Top Ten Marilyn Manson Songs


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The Top Ten

The Beautiful People
I love this song I wish I could hear it on the radio and sweet dreams

Beautiful People is the best MM song ever... But still waitin' for new album Born Villian. M/,
I am shocked with the fact that it's a song with no killing and self harming (I had a bad impression on the Gothic songs! )
The song Rocks!
[Newest]It is the best industrial metal and rock band ever on the face of the world

2Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
Absolute favorite Marilyn Manson song. I was watching Trick 'r treat and in one of the scenes this started playing. I had subtitles and showed the name of the song. I went immedietly onto Itunes and bought. Great beat and not too gothic.
This song is a masterpiece! It is almost haunting. I love every part of it and it truly never gets old. This is one of the best songs every that never really got the recognition and fame it should have. No artist will ever reach the lyrical level that Marilyn Manson is. Every song on all the albums are great. But I think that Tourniquet and Great Big White World should be on the list. The Mechanical Animals era in my option was the best! But again everything is great.
I love this song, the music is amazing and the lyrics are so breathtaking I've only heard a couple of marylin manson songs but I must say that this is the best one yet, it should definitely be number one! I can't believe it isn't!
[Newest]This is Jeff the Killer's theme song.

3This Is the New S***
I would vote for reflecting god if it was here. Its definitely my favorite song because the chorus is so awesome and the lyrics are great
Should be number one
Addictive to the point of crazy
True rock
This is my favorite mm song and that's saying a lot since I have listened to almost every song of his :p lovin it!
[Newest]This song is magic. Good beat, nice to rock to, and a beyond powerful message. It points out that all the radio plays nowadays are songs about partying, rugs and sex. We don't need those kinds of songs. They have bad messages. And bad messages lead to BIG problems.

4Coma White
One of my favorites, Badass song. Take a minute to actually listen to the lyrics, they are so strong and amazing. I love everything about Manson.

... He needs more recognition, TELL YOUR FRIENDS!
Coma White is not a pessimistic, neither is optimistic, but realistic. And if I would've had to vote of all songs on the world, I'd pick Coma White by MARILYN MANSON. It's amazing how a man can put from all the things you think about, in one song, and describe it in such a simple, beautiful and emotional words. I love the meaning of the song. The song is about how sometimes you cannot stop things from happening. So people come on VOTE FOR THIS SONG, GET IT TO THE TOP, cause it deserves that, and it's just right! The song represents something that anyone has once experienced.
Let's vote to get this to no1 people! Love this song! The others in this list are amazing too, but this one is really meaningful!
[Newest]This song should be the soundtrack to brave new world

5Great Big White World
An epic way to start off their best album. A "must listen" if you've never heard it before.

6The Dope Show
This song makes me smile. Manson is an artistic genius and not only does his music have quality, but his lyrics also show a message. He is an individual with a natural talent unlike anyone I've ever known! Incredible song.
This song is just awesome! It's the most played song on my iPod and the video is awesome too! The live version on The Last Tour One Earth is also amazing, especially with the backing vocals
This song is epic, cause it shows Manson's creativity, lyrics are really great, written in his style and convey his thoughts. The Dope Show always was and will be my favorite song!
[Newest]Best song, without a doubt.

Best song ever made by him! I love it. It's so... I can't describe it!
Exually, I love all of his songs. There are so good! I love Marilyn Manson. He is the most awesome artist in the world!
awesome song.. the video was banned from the US.
A song with more meaning and read-between-the-lines thinking than most
[Newest]Just amazing pay attention to the lyrics

8Man That You Fear
One of my favorite songs; it's very emotional and so is the music video.
When all of your wishes are granted, many of your dreams will be destroyed.
I guess this would be a Creepypasta theme?

I could listen to this song all day. Literally. Bad ass song.
I just have to say when ever
I listen to this song on the computer I get blown away every single time. This song is so awesome and
I love the music video that goes with It... Perfect combination. And when ever I am in a really bad mood I just listen to it and it makes me feel a lot better.
Even though some may think this song isn't a typical "marilyn manson" song, and that it is bad, I think it is quite good because it shows a different creative side of him. Love it, Love him
[Newest]Great song by manson it's the best one on the album

10Angel with the Scabbed Wings
The energy in this song is phenomenal. And together with The Reflection God, it are really the pearls of Antichrist Superstar and his whole repertoire
Excellent track. My personal favorite.
This song changed my life

The Contenders

11Antichrist Superstar
This is Manson's anthem - his defining piece of art. Why is it not higher? You chumps misunderstand Manson, that's obvious.
The other songs are great, but come on, this song practicly defines Manson himself. This song rocks! Come on people lets get this song up there, it at least has to be number 5. VOTE!
One of the best Marilyn Manson songs ever. It should be at least number 3!

12The Nobodies
I love it. Just so beautiful to listen too. Gives me chills everytime. This was definitely a hard choice, since a lot of their songs are incredible (This is the new s***, the beautiful people, arma-g******-motherf*****'-geddon, the fight song)
Such a good song. It's a good commentary on kids who are being bullied or made fun of and feel like they don't matter.
The Nobodies was the song that got me into Manson. Great song with a powerful message.

13Tainted Love
I grew up listening to Marilyn Manson's music and I remember listening to this the most! I have all his cd's! I love him and his music!
Great cover! This shows that, sometimes, it takes more than one artist to perfect a song.
I don't like marlyin manson - I think he's just freaky end of! Its just my opinion that's all, you don't have to like or agree/disagree. As they say, each to their own. But I do like a few of his songs!
[Newest]Much better than the original. Manson puts on a new, creepy twist that is just excellent.

14The Reflecting God
some of the songs in this list shouldn't even be here Manson has better songs and this one is one of them, it should be on the top 10 at least.
Not a surprise that most of his best songs are in the bottom of the list though but it stills sad.
Marilyn Manson at his best. This song summarises his whole philosophy on religion and God. The heavy bass and loud, guitar heavy chorus make this song one of his best.
I don't know why this isn't in the top ten it's one of Marilyn Manson's best works ever it definitely deserves to be on the top of the list
[Newest]Better than some popular songs

15Heart Shaped Glasses
The Sexiest music video I've ever seen and the Lyrics are damn awesome...
this song is just awesome! one of the best songs by marilyn manson. it would have been further up in my own "top ten marilyn manson songs". the video is awesome too!
don't break, don't break my heart
and I won't break your heart-shaped glasses!
Excellent song, well worth listening to. Marilyn Manson really knows what he's doing.
[Newest]This is a very underrated one. Should be in the top ten, at least.

16Dope Hat
This is classic Manson Right here! Along with "Lunchbox" "Misery Machine" "Cake And Sodomy" and "Get Your Gunn"!
Catchy and just straight up cool sounding

17The Fight Song
This great song should be higher than 12. Maybe at top five this could be very easy. For me this is best. Also I don't even know.. Marilyn Manson used many music from other bands.. Like Depeche mode
Most Adrenaline Rush I've ever gotten through a song
all his songs are awesome but this one I think is the bset


[Newest]I hate Marilyn Manson but this song is very awesome.

This should definitely be higher... Manson's first 4 albums are by the far the best, songs like (s)AINT shouldn't even be on this list. Listen to songs like Valentine's Day and Cruci-Fiction in Space... way better than most of the songs on this list.
Why isn't this higher? I honestly think anything from The Golden Age Of Grotesque should be up there. I mean, they're good songs, but they don't compare at all to the original trilogy. And the lyrics to this song, the music, the vocals, they should be up higher.
I feel in love with this song the first time I heard it. It's catchy, unique, relate-able, and soothing. I love it!
[Newest]Not best, but my favourite clip

19This Is Halloween
This is an AWESOME song, dude. You can't call yourself a fan till you listen to this song. EVERYBODY SCREAM!
Legendary song! This song made me a fan of him! Its really that good! This so needs to be in the top 10 ATLEAST!?
By far my favorite song from him. I cannot believe it's number 19, I mean c'mon!
[Newest]This song is awesome, a legendary theme song for the greatest in the world

20Lamb of God
Such a beautiful song with powerful lyrics. Not only his best song, but probably the greatest song I've ever heard. Can't believe it's this low on the list!
One of Brian's best songs. He is just a man like you and me but he won't be forgotten.
If I was in a band. Would love to cover this song

21Long Hard Road Out of Hell
I can relate to this song. Especially with all the wars going on in the Middle East. My family had to move.
Love this song, my favorite out of all his songs.


THis is the best song he's ever written and contains all typical MM things. Mysterious, threatening, dark. Videoclip is a state of art

22Apple of Sodom
That song is art! Pure example of Manson's art... I don't know why she comes from a film soundtrack! It's so creepy also the video... WOW!
I'm a little bit scared by that...

23Rock Is Dead
Come on really? This is actually the best song in the catalogue. No reason why it is down at 23, and this is coming from someone who doesn't really care much more most of MM songs, but this is a damn anthem right here.
This song is one of my all-time favorites from Manson. The rhythmic beats and the lyrics are very good in taste. It should be near the top of the list, around Astonishing panorama of end times.
This is like the first Marilyn Manson song I've ever listened to ever. And this is what got me into him. Still to this day he's become one of my favorite musicians of all time. And he's more than just a musician. He's an artist.

The song is very cool! Should be higher than 20.. For me it is best song of Marilyn Manson. You don't think so? Just listen it and after vote yea
from their newest album, The High End of Low.
Epic! Should be in the top ten

25The Golden Age of Grotesque
Another awesome song of off the Golden Age of Grotesque album.
Oh! It's OUR song with my girlfriend ) Must be at least at top 25...
Best song ever... truth

26In The Shadow of the Valley of Death

27They Said That Hell's Not Hot

28Disposable Teens
I'm kind of a new fan and this is the song which hooked me onto Marilyn Manson. Loved it to the very end!
Just amazing. The best MM song ever I think
One of the best manson classic song

29If I Was Your Vampire
6 A. M, Christmas morning... No shadows no reflections here, lying cheek to cheek in your cold embrace. The words are so powerful in this song... Needs a higher vote, one of my favorites!
I think this is Manson's deepest, most thoughtful song. And to think that he just woke up and wrote it on Christmas Day? Amazing!
This one of Manson's most deeply affecting songs, it has one really lasting appeal. And the last part of just wants to make you keep coming back for more! Best song by Manson!
[Newest]This is such a beautiful song.

30Deep Six
Awesome song. Very energizing. He really outdone himself

Best of Antichrist Superstar and the heavier Marilyn Manson song...
The Best song of the Antichrist Superstar...

32Target Audience
Perfectly well put together with shiver inducing moments all the way through, I really think a lot of the people who voted for songs in the top ten hadn't listened to anything beyond his singles. I'd put this in the top 3.
Come on... It's the perfect song! From the opening chords this song hit me like a ton of bricks and never let go. Perfet music, perfect lyrics

33The Last Day On Earth
I remember this, when I just bought the album... It was the last day of 7th grade and I just layed on the grass with this girl I really loved who was moving away. I think it's a great song, sad it's this low just because it wasn't on the radio. Definitely one of the slower but smarter songs.
Ridiculously good timeless song. This list is not a list if this doesn't at least poll top 20, I mean seriously come on.. Where the hell is Disassociative? And why is Mechanical Animals so low man!?

34Mechanical Animals
This has to be one of the best of Manson's work - complete with amazing guitar riffs by the wonderful John 5
This song is so outstanding!

35Minute of Decay
My favorite Marilyn Manson song ever. Should be #1

36Hey, Cruel World
How is this 52nd?!? This should easily be in the top 15. His screams in this are unbelievable, it kicks so much ass

37I Want to Kill You Like They Do In the Movies

38The Love Song

39Four Rusted Horses
The acoustic version is more emotional, I Love IT!
Not to mention it sounds more on the lines of "Gothic" Blues, just creative at its FINEST!
One of mansons best

40Overneath the Path of Misery

41Running to the Edge of the World
This song has so much meaning to me. I listened to it after a break up and sobbed and just the beauty behind it is so lovely I'm a die hard Manson fan and this song is a favorite among his more lovely fans who like him for him not cause he's goth
This song is beautiful! I could replay is over and over, definitely one of my favorite songs. I love him SO MUCH!
It's such a vulnerable and beautiful song, I can't believe it isn't first!
[Newest]One OF greatest marilyn songs. awesome lyric and I never get tired of listening to it.

42I Don't Like the Drugs (But the Drugs Like Me)
An awesome song and an awesome video to go with it... off of the best album by MM, Mechanical Animals. This is their 8th single
Why is this in the 29th position? This is an awesome song!
The chorus, the beat, the lyrics.. Its amazing!
This song should have been in the top 10 at least!

Norm life baby "we're white and oh so hetero and our sex is missionary. "
Norm life baby "we're quitters and we're sober our confessions will be televised. "

You and I are underdosed and we're ready to fall
Raised to be stupid, taught to be nothing at all

I don't like the drugs but the drugs like me
I don't like the drugs, the drugs, the drugs

Norm life baby "our god is white and unforgiving we're piss tested and we're praying. "
Norm life baby "I'm just a sample of a soul made to look just like a human being. "

Norm life baby "we're rehabbed and we're ready for our 15 minutes of shame. "
Norm life baby "we're talkshown and we're poiting just like Christians at a suicide. "

You and I are underdosed and we're ready to fall
Raised to be stupid, taught to be nothing at all
I don't like the drugs but the drugs like me
I don't like the drugs, the drugs, the drugs

There's a hole in our soul, that we fill with dope. And we're feeling fine.
It's short and sweet, that's the best part about it!


44Rock 'N' Roll N*****
Rock n roll at its best

45Astonishing Panorama of the Endtimes
Easily the best song, it was nominated for a grammy for best metal song in 2001. Top 5 should look like this:
1. Astonishing Panorama of the Endtimes
2. The Beautiful People
3. The Fight Song
4. The Nobodies
5. Tainted Love
Get it sorted people, this list is terrible atm.
How is this not top of the list? It's their best song by far, the rest are either crap or average.

46Just a Car Crash Away

47You're So Vain
Know it's a cover but I think is such a great song. What about it?

48Get Your Gunn

This song kick asses! Straight power heavy sexy beat as only manson knows.

50Irresponsible Hate Anthem
This is the best manson song ever. Period.
What a great song, manson finnish a lot of concerts with this one ( sorry I'm portuguese my English its not good)
We hate love, we love hate! How can that be on 51?!

51No Reflection
Newest marilyn manson single has to be one of the best! It's a classic stomping industrial metal manson hit! Born villain is definitely gonna get manson back in the spotlight!
Guys, I know, this is a new song, but that don't mean it has to be underrated! Just listen to it first. It's a really awesome song! Just love it...
So so so so so happy Manson is still in the game, and this just shows he's still got his awesomeness :D
[Newest]This song has a great meaning.. Just perfect.

52The Death Song
What a great bass line, great john 5 riff, the BAND on is best
The BAND on is best,5 twiggy, Madonna, manson, fish

53Eat Me, Drink Me
I think Eat Me, Drink me is the most dark song by Marilyn Manson. It's really good.

54I Put a Spell On You
A great cover of the song by Screamin' Jay Hawkins. From the Smells Like Children album.

55Valentine's Day
This song gives me goosebumps. Can't believe it wasn't even listed!


Belongs on this list!

56Cake and Sodomy
This is the reason this song is hard to download. Needs to be in the top ten. Listen to this song. If you haven't heard it. You haven't heard Marilyn Manson.
Hey! Get this song up.
This is one of the best songs of marilyn manson!
The lyrics are just awesome, and so is the music, come on!
This is a very cool song! Must be in top 20! But one channel sounds very awful as I know on chorus

57Killing Strangers

58Wight Spider

59User Friendly

60Wrapped In Plastic

61Cruci-Fiction In Space


(S) ain't was my number one song from MM until I found Evidence... This lyrics gets under my skin. And music is epic! The best song from Marilyn Manson!
One of the best love song..

64The Speed of Pain
Definitely one of his sleeper hits off an incredible album.

65Dried Up, Tied and Dead to the World
If you have not heard this song I don't know why you like Marlin Manson in the first place. Listen to this song.

66Into the Fire
Come on folks!?! This is an amazing song people!

67Kill Your God
Sick song it is too underrated just amazing, I won't kill my god because Marylin Manson is immortal! You should hear it.. Nice song


68Leave a Scar

69We're From America
I don't care what anybody else says or thinks about The High End of Low. This is the best Marilyn Manson song ever.
Cause we believe it...


71Born Villain

This is my favorite manson song

73I Hate

74Fundamentally Loathsome
Another amazing song by MM.. It's my favorite song by them. I would have put it higher on the list but I don't think it's the best song by them as a band.

75Born Again
One of his greatest songs

76The Gardener

77S***** Chicken Gang Bang
Pf screw all his other songs, by far the best of Manson's works. Laugh out loud

78Golden Years

79Unkillable Monster

80You and Me and the Devil Makes 3

81Breaking the Same Old Ground

A song that represents the band.

83Kiddie Grinder

84Murderers Are Getting Prettier Everyday
This is manson at his best, this song sounds like manson back in the antichrist superstar days. It's on born villain
Heavy, heavy song. Like antichrist superstar era, but on Born Villain! Honestly, it is so raw and full of anger. And a killer solo on it too by Twiggy!

85Kaboom Kaboom

86President Dead


88Children of Cain

89Blank and White

90Red Carpet Grave
Honestly I can't believe this song hasn't even be mentioned yet, easily should be in top 10 cause its my favourite and I like a lot of marilyn manson songs. Just fantastic along with are you the rabbit, wormboy, doll-dagga-buzz-buzz-ziggety-zagg and kaboom kaboom

91Five to One

92Snake Eyes and Sissies
Middle finger technology gets me every time

93Mister Superstar

94The Flowers of Evil

95Pistol Whipped

The Best Song Eveer

97Suicide Is Painless
The most sadness cover of Marilyn Manson

98King Kill 33

99Organ Grinder


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