeat tempo of the song. Also my little cousin adores this song, she's four by the way. Definitely in my top 10!
This songs is very good

58First Love - Utada Hikaru
It's a great song!
Woah.. Why why why.. Iits big song... Very very nice song... I think this song must in top 10... I fans larc en ciel but I now this song very great... Rank 52... Think back

59Kasou - L'Arc~en~Ciel

60Jupiter - Buck-Tick

61Take-Off - ViViD

62Toy Soldier - SuG
Toy Soldier is a song with happy tune and positive meaning. It will bright up your day. The lyrics is very encouraging and the pv of the songs suit perfectly to the song. Their style is also very nice and cute that everyone will love it.

63Burial Applicant - The Gazette

64Ame no Orchestra - MUCC

65Hanabi - Ikimono Gakari
Great japanese indie/alternative rock at its best and an awesome harmonica solo.


66Seishun Kyousoukyoku - Sambomaster
Great japanese indie song with an awesome solo and powerful lyrics.


67New World - Bug

68Joushou Gaidou - Miyavi

69Senkou - Alice Nine
You've gotta listen to every single Alice Nine's songs! They're really awesome! Especially 'Senkou, Hana, Mirror Ball, Velvet, White Prayer, ...
laugh out loud, most of them are composed by Hiroto of Alice Nine... I LOVE HIM!
Please vote 'Senkou' after listening to it
You'll 100% fall in love with it
All of Alice Nine's songs deserve consideration and appreciation. -_-

70The Over - UVERworld

71The Invisible Wall - The Gazette
Even though many of The Gazette's song are already on this list, this is my personal favorite. This song helped me broaden my musical library from only visual kei.
This is the first song I ever heard from the GazettE and I love everything about it! I like vortex too but this has to be my favorite, this is what started my love of the GazettE!
The emotions are really there with this one~

72Orgasm - X-japan

73Vivid Colors - L'Arc~en~Ciel

74Shinshoku ~lose control~ - L'Arc~en~Ciel

75Honey - L'arc~en~ciel

76Princess - DEAD END

77Vampire - Versailles

78Raison D'etre - Nightmare

79Rusty Nail - X Japan

80Silly God Disco - The GazettE

81After Dark - Asian Kung-fu Generation

82Makenaide - Zard

83Eiyuu - Doa

84Craze - Naked Blue

85Moi dix Mois - Pessimiste

86Terrors - Diaura
I like chorus of the song because it sounds smooth along with the hard music. I like the singer's voice so much! Also, this is a new song from them.
I love this song! ^^

87Irodori No Sanka - Kagrra
It's the best song, it is in the album "CORE"
Simply is fantastic
Is the best song for inspiration, and continue the life, without remorse

88Butterfly's Sleep - L'Arc~en~ciel
I love the music and lyrics of this song. Very beautiful and unique.

89Super Love Song - B'z

90Storm - Luna Sea

91La Vie En Rose - D'erlanger
the original band who composed the song LA VIE EN ROSE, this song is also played by MUCC


Such a good cover of Edith Piaf's original song..

92Alice in Wonder Underground - BUCK-TICK

93Angelic Poetry - D'erlanger

94Emu for my Dear - Gackt
This became my first favorite Gackt song! And still is one of them up to this day. The long intro was what made me remember it the first time I heard it. But everything about the song beautiful. You could really feel Gackt's emotion while singing this one.
Totally beautifull... I don't know a word of Japanese but still I liked this song so much when I first listened to it... The soft and soothing guitars combined with sudden increase in tempo makes it one of the best ever
The saddest song I have ever heard.

95Planet Dance - Fire Bomber

96Beast of Blood - Malice Mizer
This a great song great sound power rock
Best of the BEST!

97Kyosei - Kiryu

98Music Nippon - D=out

99Face to Face - Luna Sea
Seeing one of the greatest, the most powerful songs I've heard so far not even in the top 100 makes me really sad. A song that sounds so thrilling on live performances, where all the musicians give their best, where the melody is so easy to remember, but unique and interesting in the same time, really deserves higher rank.


Gives me shivers every time I hear it. Amazing, powerful song, great to hear live as well.

100Ichiban No Takaramono - GiDeMo

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