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81Hai Kasam Tu Na Ja - Adnan Sami
82Jar of Hearts - Christina Perri
83I Miss You - Aaliyah

This song is really good I love it a lot you should listen to it

84Black - Pearl Jam

I feel his pain he was feeling when he recorded this. Very moving. Painful,

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85Here I Am - Camp Rock

This song is sad but that girl sure can sing

86Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart - Alicia Keys
87Rehab - Rihana
88Wheel In the Sky - Journey
89Be Together V1 Comment
90Fire - Dead by Sunrise
91Missing You - John Waite

Come on this is the best missing you song I've heard. And it has simple yet cool lyrics. I hear name.. In certain circles and it always make me smile. I ain't missing you at all! I keep lyin' to myself. I just love it and it is so catchy. It is kinda similar to Every Breath You Take by The Police which is a very simple song, yet beautiful and pleasant for the ears.

It saddens me to see this song so low! An 80's classic that at least deserves top 25.

92I Miss You - Incubus

Found it when looking for a long to describe how I felt about a long distance relationship. We both listened to it every day.

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93Some Broken Hearts Never Mend - Don Williams
94Here Without You - The Byrds

As the flipside of the mega-hit Turn! Turn! Turn!, this phenomenal song was often overlooked. Written by the late, great Gene Clark, this highly personal number puts his feelings right out there for all to see.
RIP Gene Clark- No Other.

95Wanted - Hunter HayesV1 Comment
963,000 Miles - Emblem3

These guys have been a fave during my teen years and I have always loved this song

This is cute and powerful at the same time

97Lucy - Skillet
98Half a Heart - One Direction

My go to break up song! Love this song!

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99Someone's Watching Over Me - Hilary Duff

You should watch this song's film. It's called "raise your voice". In this film Hilary sings this song for her dead brother who encouraged her to make her dreams come true. Has the best lyrics best music, great job.

His is a flawless and beautiful, sad song. I can't even describe how it makes me feel but always reminds me of someone I love
I know his up there looking down on me.

100Tyler Ward - The Hardest Thing

This song always reminds me of my ex

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