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21 Dead Cell Dead Cell

Really? Amazing song Jacoby's rapping and screams is kickass... Least should be top ten.
Legendry and really awesome song. Dead Cell is headbanging. Papa Roach, song, rap, scream kick ass...

What this song so low? Really amazing and a "Masterpiece"! Best song of PR and my favorite song ever.

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22 Infest Infest

This track is underrated and the best on the infest album

Yeah this song should be the number one into this list

I thing you all of you crazy you all listen bad song

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23 Broken Home Broken Home

How the hell is this not in the top ten?!? The lyrics are amazing. The rapping and screaming are perfect. The music is amazing.

What a song best song by papa roach

Should be nr 1 or 2 because it's the only P.R. song besides Hollywood whore what I like..

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24 Not Listening Not Listening

Its exactly how I feel all the time. One of the best songs ever and I didn't even know about it til now THANKS TO THIS SITE! Seriously listen to it, it should be in the top ten AT LEAST! Passion and the raw truth! What more can a song need?

Epic song, it's way too underrated. Go and listen to it when you next have the opportunity, you won't be disappointed.

One of the 30 best songs :) papa roach have too much good songs :0

My friend not listen to me for playing I try to call him he not listening nice song

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25 Face Everything and Rise Face Everything and Rise

Very uplifting, heavy, has a catchy chorus, great song - RustyNail

This is not their best but it deserves to be higher


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26 M-80 (Explosive Energy Movement) M-80 (Explosive Energy Movement)

EASILY the best and most underrated Papa Roach song, its both heavy and catchy and has the best chorus ever
"I'm strong and fearless
Only 'cause I got rock 'n' roll
Come on! Baby come on! "

No doubt their most under rated song. Brilliant! Edgy! And a great running song

I like to band at school I cover this song and sing at school everyone happy

27 Broken As Me Broken As Me

WHY IS THIS SONG SO FAR DOWN?! It deserves to be farther up than 49! I loved this song from the first time I listened to it and now I can't stop listening to it, it's really just amazing!

28 Snakes Snakes V 2 Comments
29 I Almost Told You That I Loved You I Almost Told You That I Loved You

Best Song EVER, can't play this on low volume in my car!

Way too low on this list...this song is EPIC!

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30 Time Is Running Out Time Is Running Out

... This song rocks every time I hear it... I'm listening to it right now! Papa roach rules!

Excellent Chorus and riff throughout! It has something special.

So underrated, one of my favourite songs of all time

I'm quite upset that this song isn't at least top 15

31 Give Me Back My Life Give Me Back My Life

Classic song! So better than last resort and also better than m-80 explosive and better than scars to... Its lyrics and the way they have structured the song with extremely catchy choruses, and jacoby shaddix's screams make this song perfect for rock lovers!... And I think it should be in their top 20 at least!

My favorite song from the album. Should be much higher.

A nice song. Better than last resort (in my opinion:-)).

32 Thrown Away Thrown Away V 2 Comments
33 Crash Crash

First time I found this was on a DotA video, and it was very EPIC! 'm wondering why no one has voted for it although it's the best.

Fantastic song! When I got into Papa Roach and picked up The Paramour Sessions this was one of the songs I listened to once and remembered immediately! In my opinion it has one of PR's most cathy choruses ever. - GreenDayFAN008

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34 Walking Dead Walking Dead

Obviously it sounds pretty cool and its from the Album The Connection. I'm recommending it.

35 Enemy Enemy

It so nice song it because knight team enemies are racer and dangerous in the world I want to hide from I song for me

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36 Revenge Revenge

I miss the good old school Papa roach with that rough edge. This song is probably the most underrated on the album

"Good old school Papa Roach. One of their most underrated songs. "

This is really the most original and different P-Roach song. It's really heavy, and the rapping done by Jacoby adds true emotion to the song. Also Snakes is pretty similar, but this one stands out!

37 Blood Brothers Blood Brothers

How this is not in the top 10 is beyond me

Why only 50?!?!?! One of the best songs from Papa Roach :'(

This song deserves to be in the top 5!
It was even in a Jet Li movie for crying out loud!

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38 9th Life

The verses really rev me up for the wonderful payoff that is the chorus. This would be a perfect song for a zombie apocalypse. I think the bridge/breakdown kinda ruined the pacing but other than that I think this is an underrated gem.

Very good song. Makes you want to replay it over and over, but hard to find on iTunes or with my luck can't find at all.

Best song on their new album. Shouldn't be this far down the list.

39 One Track Mind One Track Mind

Those of you who have not heard this song should really try to listen to it at their first opportunity because it is just too good to listen to while doing anything! and those who have listened to it are probably wondering why this isn't in the top 10! - dharker1992

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40 Skeletons Skeletons
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