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This song is very true andd tells the story of his life changing from bad to good and becoming more responsible - roblist

juicy - top song, you can never get sick of it, love it.

Birthdays was the worst days
Now we sip champagne when we thirst-ay

Not only is this Biggies best song, but it is also in the top 5 best songs in Hip Hop history

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When he died and his body was being driven past his town someone played this song and everyone went wild - roblist

The greatest party and New Years eve hit of all time! Biggie smalls impresses with this by far!

Simply put, the best song of the king. The beat is amazing and blows you away.R.I.P. notorious B.I.G.

Can't go wrong with Hypnotize

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3Big Poppa

This has the best flow, one of his greatest, definitely one of the greatest songs of all time

My fave song of Biggie, when I listen to it, my head always rings and either I lip sing or rap while listening

This song makes me chilled out. So just sit back and relax homies

Amazing flow, super catchy, great lyrics has everything to a perfect hip hop song

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4Who Shot Ya?

IT IS NOT A 2PAC DISS, anyways this song gives me a really unique vibe, from the complex beat background to the dope ass lyrics and rhymes, 5 stars indeed.

Amazing song all the way! Full of amazing rhymes and an outstanding beat. One of his very best songs on the album

My favorite track second too Juicy of course, I forget about how its apparently a 2pac diss song, just listen to the flow, vibe and the lyrics are perfect! 98/100

My favorite rap verse

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5Mo Money Mo Problems

R.I. P Biggie! This song wasn't all badass or serious, it was just plain fun. This is one of those songs you've heard and recognised but can't remember who it's by and what song it is. Makes me feel happy all the time.

10 years from now and its still on top

Mo money Mo problems its a lifestyle not a choice

Mo money the mo problems you'll face

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6Sky's the Limit

I'm sure when biggie made this song he realized that he finally reached the stars he always dreamed of. It's just very sad to know that he didn't live long after to enjoy it to its fullest.

Live The phrase : Sky's the limit best song for me.

Personally my favourite Biggie Smalls song, although it's not the best, it's a feel good song. Not as good as "Keep Ya Head Up", but a different style of rap nonetheless

This is biggies storytelling at its finest

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7Notorious Thugs

first time I listened to this song I kept going back to biggie's verse, its just incredible, also the beat is smooth and sick.

NOTORIOUS B.I.G = Worlds Best Flow. AWESOME MAN! Another good rapper: Edo Maajka, great flow, too bad I don't understand him.

The Intro. The Instrumentals. The Flow. The Lyrics. This Song Is Perfect On All Levels. I Just Space Out When I Listen To This.

Biggie's use of the Bone Thug style is just awesome

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8Everyday Struggle

Easily Biggie's best song. It has more meaning than any of his others. It definitely shouldn't be so low on this list, it is way better than Juicy and Hypnotize

How is this not in the top 5, it's his best song ever! The lyrics are so real and the flow is god like. So underrated just because it wasn't a single, it's way better than hypnotize.

If you ask me I think this should be no. 1, if you don't believe me then listen to this song for yourself, it's so underrated. It's from the ready to die album and is amazing! His flow is so good and the lyrics are so deep and real. Rapping about the streets and how he stays alive in such a horrid environment.

The lyrics are so well put together and are very clever, the flow was perfected. He raps about problems he faced living in the ghetto. Unlike other rappers who rap about swag and money. This should be in the top 10! It's underrated because it was a filler track in ready to die but it's very good.

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9Kick In the Door

Should be higher then #9 ought to be #4 at the least has crazy good lyrics and flows and puts everyone in their place showing that he was the king of New York in the rap game

This should definitely be on top ten

His best song, crazy beat and sick flow, rip big

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10Suicidal Thoughts

A song about Notorious and the bad side of life and wanting to kill himself - roblist

Realest song by biggie, hits close to home compared to his other more violent songs, like gimme the loot

I used to listen to emo music all the time and this song is so much sadder and depressing than any of that

One of the darkest hip hop tracks of all time

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11Dead Wrong

Incredible song with very real lyrics about the real life violence that Biggie had experienced. Eminem also killed it but BIG stole the show

If you haven't heard this one, you've missed out. Eminem joins Biggy and hits it hard here.

Juicy and hypnotize are the main songs on the greatest hits but dead wrong stole the show just by the first verse of the song. also this song made Eminem's best hits to beat that juicy!

Yah dead wrong

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you can't go wrong with the two best rappers ever

This song, just changed everything... It just proved that music always powers over hate.. Absolute great song! R.I.P Biggie

The song that proved that music powers over all hate

How is this not in the top 10s?! 2 of the best rappers EVER in a song with an amazing beat and message.

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Great story and wonderful flows. My favorite Biggie song but he has so many great tracks it's hard to pick

Juicy is great but warning is just... beyond words. honestly a classic and the outro is hands down the best outro to any song ever recorded.

14Party and Bulls***

This song is to Biggie, what My Name is was to Eminem. That fun-ass song that told everyone who he was. Easily his best early song.

This should definitely be under the top 10 cause nice flow, nice text and a nice beat could hear it multiple times in a row

A great party song, not his best, but one of his first songs - roblist

Spectacular Party Song, Unreal Flow

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15Gimme the Loot

Biggie acts as two people in this song, and he is absolutely flawless. The beat, the rhyming and of course the rapping makes this song a favourite among many of his fans.

Biggie sings as if its 2 people having a conversation. The flow is insane and its lyrically very strong! Pure genius!

He acts as two people and the flow is flawless. This shows his creativity as an artist in addition to his prowess as a rapper.

Gangster as ever, biggie is the greatest

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16Going Back to Cali

This should be way higher on the historical significance alone

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17One More Chance

This should be top ten for sure, the remix needs a separate spot in the top ten as well

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18Hold Ya Head

Suicidal Thoughts, but mixed with Bob Marley. Fantastic song. Captures the depressing state of mind Biggie was in.


How is this not higher up the list?

Sky's the limit is the dumb song it should be at the bottom

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20Ready to Die

Are you kidding me this should be top 5

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