Top 10 Link Variations

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1Red Link

I like Red Link cause he is so cool. He meets Gorons and has been called Fairy Boy so many times!

2Young Link
3Wolf Link

Link is awesome and wolves are awesome, so a combination of the two is AWESOME! - Zorgoth

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4Regular Link
5Toon Link

Toon Link is fine but... it's so sad Young Link got replaced. Think of all the milk he has to get before you play SSBM. :(
Link has to come back to be a little mmm mmm mmm richer. Anyway Toon Link is just exactly like Link except kinda cartoony.

6Zora Link

I can't believe that Link has to turn into a fish in Ocarina of Time or was it Majora's Mask? Anyway, a fish is already in love with Link. Ruto x Link= SUPERBAD RELATIONSHIP! YUCK!

7NES Link

I'm talking about the first game.

8CD-I Link

All True Warriors Strive for this list. - The King.

9Oni Link

Oni Link looks 20 times cooler than the average Link, Oni Link should a an unlockable costume for Link in the SSBB Series!

10Deku Link

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11Blue Link
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