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41Far Away - Tyga

This song is me and my big brothers song. Well my godbrother. He lives a, two and a half hours away from me I feel like it's a thousand miles. I miss him. We barley see eachother about every three weeks. He says this song suites me so it reminds me of him..

42Anytime - Brian McKnight
43Long Distance - Bruno Mars

This song is truly beautiful. I love it

44Amnesia - 5 Second of Summer

I am absolutely in love with this band and I can relate to this song so much

45Worry About You - 2AM Club
46Youtopia - Armin Van Buuren

I love this one recently because it speaks my mind and soul, I lost my husband to suicide and no one can understand this pain.

I've thought about comitting suicide before but when I think about the girl I love it stops me and I cry.

47Address In the Stars - Caitlin and Will

Sad song reminds me of when I lost my best friend

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48Meet You There - Simple Plan
49I Miss You - Beyonce

I know right! The lyrics are so meaningful! - JaysTop10List

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50Miss You - Candlebox

Great lyrics and tune. Great song

51All of Me - John Legend

This song is so amazing everyone I hear it I think of my boyfriend

Of course this song is amazing. There are no other options.

This is me and my boyfriend's favorite song

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52No Promises - Shayne Ward

Come on! Best ever song, I feel like this songs deserves top 10.

It isn't that sad until you experience the story in the video and I did. Brings tears to my eyes :'(

53Don't You Remember - Adele

I feel like crying when I listen this song... It make me remine of someone

54Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again - Jackie EvanchoV1 Comment
55My Heart Will Go On - CĂ©line DionV2 Comments
56Tears In Heaven - Eric Clapton

This song was actually written for his soon that died. More meaningful than any breakup song.

57December - Neck Deep

This song has helped me through many sleepless nights when missing the girl I love even though we're so far apart now I'll always want the best for her.

58Tonight - FM Static

This song is so beautiful. It's good for when you've truly lost someone.

59Snuff - Slipknot

This song may not fall in the "missing you" category, but it defiantly deserves a number 1 spot on a "you ruined me" list. I love this song

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60Bottle You Up - Zendaya
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