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1Lee min Ho

Lee min ho is the most amazing, handsome and awesome man in the world... Miss you oppa

Greatest smile I've ever seen! He is such a talented actor and definitely deserves number one!
He was perfect in "Boys Before Flowers" as Jun Pyo and also in "Personal Tate"!

Perfect in everthing. If I see you I will sing song for you "without you". Fighting oppa. Saranghebinida!

korean actor
"Boys Over Flower"
as Jun Pyo - kristenlf_14

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2Gerald Anderson

Filipino Actor (ABS-CBN)
"Tayong Dalawa"
As JR - kristenlf_14

3Robbie Williams
4Robert Pattinson

For... Me as a Filipino citizen I choose this because on his talent he has is important to media and his personality appearance is nice and also a good actor to role in that movie call " Twilight"

I don't care what people say I just know that I'm in love with this guy sorry but I hate Kristen Stewart

ROBERT PATTINSON IS THE BEST ACTOR IN THE WORLD HE CAN ACT LIKE THAT I LOVES THIS GUY AND he's IS VERY VERY VERY HOT! And I love the his FACE! And HAIR but its mostly all of him he is so CUTE! <3 I love him to the fullest he's my favorite actor! Even Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner but Robert Pattinson is my number one! I love him!

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5Zac Efron

Zac is a great person and never gets into any trouble is what I admire about him!


He's just too awesome.

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7Kim Sang Bum

Korean Actor known as yi jeong in "Boys Over Flower" - kristenlf_14

8Taylor Lauther

American actor..
His on "Twilight"
as Jacob Black - kristenlf_14

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9Jake Cuenca

Filipino Actor
"Tayong Dalawa"
as Dave - kristenlf_14

10Justin Bieber

He is an amazing person and the most cutes person ever. He has a very strong and amazing character and although he has been through so much he still continues to move forward and continues to stay strong which shows a lot. He is an amazing role model for us all to look up to. No questions asked.

Justin Bieber is the most amazing celebrity period. He has an amazing smile, his eyes are so beautiful, his hair is perfect, and he has a nice body. Also, his voice is so angelic and perfect. I could listen to his music all day (I do).

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?Billie Joe Armstrong
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11Daniel Radcliffe
12William Moseley

The Chrolnicles of NArnia
as Peter - kristenlf_14

13Josh Harnett

Pearl Harbor
as Danny Walker - kristenlf_14

14Will Smith
15Robert Downey, Jr.

Best actor with amazing films such as Iron Man and the Avengers, loving family and handsome man

16Peer van Mladen
18Charlie Sheen

WHERES T.I.?! He's way better looking than Jay-z!

20Michael Jackson
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