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Yoshi deserves his top spot place. Nowadays, people plat too much assassins creed or Call of Duty to notice that those games are just run, kill and die. All mario kart games are classics (heck, all mario games in general excluding hotel mario) and mario kart ds is up there. Yoshi is best mario character hands down. He's adorable, funny and fast. Sorry if I offended anyone.

Yoshi is awesome.
I will repeat.
Yoshi is awesome.
You didn't hear me?
I said Yoshi is awesome.
Don't like the word awesome?
Then I will say something epic...
Yoshi is epic.
Does this comment suck?
Oh wait, let me get back on topic.
You know how epic Yoshi is?
He's male. Males don't have babies or lay eggs, right?

its really weird that yoshi is so by far and away the best... - danajs24

Please vote Dry Bones to show Nintendo that we want him back!

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Really good statistics(except for Drift), and along with Bowser he's the character I generally win most with. - Garythesnail

Luigi is the best.His kart has good speed and acceleration.He beats Mario both in Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros.

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3Dry Bones

Dry Bones holds most of the world records for Mario Kart DS, because his epic off-road and astounding acceleration let him take easy shortcuts without needing mushrooms. And because his drift is fairy poor, you can use snaking on STRAIGHT roads, and get heaps of great speed bonuses: from what I've noticed, Dry Bones has the best Mini-Turbo and Off-Road as well as Handling and Acceleration. (Using Dry Bones, I've beaten some expert ghost datas by up 20 seconds)

Dry Bones good acceleration and handling, this guy beats the slowness that is Mario hands down.

This was his first appearance in Mario Kart and it was AWESOME!

Dry Bones was my "main" in Mario Kart DS. I know main is a Smash term, but it works.

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I like playing as Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Daisy, Toad, Toadette, and Rosalina, but Mario is where he is at!

Um... why is he on here, he treats Yoshi like a slave and hogs all the credit from his brother Luigi. Boo, Mario

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His tallness is awesome, like how his legs stick out of the kart, lol - dragon13304

My favorite character. Can't understand why anyone would hate him.

Waluigi sticks legs out of kart not because they can't fit in the kart. it is because he is crazy indain

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It's the only character to apper in a spin off that hasn, t been in an offical mario game appearances mario kart DS super smash bros. Brawl hope he's in mario kart 8

I like ROB when he has ROB legs and is winning because it looks like he's jogging ahead of everyone else in carts.

Why isn't this in second place?! (i still love Yoshi, though)

I can't figure out how to unlock ROB

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Toad has a little car but it is really like super sonic speed I always win with him. - oskarzuk

This Toad is the BEST and no doubt about it. I love picking Toad's Mushmellow when I'm racing with a Toad. (The Mushmellow car is the BEST one in the whole entire game! )

Toad's four wheel-cradle is slow, but he can really bash those heavy guys across the stage. No ofense.

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Princess Peach is fussy, disgraceful and cowardly in Mario Kart DS.

Yeah I love peach to, but I'm sick of people saying she's a dumb character. By the way it's not luck base when Peach get's first. you probably just sit there the whole time

Only girl in the game and daisy isn't in the game and I never unlocked rob so peach for the win (for the win) I like peach daisy rosalina and eclair

Well, there is Princess Daisy, but both girls made Mario Kart DS awful.

She's okay. She's better in the Wii one with the mach bike! - HeavyDonkeyKong

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9Donkey Kong

Daisy is WAY better than Peach. People are idiots because toadette isn't in the game so why is she here? Top ten lists don't make much sense anymore.

Why Daisy is under Peach? Peach SUCK and Daisy is the best girl in this game!

Princess Daisy goes back-to-back with Puff Puff from the Your Favorite Martian band.

Toad, luigi, & Dry Bones are way better than daisy.

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He's awesome and yellow! - LEOTHELION8


How is he #12? Not only is he the King of Awesome(self-proclaimed, at least), he's really fast and has good control! - Garythesnail

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13Shy Guy

I wish you could get shy guy in the real game! that would be awesome! :D woo shy guy! - dragon13304

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Come on, I know Toadette doesn't star on Mario Kart DS, but she should, I mean she kicked the spotlight in Mario Kart Wii, maybe the last game she's in. - spongebobsv1998890

Although she's never been on the game, she could be just as good as Toad. Toadette has always been my favorite. GO TOADETTE!

Hmm not on the list... there were only 13 characters in Mario Kart DS and this list counts 20?

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Why is he on here?

Who the hack put him here!?

Hey man that's very stupid it's Mario characters NOT SpongeBob! !

Seriously this is dumb, a lot of characters on this list aren't on mk DS

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16Bowser Jr.

Unfortunately he did NOT race in DS but luckily he did in Mario Kart WII... IT IS A DS LIST!

17The Koopalings

The koopalings are on 8, not ds

Come on guys it is DS not 8

18Koopa Troopa

He is cute even though he's evil

No Mario's the evil one

19Dry Bowser

Umm... please not ruin lists by adding things which are uncorrect.
In other words, Dry Bowser wasn't a character in DS.
Hey, shall I add Rosalina and Funky Kong and King Boo and Lakitu and...


Birdo's the best you fools!

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