Top Ten Kung Fu Movies of All Time

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21Jet Li's Fearless

Based on true story, very real combat scenes and full of traditional Chinese wisdom. In my opinion Jet Li's best movie.

This movie has awesome action sequences and a very good story. This movie is definitely one of Jet Li's best movies.

22Kung Fu Hustle

Just go watch it then tell everyone whats the best kung fu movie

Why is this so low? It's pretty good, should be in the top ten at least in my opinion

This movie of great movie in the wold

Really, really funny, great movie

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23Snake in the Eagle's Shadow

Jackie Chan even rocks the Snake Fist style! - vikitagupta

24The Karate Kid

This movie is awesome! Best kun fu movie ever! Come on its 42. please vote!

We are talking kung-fu movies, not classic movies that has some karate in it.

25Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

I really liked this movie but it went for along time

26The New Legend of Shaolin
27Rush Hour
28Tiger Claws

Good part to film man Jalal Merhi, in art detectiv Derek Richard. He is good tiger kung-fu. His alli is good fight woman Masterson, part to Cynthia Rothrock. Opponent duo is Asian grandmaster fight Bolo Yeung.

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29Drunken Masters

Jackie Chan is the best Drunken Kung Fu Master! - vikitagupta

30The Forbidden Kingdom

Two living legends together teaching in their own ways... what else can you get from a kung fu movie... its master piece...

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32Fists of Fury
33Reign of Assassins (2010)
34Shogun Assassin
35Heroes of the East
36Tai Chi Master

Story, All fight scène are WONDERFUL. Not only to me, who are all watch this movie will vote.

37Five Element Ninjas

Very least top 10

38Kill Bill: Volume 1
39Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
40Double Impact
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