Top 10 NFL Games of 2008


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1Week 2 Philadelphia vs Dallas

this was a GREAT game...a shootout..but unforutanelty dallas won - coltsboi97

Was a great game don't really like the eagles but was amazing! - ballaboi17

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2Week 2 San Diego vs Denver

I FORTUANETLY was able to witness this game...ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC - coltsboi97

3Week 4 Baltimore vs Pittsburgh

great game tht went into OT - coltsboi97

4Week 1 Minnesota vs Green Bay
5Week 5 Indianapolis vs Houston
6Week 1 Carolina vs San Diego

Unforutanetly i was not able to witness this game...but the highlights were just amazing - coltsboi97

7Week 2 Indianapolis vs Minnesota

fantastic comeback for a colts win!! - coltsboi97

8Week 12 Indianapolis vs San Diego

I like the Colts too, I was even wearing my Adam Vinatari jersey when he kicked the game winning field goal! - footballanytime

as a colts fan..this is probably my favorite game of this season - coltsboi97

9Week 10 Indianapolis vs Pittsburgh

I was watching this game and I was on my feet almost the whole time
- 3anegroes

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10Week 11 Denver vs Cleveland

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11Week 9 New England vs Indianapolis
12Week 10 Minnesota vs. Green Bay
13Week 17 Detroit vs. Green Bay
14Week 6 Atlanta vs. Chicago
15Week 11 Miami vs. Oakland
16Week 10 Arizona vs San Francisco
17Week 14 Miami vs Buffalo
18Week 15 Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore
19Week 16 Philadelphia vs. Washington
20Week 9 Dallas vs New York Giants
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