Top Ten Moments in Historical War Movies

This is a list designed for best moments in a movie that has some sort of historical significance of a war.

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The word "freedom" which was cried by William Wallace "Mel Gibson" was really heart touching. Though this scene was at last part of the movie, this was one of the turning point of the movie which made it really popular.

Similarly, at the very last when Robert the Bruce led the Scottish men against the English army, the movement was very peculiar and it made the ending of the movie really mind blowingg...

Before the big battle, The "freedom" speech Mel Gibson gave.
- ben6785

2Pearl Harbor

After the bombing was complete, when hirohito quoted "we have woken a sleeping giant". - ben6785

It was so awesome to see that he knew what he had just did, and that he would pay for it.

3The Patriot

The last battle scene were Mel Gibson is finally able to kill the dragoon who was responsible for his families death. - ben6785

4Last of the Mohicans

The final push up the mountain to rescue the girl. The music in the background also makes the scene. - ben6785

5Saving Private Ryan

The opening scene of the invasion. The biggest military operation ever. What more do I need to say. - ben6785

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6Flags of our Fathers

The raising of the flag on Soldier Field. - ben6785

7We were soldiers

When they get off the battlefield, Mel Gibson's boot was the last one off the ground, just like he told them before they went off to war. - ben6785


The final push to take Charleston was a great scene. It held a lot of significance. - ben6785

9Black Hawk Down

After the fighting, they were going back to base, and after all they went through the Rangers insisted they march back instead of ride back. That showed a lot of courage. - ben6785

10Rescue Dawn

If you have seen the movie you know what I'm talking about. When Christian Bale is finally picked up and brought back to his ship. After many let downs, this movie moves you when he is let down in front of everyone on the ship. - ben6785

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