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41 Teeth Teeth

Don't be scared, I've done this before. Show me your teeth.. So catchy I love it

The sexiest song of the mother monster

I found this song by the Hillywood Show's parody of Vampire Diaries. I think it's amazing how creative Lady Gaga is with her songs, expessially this one.

I really love this song,
A little bit of horror beat
And that's awesome.I'm a little monster
And I love this song...

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42 No Floods

It's so beautiful, the softness of it.

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43 Brown Eyes Brown Eyes

They say she can't do ballads. She really can. This is very brilliant. It can put you to sleep in its niceties. - Yetaxa

So cute it so much love in this song please make this the top song she made this song so powerful

44 Manicure Manicure

This takes artpop to a new level

She souls have kept the poll. This song would have kicked butt!

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45 Perfect Illusion Perfect Illusion

Gaga provides a very strong vocals in this one. It's amazing, powerful and catchy, but it's too short... - Bayano1

Fresh, nice vocals, nice lyrics, 90s vibe, and just real quality. 5/5 - ProPanda

One of the best...Vocals are amazing...Deserves to be in top 20 at least

The start of a new dawn for Lady Gaga... New sound, new aura, new person. It's
"perfect" in its own right.

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46 Bad Kids Bad Kids

I love this song with a slight hint of rock. Though chorus too uninteresting, but in general can be/... - teleroy

I don't know why it's at 34th! Huh! I love this song so so Much! Please vote it UP!

I love it Because it's catchy and it rocks

47 Government Hooker Government Hooker

I can say briefly and clearly in three words: electrically musical madness, and the song itself is just a class

Simply THE best song off of by the way. Catchy, sexy, and orgasmic. I could listen to it forever. I love every lady gaga song, but this one takes the cake.

Another very catchy song by Gaga (just be careful where you decide to spontaneously break out in song with this one)

This song has to be higher. I love it. I love gaga, she is the queen.

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48 Til It Happens to You Til It Happens to You

Her newest song, but its just so beautiful, and its meaning, with all natural instrument sound just I died at her high power notes

It is such a beautiful song with a beautiful meaning!

The best Lady Gaga song in history. Period.

Her most beautiful song I ever listen. - BeaM456

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49 Swine Swine

I love this song because of the beat & the drop, it's also original and different and not something you'd expect from lady gaga, the lyrics are something different too, none the less this is one of my favorites from artpop, wish it could sell as a single but I doubt it.

Severely underrated song with an awesome beat

50 Sex Dreams

This song is AMAZING. This song is what the music industry NEEDS at the moment. It's pop, raunchy, exotic - everything you would want in a song. This has got to be the BEST Lady Gaga song yet!

For me, this is the best of ARTPOP

I dunno how it will do on the radio but I love it. Just perfect. Experimental, artistic and sexy...

Pure sex in my. Ears!

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51 The Queen The Queen

It's a powerful song and at the end so beautiful.

52 Highway Unicorn (Road to Love) Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)

God I love this song. It sounds very epic, and better than Gypsy. Maybe this is the #1 favorite non-single song for me before Gypsy and Bloody Mary. Vote it guys for higher place.

This song is amazing, and catchy as hell!

53 Mary Jane Holland Mary Jane Holland

This song is so catchy heavy and powerful it blows my mind I love it so much!

Why is this song down here!?! Gaga's best! Just listen to the intro if you disagree!

MJH sounds like your on drugs. Why the heck does no one else like that feeling

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54 Summerboy Summerboy

This song has a great beat and catchy lyrics. It's much more laid back compared to the fast pop songs on her albums. It makes me reminiscent of the summer. Love you, Gaga!

Best song Ever! I love it. It gives you a great feeling inside. More people should listen to it more. Lady Gaga is the best artist ever!
Gaga live on forever!

This song is pure art! Such an amazing record and so underrated, should have been a single

I listen to this in winter when summer's on my mind...

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55 Wonderful V 1 Comment
56 Rock Show

I guess this is one "unknown" song by Lady GaGa. Lucky me, because I got one of her Rare Demos And Unreleased album, which includes this song. It's amazing!

57 John Wayne John Wayne

Amazing masterpiece and one of the best on Joanne, it should've been longer than that. - Bayano1

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58 A-YO A-YO

This is reminiscent Avril Lavigne's "The Beat Damn Thing" and Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off", except for the fact that it's country-pop! I really love how she's managed to squeeze some country into her new album! - Katanaceilingfan

59 Dancin in Circles Dancin in Circles V 2 Comments
60 Disco Heaven Disco Heaven

Amazing love it so much and you are the best person ever GAG we love you so so much you are the best. GO GAGA xx

Another fun song to dance to like Just Dance, but a little more disco-ey.

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