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It MUST be a legendary, like, come on, it could probably kick Arceus' backside in a battle. It should be in the to ten.

I agree with the person who said "Next they'll put on Magikarp" they already put on mudkip so ya know.

What is this a question this is the worst Pokemon ever

A magikarp will defeat it

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Resolute form is the strongest form

It is amazingly awesome, should be number 1

Keldeo is really good especially if you watch swords of justice

Keldeo is awesome!

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Phione is just too cute to ignore. Though maybe not truly legendary, and practically worthless competitively, phione is still one of my favorites!

Phone is cheap manaphy but manaphy is the best no arguing about it

It's not even good, breeding what's his name with ditto is pointless!

So cute I love it!

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