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81Silly God Disco - The GazettE
82After Dark - Asian Kung-Fu Generation
83Makenaide - Zard
84Eiyuu - Doa
85Craze - Naked Blue
86Emu for my Dear - Gackt

This became my first favorite Gackt song! And still is one of them up to this day. The long intro was what made me remember it the first time I heard it. But everything about the song beautiful. You could really feel Gackt's emotion while singing this one.

Totally beautifull... I don't know a word of Japanese but still I liked this song so much when I first listened to it... The soft and soothing guitars combined with sudden increase in tempo makes it one of the best ever

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87Moi dix Mois - Pessimiste
88Terrors - Diaura

I like chorus of the song because it sounds smooth along with the hard music. I like the singer's voice so much! Also, this is a new song from them.

89Irodori No Sanka - Kagrra

Is the best song for inspiration, and continue the life, without remorse

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90Butterfly's Sleep - L'Arc~en~ciel

I love the music and lyrics of this song. Very beautiful and unique.

91Super Love Song - B'z
92Storm - Luna Sea
93La Vie En Rose - D'erlanger

the original band who composed the song LA VIE EN ROSE, this song is also played by MUCC - ronluna

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94Alice in Wonder Underground - BUCK-TICK
95Angelic Poetry - D'erlanger
96Planet Dance - Fire Bomber
97Beast of Blood - Malice Mizer

This a great song great sound power rock

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98Kyosei - Kiryu

The music is decent and the beginning is unique and I like it. The singer looks so cute! Their costume influence is traditional kimonos with an update, to make it seem fun. There is also a ninja in the music video.

99Music Nippon - D=out

The music sounds happy in a good way and guitar is not that bad. The band looks cute in pink and black in the music video.

100Face to Face - Luna Sea

Seeing one of the greatest, the most powerful songs I've heard so far not even in the top 100 makes me really sad. A song that sounds so thrilling on live performances, where all the musicians give their best, where the melody is so easy to remember, but unique and interesting in the same time, really deserves higher rank. - saaarsdej

Gives me shivers every time I hear it. Amazing, powerful song, great to hear live as well.

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