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He very cool creates of the BIG three.Zeus king of all gods is his major hater can I say more.he is made awesome he is total BOSS like no one can beat him that why he is number 1 2 times in a row so if you didn't vote for him you suck, and let this remind you Poseidon is the greatest god and should have kept the the tittle KING OF ALL GODS INSTEAD OF GIVING IT TO ZEUS see how he is a good brother for someone who hates him

Poseidon all the way! Who denies the might of the raging storms and the writing earth?! Defy him and find yourself struck by the Earthquakes or the Sea-rampages... Unless you are Zeus or Hades (who would either run to the skies to blanket himself in clouds or hide beneath the earth shaking with terror, respectively)... But Eventually, you will be struck down by him!

He is the best Greek god ever if he fought Zeus their is no doubt he would win, all life came from the sea and their is nothing more vital for life to exist than water. Also because he's a good god sure he has some problems but he actually cares about his kids and I would love to have his powers.

But does he control the sea of monsters/Bermuda triangle/Devil's Triangle

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It is said when he was challenged by the giants to drinking contest he drank from a cup that changed the ocean into ale and he was the cause of the continents getting larger... And he has a giant thunder hammer!... Like one does

Norse gods are the best, and thor is the best of all myth gods - dragon13304

Thor is the best... God of thunder... need I say more?

A god and a marvel super hero

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Zeus is king of the gods for the obvious reason, he rules the sky. In every mythology out there, the ruler either owns the heavens, the sky, or the sun, or some combination thereof. But Hades? Hades, man, the underworld is NAMED after this guy. He controls all the riches under the earth as well as the dead. His domain is by far the most powerful, most controlled, and most tasking. What do the olympians do? They go around busting up humanity out of boredom because their jobs are just that, boring. But Hades has to control the dead, ALL the dead. That's a lot of people, and a lot of places. The underworld in general is an ever vast place, like the universe pretty much, because people just KEEP DYING. Poseidon might control earthquakes and shiz, and the ocean which does cover a lot of the planet. But it's just the cover, even Zeus doesn't have much to do with an entire sky, a lightening storm here or there, yeah, terrifying, but let's compare that to death. You might die of lightening, or a tornado, or a hurricane. But when Hades wants you, you're done for. I know the Fates are supposed to control when you die, but Hades is like the bossman in charge. I know he's not the king, but he's better. He's the god forsaken parliament.

Not only was he a fearsome warrior in the war with the titans, his power can match Poseidon's and even Zeus's, not to mention he has the Helm of Darkness, commands countless legions of the dead, has complete control of all metals and gems, I mean come on he's the god of the underworld!

Though one who was condemned to the underworld, although he was supposed to rule the sky. As the symbol of death, he was not often worshiped. Nobody can escape him, that makes him modestly badass. Cerberus gets him extra points.

Keeper of the dead just the coolest

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Old but friggin powerful! - BigBoss

He is the best I mean he ODIN! The beard says it all

Odin is the king of the Gods!

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Zeus is mystical god, good spell man super magic go fighter.

I would have said Chtulhu, but it wouldn't really fit haha.

Still Zeus rocks. Not only because he is quite mighty, but also because he has a damn cool set of histories with a very complex personality. Turning into animals to have sex with mortals is one of the funniest ones.

Zeus is the most powerful also zeus has lightning it is the best

This is supposed to be number 1.

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Just Saying. Shiva is not a mythological god. He is from the RELIGION of Hinduism. Placing him as Mythological is extremely offensive to a lot of people. Even though it is an old religion that you may not practice, does not mean that it can be classified as mythological.

Creator of universe... He has defeated time and death... Carrier of the most powerful weapon, the trishula... He can take unlimited incarnations and each incarnation is able to destroy the whole creation in no time.. He is the only god who is worshipped by ghosts, demons, humans and other gods... He is the god of gods...

Which other god in the above list has these capabilities? Who was worshipped by ghosts, demons, humans and gods?

God of destruction, he could turn the entire universe into a fireball then extinguish it and end time and space. That's the power of Shiva!

He is a super powerful Hindu god, who can destroy the entire universe from the opening of his third eye.

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Ra is the creator god of Egyptian mythology and the strongest Egyptian god. He rules the sun, sky, underworld and the universe. He created the gods Shu god of the wind and Tefnut goddess of moisture who in then had geb the earth and nut the sky. He the god of gods in Egyptian mythology. He was pharoah of the gods until he gave the throne to Osiris who then gave Horus the throne. Horus is closely linked to his great great grandfather Ra in dominion over the universe.

The oldest, strongest, and most epic

Best God of all the creator of life

Great gods ra crook and flail

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Oh my gosh! In the Kane Chronicles, Sadie described him as super hot. Just the way she described him made me melt. because Rick Riordan made him a hunk means he's your favorite god? - pengpaw4

He has a jackal head and he's the god of the dead. Whats not to like about him? Hades is my other favorite

He is amazing and cool he might not be as strong as the other Egyptian gods but he is still young

How is he seventh he's beast and Zeus beats him Zeus is nothing without his stupid master bolt

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Ares is good strong god the warrior, great power, beautiful stiling and perfect speed and his excheng face. He is power helm.

Ares is full of braveness super strength he has most of all the powers he would destroy Thor like stepping a twig wach xena and Hercules on Netflix or hulu

Ares is God of war, werry long hystory god. My comparison Ares to film actor Kevin Smith, of series Xena: Warrior princess. Ares of Xena and series Hercules is me great power, speed and intellect, power teleport and power is his zord, Ares my comparison to flying A.N.T.


Athena, this is Pallas Athena, Beautiful female good, gold elegant jacket. Good heart, warrior strategy is winning, big sorcery woman good.

She is incredibly smart, brains are best than anything in the world!

None of the other gods are remotely on Athena's level.

She should be above ares because she beat him

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God of war and once took the thrown of the gods. Defeated Set at a young age (16-20). He never gives up and has control over griffins and hawks!

He is the God of war and also very strong

God of Egyptian war


He is insanely cool and he is the god of chaos

Set is the rightful king of the gods. He represents power as god of storms, chaos and war. He kills wimpy osires, rules a successful reign. The classic story is corrupted to say he fights Horus and looses! Which may I say is utter bullpoop! Set, or as I prefer, Sutekh (zootek) defeats the wimpy Horus by ripping his eye out and keeps the throne. Sadly Horus complains to the other gods and they have a vote. All gods support Horus because he is moral, apart from the wisest Ra, who says that the most powerful god should rule not the most moral, he votes fo Sutekh. Alas if it wasn't for stupid democracy Set would remain king. He is also the only Egyptian god to have the head of an animal that doesn't exist. Pretty damn cool!


One of the most dynamic god in all mythologies. He can be anybody he wants to be and he's also the one who'll end/destroy the world of gods in the Norse mythology. (Norse is definitely the best mythology therein, too bad there's no Homer who translated/rewritten the whole book of Edda for us to understand the whole story of the Norse deities.)

The god of mischief, leader of an impeccable army of fan girls, and the father/mother to some truly nasty, horrifying, and amazing monster like children.

Loki is the god of friggin mischief. Nuff said.

I just voted for him. - LokiLover2000

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He is not a Titan, he is the god of time, and his name is spelled Chronos. The titan you are thinking of is Kronos, not Chronos.

King of all gods

He is the best and he is the most powerful titan that's crap yeah


I took two different quizzes and got Apollo twice

Great art Apollo in serial Hercules, Apollo of Hercules to god sun, gold costum and werry speed, great power and intellect.


Artemis is goddess of hunt, in serial Xena and Hercules is Artemis hard opponent and his me alliance to biggest gods. Gold costeem and gold bolt and weapons.

Good art Artemis to sarial Xena: Warrior Princess. Artemis his woman in have red hair and beautifull bolt and arrows. She is in gold costum.

Artemis is weapon the bowl. He is red jacket, beautiful female, gread power, werry intellect speed and power.

18Amun Ra

He is as strong as all the egiptian gods put together except Amun and ra of course


She rocks.
Without her, this would be a HATEFUL world - Celestius

Powerful or not she's defiantly deceptive. Come on guys every living creature has love in it. Why does many heroes and villains do crazy things?! Why is Zeus afraid of his own wife?! ( why are we, first?! ) why did hades risk kidnapping phersisphone ( or whatever her name was) why did Poseidon creat horses?! Why was there a Trojan war?! Think

She is goddess love and beautiful, werry great power. In Serial Xena: warrior princess his Aphrodite me werry great power. Of Season 5 episode 22 his Aphrodite help to taking Xena and Gabrielle in hill Olymp. His saving life Gabrielle.


He is still worshiped. If you can get a myth to be worshiped in the 21st century, you must be some mythical badass.

Not Mythological. Yahweh is from a religion.

ALL gods are mythological, if they wheren't, they wouldn't be gods

He is not a myth. He is the Ultimate Reality, the One whom all people seek.

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