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21Long Hard Road Out of Hell

Love this song, my favorite out of all his songs. - Mkdillon

I can relate to this song. Especially with all the wars going on in the Middle East. My family had to move.

THis is the best song he's ever written and contains all typical MM things. Mysterious, threatening, dark. Videoclip is a state of art

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22Apple of Sodom

That song is art! Pure example of Manson's art... I don't know why she comes from a film soundtrack! It's so creepy also the video... WOW!
I'm a little bit scared by that...

I can't stop listening to it ever since I first heard it. The video is sort of like Closer by NIN but more sci-fi. The sound is haunting but in a good way

23No Reflection

Marilyn Manson has a lot of good music, but I LOVE this one. I fell in love with this song the first time hearing it and I've been addicted to it ever since. I could hear it again and again and not get tired of it. This is definitely one of his best, without a doubt. I love Marilyn Manson. He doesn't look that bad under the makeup and he's a really great and intelligent guy in real life. I have a lot of respect for him. He's one of my rock idols.

Newest marilyn manson single has to be one of the best! It's a classic stomping industrial metal manson hit! Born villain is definitely gonna get manson back in the spotlight!

This is easily one of Manson's best songs. I consider myself a fairly decent Manson fan, but I haven't heard much of his more recent stuff (outside of Pale Emperor) I tried a few songs off Born Villain and shrugged them off, not bothering to buy the album. But then I hear No Reflection, and my god, I got hooked.

One of Manson's best songs. It's truly something else, I can't stop listening to it-

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24Lamb of God

Such a beautiful song with powerful lyrics. Not only his best song, but probably the greatest song I've ever heard. Can't believe it's this low on the list!

One of Brian's best songs. He is just a man like you and me but he won't be forgotten.

If I was in a band. Would love to cover this song

Nothing's gonna change the world

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25This Is Halloween

This is an AWESOME song, dude. You can't call yourself a fan till you listen to this song. EVERYBODY SCREAM!

Legendary song! This song made me a fan of him! Its really that good! This so needs to be in the top 10 ATLEAST!?

By far my favorite song from him. I cannot believe it's number 19, I mean c'mon!

This song is awesome, a legendary theme song for the greatest in the world

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26They Said That Hell's Not Hot

Marilyn Manson is a genius. In every song I can find a part of me, at any time. Thanks, Brian.

I love Marilyn Manson. Best song from Marilyn.

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27Rock Is Dead

Come on really? This is actually the best song in the catalogue. No reason why it is down at 23, and this is coming from someone who doesn't really care much more most of MM songs, but this is a damn anthem right here.

This song is one of my all-time favorites from Manson. The rhythmic beats and the lyrics are very good in taste. It should be near the top of the list, around Astonishing panorama of end times.

This is like the first Marilyn Manson song I've ever listened to ever. And this is what got me into him. Still to this day he's become one of my favorite musicians of all time. And he's more than just a musician. He's an artist.

Way better than a lot of others

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28Deep Six

Awesome song. Very energizing. He really outdone himself

Had to show some love for at least one Pale Emperor song I don't think people give this album (or this song) enough credit

The only song I liked off the album. It has a good groove too.

I know it's from his newest album but man, this song is amazing!

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29The Golden Age of Grotesque

Another awesome song of off the Golden Age of Grotesque album.

Oh! It's OUR song with my girlfriend ) Must be at least at top 25...

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30Cake and Sodomy

This is the reason this song is hard to download. Needs to be in the top ten. Listen to this song. If you haven't heard it. You haven't heard Marilyn Manson.

Hey! Get this song up.
This is one of the best songs of marilyn manson!
The lyrics are just awesome, and so is the music, come on!

This is a very cool song! Must be in top 20! But one channel sounds very awful as I know on chorus

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The song is very cool! Should be higher than 20.. For me it is best song of Marilyn Manson. You don't think so? Just listen it and after vote yea

from their newest album, The High End of Low.

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32The Last Day On Earth

I remember this, when I just bought the album... It was the last day of 7th grade and I just layed on the grass with this girl I really loved who was moving away. I think it's a great song, sad it's this low just because it wasn't on the radio. Definitely one of the slower but smarter songs.

Such a beautiful song. I'm so sick of people saying he's evil and destructive. Does this song sound evil and destructive to you?

You can't judge people by appearance. That would really hurt them.

Ridiculously good timeless song. This list is not a list if this doesn't at least poll top 20, I mean seriously come on.. Where the hell is Disassociative? And why is Mechanical Animals so low man!?

Any true music lover can't disregard this song.

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33Overneath the Path of Misery

The song on Born Villain trailer and the best song on the album..

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34In The Shadow of the Valley of Death
35I Don't Like the Drugs (But the Drugs Like Me)

An awesome song and an awesome video to go with it... off of the best album by MM, Mechanical Animals. This is their 8th single

A wondrous song that is unfortunately over shadowed by the other tracks on the album it was on. In Marilyn's catalogue, this sticks out like a fire in the arctic.

How come this song was the only single from Mechanical Animals not on Lest We Forget? It had better chart positions than Rock is Dead, and that song was on it!

Awesome song, best by Marilyn Manson

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36Mechanical Animals

This has to be one of the best of Manson's work - complete with amazing guitar riffs by the wonderful John 5

This song is so underrated. It needs way more attention!

Such a beautiful songs. Behind New Model, this is my favourite song on the album.

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37Personal Jesus

One of the best songs of this great artist! I like the electronic-like feel of the song

This is a badass song. Definitely one of my favorites. He has many other good ones too.

I think its one of his best covers

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Best of Antichrist Superstar and the heavier Marilyn Manson song...

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Very underrated... This song is so heartfelt.. My favorite

This is my favorite manson song

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40Wrapped In Plastic
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