Top Ten Papa Roach Songs


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The Top Ten

Last Resort
This is a really good song, because you can headbang to it and it also has a great meaning. You fall in love with this song the first time you hear it; it's the song that got me into Papa Roach. <3 this song forever
I fell in love with papa roach after this song
Best song ever made
Can't stop listening to it!
Love them so much!
Awesome track. First track of papa roach that I heard.
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This song really reminds me of everyday because thats how I feel constantly


This song really means a lot to me because I have had a friend who has gone kind of through the same situation as this song is singing about
This song means so much to me ;(
My scars remind me that the past is real
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3To Be Loved
Its packed with Adrenaline just makes you wanna bang your head on the wall!
Heard from Monday Night Raw. Absolutely favorite one of mine.
YOUR KIDDING RIGHT, song made me addicted this is why you have to listen to papa roach the beat to this song is sick and made me want to listen to this everyday, This song is the reason he is famous, and I will love him because of this song, this defines rock on a whole different term, in this song, he is in a league of his own
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4Hollywood Whore
First time I listened to this song, my jaw dropped! The way the guitar and the vocals blend in together is amazing!
Its an amazing song, they can honestly make a song about anything and it will always sound amazing, and the guitarist was awesome as well in this song!
Should be 2nd like it was last time I check this site. Enough Said P-ROACH 4 EVAH
BEST SONG EVER MADE <3 Got me into this band to start with, for me this is where it all began
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5Getting Away With Murder
I agree sickest track ever can't stop listening to it!
Not having this song at number 1 is like getting away with murder. The vocals are amazing the music is even more awesome and the chorus is all-ending!
The chorus and bridge are the best part and the whispers really convey the desire for secrecy yet somehow the lyrics themselves are begging someone to find out because the narrator knows what he is doing is horrifying. This is the perfect song for Patrick Bateman from American Pyscho. The sentence structure conveys the track of thought falling apart for a psychotic person. The song is both intense and catchy. Vote it up people!
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I have a wide variety of music. Favorites are rock and metal though. Top 10 songs are in past 50 yrs. This is in my top 10. Love it!
So true about my own life, helped me through some hard times
Just plain good music
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7Between Angels and Insects
Last Resort is the most popular song by PR, but BAI is the best, no doubt about it.
Best song from papa roach a must listen
Lyrics are awesome, the whole Infest album was the best from Papa Roach. This song reminds me of a movie "Fight club". You think you owe things, but really things owe you.
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Great song. You can hear the anger in Shaddix's voice. The intro is very nice as well.
This is one of the best by them, the singing & lyrics are really great in here.
This song definitely deserves to be in top 5. I agree that last resort is indeed their best song, but it deserves to at least be in top 5. This song just makes me wanna fight. MMA Style.
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9She Loves Me Not
Definitely my favorite.
Listened to this song so many times!
Gotta love Papa roach!
This song and Last Resort are tied for first in my opinion but this song got me into Papa Roach. Actually, NHL 2003 on the gamecube introduced me to this song haha
Great song.the number one
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10No Matter What
Perfect Love Song
- For The Haters
Makes you think about who you're With and what you've been through
One of the best songs by papa roach I really love this song it reminds me of the girl I love and my besties it gives me hope for tomorrow
This song reminds me how lucky I am to hav a girl, you might feel the same
This is me and my special someone's song. It tells our story. And we absolutely love it
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The Contenders

11Kick In the Teeth
Amazing song! Great lyrics and definitely Papa Roach's best song ever! Last Resort is good but this one need to be bumped up!
Two words... Drop dead! I loved from the first time I listened to it. It should be the first on that list, let's do it...
This is an insane song! The chorus is brilliant, the riffs are divine Definitely deserves a top 10, if not a top 5.
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12Still Swingin
Another Great song guys! ! Lets push it ip the list! KEEP SWINGIN
Amazing song! Plus the lyrics are great too :) everybody vote for this :D and Jacoby's voice in this song sounds very good and pure! Thanks x love papa roach till' death x
Great song With awesome lyrics... Juts Listen to it and you will vote it up!
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This song represents my life like no other does...
The lyrics are awesome!
This is my favourite song... Such expressive lyrics and when Jacoby sings it you can feel the pain in his voice...
And the guitar sounds perfect too ^-^
My absolute favorite P-Roach. Great guitar intro and Jacoby's vocals really soar here. Also depressing lyrics that by the end of the song transform into positive ones.
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14Before I Die
Best song I've heard in a long time, definitely better than half the songs on top 10! So underrated! -. -
Best song by Papa Roach.
This song needs to be in the top 5 without question.
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15Where Did the Angels Go?
Amazing song. This song made me want to listen to more songs of papa roach. Should at least be in the top 15.
How can this be #39? This is one of the most badass songs by Papa Roach! This one should be at least in the top 5
17?!? Come on it at least deserves top 3 this song got me into Papa Roach <3 :3
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amazing song
crash is also a good one
First song I ever herd of theirs but now I'm obsessed with papa roach but, this song is by far one of the best. It rocks. So it is one of the awesomest songs.
This is such a great song... I love the new songs of Papa Roach more than the older... But "Last Resort" is epic.
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17M-80 (Explosive Energy Movement)
EASILY the best and most underrated Papa Roach song, its both heavy and catchy and has the best chorus ever
"I'm strong and fearless
Only 'cause I got rock 'n' roll
Come on! Baby come on! "
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18Take Me
This is one of the Coolest sounding Song Papa Roach has Made!


One of best song of PR ♥!
Listen to sample

This song should be in the top 10! !
Listen to sample

This track is underrated and the best on the infest album
Are you all crazy?
Yeah this song should be the number one into this list
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21Dead Cell
So underrated its got a great combo of rapping and screaming
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22Leader of the Broken Hearts
I see the song is #52. ARE YOU SERIOUS?
Certainly not the best from Papa Roach, but it deserves much more than many up there to be honest.
The song, it's feeling, it's lyrics, it's everything.. Gotta love it all. Don't even know why critics and many people disike this song laugh out loud
This is such an amazing song. The amount of energy and feeling it has; this list has to be updated. This song is just fascinating.
This song is beautiful! It's uplifting and a very relatable song, Leader of the Broken Hearts is a song that I must put on every playlist that I make. Why is it so far down on this list?
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23Not That Beautiful
The only reason this isn't in the top 10 is because people haven't listened to this album. This is the best song on the album BY FAR. In fact its their best song other than Last Resort. Give it a listen. You wont regret it. PROMISE
Come on! This song is so much better than last resort. I can see that this song is going to be an absolutely MASSIVE hit on the radio when it is released as a single, because I just can't stop listening to this song. Its just perfect!
It's a mixture of classic P. Roach and the new sound that rock is getting, this song definitely shows that P. Roach is changing but also still the same rocking P. Roach that they always have been.
One of their best
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24Not Listening
Its exactly how I feel all the time. One of the best songs ever and I didn't even know about it til now THANKS TO THIS SITE! Seriously listen to it, it should be in the top ten AT LEAST! Passion and the raw truth! What more can a song need?
Epic song, it's way too underrated. Go and listen to it when you next have the opportunity, you won't be disappointed.
I just got into it a few weeks ago and I ' love it. For a total nerd like me, it's a nice break out and f-the-world song during the 15-minute bus ride to school.
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This is really the most original and different P-Roach song. It's really heavy, and the rapping done by Jacoby adds true emotion to the song. Also Snakes is pretty similar, but this one stands out!
I miss the good old school Papa roach with that rough edge. This song is probably the most underrated on the album
"Good old school Papa Roach. One of their most underrated songs. "
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26Singular Indestructible Droid Listen to sample

27Time Is Running Out
... This song rocks every time I hear it... I'm listening to it right now! Papa roach rules!
So underrated, one of my favourite songs of all time
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28Broken Home
How the hell is this not in the top ten?!? The lyrics are amazing. The rapping and screaming are perfect. The music is amazing.
Should be nr 1 or 2 because it's the only P.R. song besides Hollywood whore what I like..
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29Do or Die Listen to sample

30As Far As I Remember
I love this song I love all P roach's songs but this one hits me in that spot.
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31Walking Dead Listen to sample

32One Track Mind
Those of you who have not heard this song should really try to listen to it at their first opportunity because it is just too good to listen to while doing anything! and those who have listened to it are probably wondering why this isn't in the top 10!


No comment necessary. Just a great song
Great song, full of energy.
Deserve at least top 3.
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33Blood Brothers
Top song. Got me into the band
Definitely, their best song!
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34Code of Energy Listen to sample

Itzz the best songs... How the hell is it on 40..
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36I Almost Told You That I Loved You
Great old fashioned grunge riff going on. good work.
This should be apart of the top 10
Best Song EVER, can't play this on low volume in my car!
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379th Life
Very good song. Makes you want to replay it over and over, but hard to find on iTunes or with my luck can't find at all.
Best song on their new album. Shouldn't be this far down the list.

38My Heart Is a Fist
The chorus is just amazing.
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One of their best track!
I wonder why it didn't came as a single :/

40Silence Is the Enemy
This should be into the 15 top songs of papa roach are amazing sound and efects
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41Born With Nothing, Die With Everything Listen to sample

42Stop Looking Listen to sample

43Won't Let Up
Amazing song very powerful lyrics
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44Give Me Back My Life
Classic song! So better than last resort and also better than m-80 explosive and better than scars to... Its lyrics and the way they have structured the song with extremely catchy choruses, and jacoby shaddix's screams make this song perfect for rock lovers!... And I think it should be in their top 20 at least!
My favorite song from the album. Should be much higher.
A nice song. Better than last resort (in my opinion:-)).
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45Gouge Away Listen to sample

46Never Enough Listen to sample

47Had Enough
I love all PRoach songs because they're all so meaningful
And I think Lifeline and Had Enough have the two best and most meaningful lyrics of all. Just love this songs

"In my head there is a riot
To change the world, no one dies
The time has come for us to fight it
You can't refuse the war inside"
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Theme song to the tv show SCARRED! COME ON COME ON COME ON!


Listen to sample

49Thrown Away Listen to sample

50Nights of Love
com on this song is awesome why is this song so low every thing about this song is good if not perfect what underrated
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51Set Me Off

52Blood (Empty Promises) Listen to sample

53Time and Time Again
What :O 47?!
well, its not their best song, but the chorus is absolutely AWESOME!
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54Never Said It
Best bonus track ever!
Listen to sample

55Live This Down Listen to sample

56What Do You Do? Listen to sample

57The World Around You
Great song amazing guitar riffs give it a listen
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58Into the Light Listen to sample

59The Fire Listen to sample

60Wish You Never Met Me Listen to sample

This is one of Papa Roach's most underrated songs. It's one of the calmer tracks from Infest but it still has the raw energy that's prevalent on the entire record.
"Amazing song that is close to the heart for a lot of people. "
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62Carry Me Listen to sample

63State of Emergency Listen to sample

64I Devise My Own Demise Listen to sample

65Legacy Listen to sample

First time I found this was on a DotA video, and it was very EPIC! 'm wondering why no one has voted for it although it's the best.
Fantastic song! When I got into Papa Roach and picked up The Paramour Sessions this was one of the songs I listened to once and remembered immediately! In my opinion it has one of PR's most cathy choruses ever.


First Papa Roach song
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67Walking Thru Barbed Wire Listen to sample


69Life Is a Bullet Listen to sample

70Just Go (Never Look Back)
How the F.U.C. K isn't this on the list!?
Listen to sample

71Days of War Listen to sample

72Even If I Could
The Avengers? This was my favorite song from that soundtrack.
Listen to sample

73Roses On My Grave Listen to sample

74Naked In Front of the Computer

75Liquid Diet

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