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21Disposable Heroes - Master of Puppets

Simply epic. The scale change makes this much more awesome than any of the others on Master of Puppets, except possibly for Master or Sanitarium.

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22Suicide and Redemption - Death Magnetic

Suicide and Redemption maybe shouldn't be number one, but it should definitely be in the top ten. The three solos with the melodic start before the song rushes to double time, then after Hetfield comes out crashing with his solo, Hammett wah's it up a notch for the big finale.

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23Hit the Lights - Kill 'Em All

The solos on this song came from a younger, much more intense Kirk. The playing is sharp and he proved he was a force to be reckoned with. A young shredder very full of potential. Too bad he uses the wah pedal to death. Takes away from the creativity - Johnnyt800

A perfect example of why Kirk was at the forefront of that style back in the day. It wasn't melodic or even his best but it's my favorite and difficult to play

24My Friend of Misery - Metallica

One of my favorite Metallica solos easily. Maybe not top 10 but definitely not 39. This kicks ass and goes on and on. It's different from most of their solos and partly why it's so cool. It's far down on the track listing and maybe a lot of people haven't heard it I guess.

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25Sad But True - Metallica
26Eye of the Beholder - ...And Justice for All

This song's solo is a killer

27...And Justice For All - ...And Justice For All

Best Metallica guitar solo it starts slow then goes crazy. Perfect

28The God That Failed - Metallica

The solo in this song is amazing... I love the short pause and the part after.

29Welcome Home (Sanitarium) - Master of Puppets

Why is that song on 22, for Me it's the best song from Metallica.
Every true Fan loves that Song!

30The Thing That Should Not Be - MetallicaV1 Comment
31Seek & Destroy - Kill 'Em All

Why is this so low on the list. Its Metallicas fastest and heaviest riff. It deserves to be 1

32Hero Of The Day - Load
33Enter Sandman - Metallica

How the hell this is not even in the list... I wanna remember everyone ENTER SANDMAN IS THE ONLY METALLICA SONG WHICH APPEARS ON THE LIST OF ROLLING STONE'S 500 GREATEST SONGS OF ALL TIME... And believe me the solo is equally great, one of their best

34Frayed Ends Of Sanity - ...And Justice For All

On of the my favorite solo

Best solo on justice

35Wherever I May RoamV1 Comment
36To Live Is To Die - ...And Justice For All

This solo has got soul. This is fantastic melody and it shows real feelings.

37The Shortest Straw - ...And Justice For All

The entire album has fantastic solos and this track is no exception. Gives off a bit of a Van Halen vibe. The intro part of the solo is so strange but that's a good thing.

38The Struggle Within - Metallica
392 X 4 - Load

How is this not near the top 10? It's mesmerising.

40Escape - Ride the Lightning
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