Top Ten Legendary Pokemon

The top ten list of the Pokemon series' legendaries.

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Mewtwo can beat any pokemon. As explained in the first movie he can make a hurricane that can destroy the planet. He has a very high intelligence, hence he was able to rebuild the laboratory with no experience in that subject. He is able to block a pokemons special ability which would get rid of a few pokemon off the bat including a so called creator of the universe. He can control people's and pokemons mind. When he took over nurse joy for a few weeks. His speed is the second fastest of all the legendary pokemon meaning he would attack first from the majority. He can learn a vast array of moves which gives him great coverage. He is able to put a barrier around him that reflects all kinds of attacks if you look at the first movie. In the pokemon special he was able to transport a whole lake and a mountain with no difficulty. In the first movie he is able to wipe there minds from the memories thy had of him. And he was able to destroy a whole island and team rockets headquarters with barely any of his power. For arceus to be the god of pokemon he sucks. After getting hit by the electric attacks when he was betrayed it took him over a thousand years to recover. Where mewtwo can recover right away. And when he was betrayed and went into a rage he couldn't even destroy the temple. And when he was trapped in the silver water, even though he did not have the plates to defend from it, wouldn't he have the attacks to break free? And he is the so called god? And he is not that intelligent. When he got betrayed he couldn't tell that the jewel of life, the thing that is a part of him, was a fake. And for those who say mewtwo is equal to mew because of the first movie, well mewtwo and mew were testing out each others powers. That's the whole reason they were in their barriers the whole time. It only really started at the end when ash ran in between the blasts. And because of this we don't know who would win.

The planet destroying hurricane you are talking about is a dub only haha. The original Japanese version Mewtwo only mentions destroying the islands there only.

He is a killer
Had his own Movie
Made Ash cry
Can't beat that

Everything makes Ash cry though... I don't disagree that Mewtwo is boss though

just watch the first movie and you'll end up loving this pokemon.

Mewtwo is a classic Psychic Pokemon with so much power in it's grasp. Too bad it is so hard to find lol

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Arceus is the most solid rock hardcore of the legendary pokemon ever!
He or she is the creator the creator of the pokemon universe whereas nobody knew the pokemon's real name so they adress him or her as the original one. Apparently the ancient Greek philosophers have name the original one as Arceus, his or her history goes way back not only did Arcues created Dialga to be the guardian of time, Palika to be guardian of space and Girantina to be guardian of the Disortian World as explained in the 12th movie of Pokemon Arceus created the jewel of life to restore a wasteland using the tablets of the elements only to betrayed but the timeline has been restored to stop the destruction of the Pokemon universe. Nobody knows the pokemon's element or it's gender, this pokemon is impossible to find and not easy to capture but I know Arceus will be the jewel of any pokemon team

it must be the strongest and no pokemon can beat arceus

Arceus is the most best Pokemon he can beat any Pokemon in his way arceus is awesome and he the only one I like IN THE HISTORY OF POKEMON! EVERYONE LOVE HIM EVERY MUCH!

The literal God of Pokemon

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It is the best pokemon which defeated even deoxix "all hail RAYQUAZA"

he's so cool he's like super strong too

Woot woot woot! He rocks he's my fave Pokemon apart from cobalion and reshivaun

HAH! Mega Rayquaza is a tier above both Arceus and Mewtwo.

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Not only is mew cute, but it can learn almost every move! It's supposed to be the ancestor of all pokemon, so it must be arceus's ancestor too. Mew also has really good stats. Vote for Mew!

Mew can learn all kinds of moves and can use transform to its advantage in battle. An awesome and friendly choice for a legendary friend.

Definitely the best..

The list looks fine except that arceus sucks.. Any fighting pokemon can kick its ass...

Mew is officially the most hardest Pokemon to find in any of the Pokemon games especially when its shiny

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On the Top 100 Strongest Pokemon he is ranked 3rd? Why, his wings are so powerful that if he were to flap them the wind would cause a 40 day storm and his Aeroblast can take out any pokemon that takes him on, and also he is my favorite legendary pokemon

Lugia is probably one of the best pokemon I have in Soulsilver and it beats Giratina in many ways, extrasensory a few times and before you notice Giratina has fainted even if it is levels higher like level 50 lugia and level 65 Giratina lugia would still own it.

He is strongest when use singing and his most powerful lazer beam will destroy every pokemon even arcues and mewtwo

He got me into Pokemon

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Its funny cause when I got diamond all ma buds were like dude pearl better. So when I got Dialga, they stood no chance CAUSE DIAMONDS EPIC but when I found Giratina, beat all my buds in one go. That's why Giratina is PWNAGE, PWNAGE AND MORE PWNAGE

best ghost their is
some may argue that he might even beat rayquaza out for top dragon


The master of the distortion world enough said

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Dialga is unstoppable with roar of time what is he doing at number 8 he should at least be number 3

Simple : Roar Of Time, also decent stats

Great, massive, its got everything. -

Dialga should be at number 1 because time is everything and dialga is the king of time

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Darkrai is my favorite Pokemon ever, not because of him being a legendary. It was his role in the 10th movie. One day a Darkrai stumbled into Alamos town in a very injured state. Alicia took pity on him and Oracion. Many years later Darkrai still lived in the same town still recieving massive hate from the inhabitants. When Dialga and Palkia fight very close to the town, it begins to vanish. Darkrai in fear of losing his one friend and their home fights the two deities. He manages to hold them off for a while, but he was then hit by Roar of Time and Spacial Rend at the same time. With little energy left he submerges them in a giant Dark Void knowing that it would kill him. He then dies. So Darkrai, a Pokemon down right hated by almost everyone in the town risked his life to save them all. That is an act of heroism that is unable to be overshadowed. It proves that any being is capable of having a soul. I love Darkrai more than all else. I truly do feel this way. Darkrai truly is the legendary magnum opus. He is more than anything else than what he truly is. He is a hero. He's the hero... He's my hero.

Darkai has been my favourite Pokemon since I watched the Pokemon movie in which he stars in. Along with water types, I love dark type Pokemon. Also, Darkrai, is supposed to cause those who are near him nightmares. Because of that, the creators based him off a few characters from horror films, for example the Phantom of the Opera. I find that awesome. - Sephirotha

Darkrai has been my favorite pokemon since the release day of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. He is an epic mixture of power and personality. You could always say Arceus is the strongest but I feel that pokemon almost made Arceus their "Superman. " Superman can not die unless you present him with his one vulnerability which is kryptonite. I feel that Arceus is the "God" of the pokemon world and should not be compared to other legendaries. I think the battle that all Darkrai fans want to see is Darkrai vs Mewtwo. I feel that Mewtwo is only higher on the list because he is the most well known pokemon other than Pikachu. If everyone else knew Darkrai's true power, I think that he would be #1

Mega Rayquaza can defeat Darkrai.

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One of the best Uber Pokemon to ever exist. Considered the best revenge-killer of the Uber tier, his dual STAB attacks in Hydro Pump/Surf and Draco Meteor/Spacial Rend annihalate every dragon in the game and hit a lot of other Ubers for painful neutral damage in the rain set up by Kyogre.

Owns dialga out of the space time continuum

Go palkia - robertiannuzzo

Palkia is the number 1 lengadary pokemon and I don, t care what they say about palkia I no he is the best pokemon of all even of the lengadary pokemon. Well that is what I say about palikia and I love pokemon so please vote for palkia and pepole say nice stuff about palkia and the other pokemon thankyou for your time.

Much cooler than Dialga, Palkia is one of the coolest Pokémon ever.

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ok I know you need action replay to get it but with a deoxys shiny lv100 with wondergaurd your basicly invinsible. wondergaurd is a ability that makes it so only super effective can damage your pokemon and you need cheats to get it.

the almighty deoxys
may even be able to beat mewtwo

deoxys can change form in an instant hahah... and deoxys.. beat rayquaza either..

Haha I hate that punk it was defeated by Mewtwo easily

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This Pokemon isn't a legendary...

Ya but also bore poke

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It's Special Defense is so high together with Calm Mind it is very hard to beat.
Combined with it's Special Attack it's a VERY powerful opponent to beat.

The Fire - Flying type is a disatrous pokemon and its signature move the Sacred Fire can burn blastoise to ashes.

Ho-Oh is a pheonix. He can easily beat lugia with Sacred fire. His special defense is his best stats. And sacred fire has a one in a two chance to cause a burn. Burn decreases attack. So the opponent will have to rely on special attacks. And he has high special defense. So he is quiet good. He is always better than lugia. And he looks better

I saw ho-oh on my tablet.

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Ice and dragon, which negates ice's super effectiveness towards the dragon, he's a boss! Plus, his final moves, freeze bolt and cold flare, destroy anything, they are even based on Reshiram and Zekroms moves!

His new forms easily take on any legendary like a wave of destruction

He can destroy most Pokemon with his 3 ultimate moves (cold flare Glaciate Freeze bolt) the only thing which puts him down is cold flare and freeze bolt take 2 moves to use

I think kyurem is the best

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Groudon is my offensive monster. It's defenses are enough to take 3 hits from Ice Beam and has Fire Blast to make Ice types look like a Magikarp, even Articuno for instance.

Massive, destructive red monster. -

Groudon's ability weakens water and boosts fire which is good against ice and grass. Water, ice, and grass are Groudon's weaknesses.

Lava giant + Primal reversion = SO COOL

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Surf, ice beam, thunder, calm mind. This moveset covers all types. Kyogre's only weakness is in electric and grass types. These moves are defended against a 140 base special defense. Grass types generally don't fair well in rain (drizzle ability), and they get owned by a powerful ice beam. Thunder gets 100 accuracy in rain and owns all flying and water. Now, for surf. Surf gets 50% from STAB, 100% from rain, and gets powered by an enormous 150 base special attack. Calm mind is just filler, b/c you don't really need anything else. But, if you get a chance, calm mind will boost Kyogre's already swollen sp atk, and will transform it into a sweeper really fast.
EVs-252 in sp atk, 52 in sp definitely, 100 in speed, 100 in defense, 6 in hp.

Now against other legendaries:
Zapdos-fast, yes, and high sp atk. But it won't live to attack twice, not with Kyogre's ice beam

Other 2 birds-thunder, or surf

Giratina-ice beam. Goodbye

Deoxys- it might defeat kyogre, you know, with atk form, adamant, boosted atk, and 252 evs in atk. Otherwise, it won't live, due to it's 20 base defenses. Defense form can survive, but it can't attack. Speed, well, it does even less.

Mew-the weakest of legendaries, with jirchi, manaphy, and celebi. They have 100 base across the board, and and can't due shit to Kyogre.

Rayquaza-ice beam. It's relatively slow, too, with the same base as Kyogre

Mewtwo-the boss of sp atk, unfortunately, Kyogre is the boss of sp definitely. A surf or two can kill it

Lugia-ice beam or thunder. Surf actually does more. This pokemon might survive a couple turns, but it has a realyy bad attack (90? Laugh out loud).

Hooh-surf can kill it many times over (600% damage)

Dialga/Palkia-they have pretty good sp definitely. They also have good atks. However, they won't survive too long. It's a pretty close match, but Kyogre's enhanced surf will ultimately destroy them.

The 3 dogs-surf or thunder. They don't really have any great defenses (except suicune)

Arceus-very versatile, this pokemon is. Unfortunately for him, Kyogre also has a versatile moveset. This will also be a very close mactch

Regice-It has a 200 base sp definitely-so yeah, it can survive a couple turns. It has a lame 100 base sp atk, so no, it won't do shit to Kyogre.

Other regis-surf, surf, and flush em out

Latias/Latios-These pokemon are primarily sp atkers. No sp atkers can do much to Kyogre. But, Kyogre can use Ice beam! GG bro.

Lake Guardians-they won't do much. Their stats don't compare

The lunar duo-they have bad atks. They won't do much.

Heatran-fire types can go suck it

Regigigas-Slow start? For 5 turns? No, you won't survive.

Shayman-both forms-they have bad stats, and its atk is insufficient

Victni-fire types can go suck it

The 3 musketeers-they have insufficient sp definitely (except more

Kyogre is great because its full power water spout drizzle 150SA STAB(same type attack bonus)=a move double the power of explosion
Move set
-water spout
-ice beam
Item-leftovers/choice specs
Surf is there to back up water spout when Kyogre gets hurt. Thunder has perfect accuracy in rain so it's a good move. Add in ice beam and you have a set that can OHKO anything but Blissey and shedinja. Item choice depends on whether you want Kyoge's health back up or raw power at the cost of being locked in.

Kyogre is really cheap because of his combination of water spout and drizzle. What really makes him cheap is the choice scarf. Water spout is his best move, but thunder is really good too because it never misses. I also teach him sheer cold and ice beam. The guy who taught him calm mind was an idiot because with my strategy you can usually one shot any Pokemon. Kyogre was actually the first legendary Pokemon I ever caught.

Kyogre was the best in my eyes.

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Zekrom is together with giratina one of my favorite I don't have a real favo because there are to much awesome pokemon But I have chosen zekrom because giratina is higher on the list. But I may be the only one here that likes Black kyurem better then white that is because Zekrom looks so epic and he is so strong he could sweep pokemons in one hit easily. Zekrom really needs more popularity

Zekrom does awesome damage!

Zekrom is a humungus dragon who made the world in pokemon white and black

This is one of my favorites even ash sees him in black and white sires

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Jirachi is the Pokemon of wishes. It may not be very strong but it's cuteness counteracts that. Jirachi is a true Pokemon and zeal rom an Reshiram can just go die in a hole because they affect nothing and have no true power but to bring people with the lust of strength together to capture them.

I loved it in the movie and I loved it in the game. Jirachi is simply the cutest and best legendary pokemon. Make a wish everyone! Then you will love Jirachi like I do! It has an eye on it's stomach people. That's cool!

jarachi is a really cool pokemon no doubt just face the facts!

It's so cute and it looks very Japanese.

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Surprised to see Xerneas up here but not Yvental. Good advertisement Pokemon, and it sure got me rallied up for the new game. It does seem to good have a good type combination, my friend and I thought he was either Dark, Flying, or a Fire type. Most likely a dual type.

How is it that Yveltal is not up there? It's a powerful Pokemon to begin with. starting bulbapedia facts, this Pokemon wing span is bigger than lugia's it's the second largest legend! Also in Pokedex entry it takes life it's like the hades of Pokemon! Plus the overall design of the Pokemon is just intimidating by all means. Now to is typing and special move, honestly I think ghost flying would work much better based on the description of it that just my opinion, now the move oblivion wing is like the flying type giga drain! It's awesome! Not to mention it can learn psychic, dragon pulse, I believe ice beam, and for all you lugia your probably going to hate me for saying this but I think Yveltal can kick Lugia's butt anytime of the week

Yveltal is the pokemon of destruction it can absorb all the hit-points of a pokemon with just one hit (not 45 levels lower but 5 levels lower) and it can use phantom force.

This is the cooled Pokemon ever I always beat people with him

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A good way to advertise gen 6 for the first time, showing this amazing legendary!

With it's only weakness's being Steel and Poison, it can beat almost anything! (I mean, Steel and Poison are rarely used offensively).

Awesome way to show off 6 gen Pokemon. 3/4 of my wins have been sweeps by Xerneas, good moves it can learn, for example right now the move I have taught it it are moonblast (really good fairy type move to have) horn leech (which can be helpful in situations) giga impact (a really good normal type move to learn along with hyper beam) and the one electric type move that paralyzes it. (someone remind me what it is called. )

The best legendary by far

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Does the name vast white pokemon mean nothing to you people? And it chooses who it's trainer will be. Now that's just amazing power for you. - lugiafan2000

Reshiram is awesome because it's signature move fusion flare and it looks cool

He is the best ever pokemon... He can beat mewto, zekrom and mew with only its blue flare, fuision flare, draco meteor, outrage.. It can kill dragonite and every pokemon including legit shiny victiny and ash ketchum's pikachu

I prefer truth more than ideals.

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Entei was so sweet to that little girl in the movie where this girl lost her father because of the unknown. He protected her and OH MY GOD I JUST LOVE HIM the first time I saw that one movie, I cried when he was forced to go back and had a dream that he became my dad O. O I know, creepy but I will always love Entei. I mean, yeah he kidnapped Ash' s mom but that was just to make her happy! :D

I agree that entei saved the girl and stuff but you really have to watch the whole thing so you can see how entei really sort of replaced her missing father and helped her in a way

My favourite Pokemon trio is by far the legendary dogs, the ideas behind them are amazing so it was difficult to pick just one of the dogs, but I chose Entei as he is seen as the leader. Please vote for Entei, Raikou or Suicune! Have you ever noticed that Entei is like a super buff Flareon, Raiko is an overpowered Jolteon and Suicune is an awesome Vaporeon, gets you thinking that maybe the legendary dogs came from eevees.

I hate him because he is ugly

You 5 year old idiot. He saved a little girl and tried to make ash's mom happy. Shut up and go to bed. - SomeRandomStickboy

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