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Mara Clara
Recently, this epic drama series has a remake and is now airing in ABS-CBN's Primetime bida.


Its the best drama ever! Its so touching and very educative
Nothing could beat this epic series of Philippine television. Aired for 5 years and both main characters are already big.


[Newest]Awesome can just watch it a 10000 times

2Pangako Sa'Yo
Unforgettable love story can't forget, has a very good moral value...
its amazing how two well being could love that deeply, it really shows that a promise is a promise not to be broken.
The entire casting is exquisite. The story itself is so captivating! Love, family, values and the like mirrors the true attributes and culture of Filipinos which are indeed very evident in the story.
PSY is no doubt the best Filipino drama of all time, the best ensemble cast ever and Jericho Rosales is the best actor of his generation.
[Newest]The best drama show ever

3Tayong Dalawa
It's a hit! I loved the story. From all the shows I'd watch, this is the best. The plot was amazing yet with brilliant acting. This is one of the best drama series I'll never forget.
Tayong Dalawa is the Most Proudable Philippine T.V. series for me because the plot is unpredictable, exciting, intriguing and intelligent. The actors and actresses are effective in their portrayed roles. It is certified international and loveable by all people in the world...
[Newest]I keep on repeating this drama... Can't get tired of it. Its really hot

4Be Careful With My Heart
Really inspired by the good values of this show. Whatever scenario in life, always count on each other and be positive the life will give the best for you... To the show and management, many thanks for the inspirations that you have gave all of us..
It has to stay forever since it is the first T.V. drama in the Philippines without violence.
[Newest]The question is why it ended at the wedding here in Nigeria and its completed in other countries, please where can I get the complete version

5Mula Sa Puso
An unforgetable series... Who can forget the great Via and Selina?
I love this drama so much!


6Sana Maulit Muli
SANA MAULIT MULI is the best Drama I'd watched in The Philippines, it is a good story about love and mystery. I could never forget this teleserye, it will always remain in my heart and mind. >>>KIMERALD<<<
There's something in this that gives you that goose bumps every time your watching it.
- best story. mystery and Love..

7Bituing Walang Ningning
Simply THE BEST! The STORY was GREAT.. The lead star Sarah G. Was AMAZING.. And this is the only teleserye who participated by the viewers at the end of the SHOW.. The GRAND SHOWDOWN of Dorina & Lavinia in ARANETA...
Sarah Geronimo and Angelica Dela Cruz


The story was very nice. the actors and actresses were very excellence especially my little angles faith and mercy, you guys were the best in acting. I LOVE THE MOVIE SO MUCH THANKS

8Got to Believe
The cutest, innocent yet romantic show ever! For all ages, my best couple choice, Daniel Padilla and Kathryn bernado! A must must watch, all the characters are lovable, the show isn't like the repetitive teleserye plot, it changes and develops so much. Try it!

9Ina, Kapatid, Anak
Am a Nigerian I just finish watching this drama kudos to all cast and characters especially the two families and the 4 friends Kim, Maja, Xian and Enchong, also to all others that I can't remember their names Nice movie
It is very good! This let me know that you shall love your sisters even it is not your true sister. Thankss for making this dramaserye
Kim and maja did a very good job with this series and entire crew was amazing
They did superb

10Maging Sino Ka Man
Bea Alonso and John Lloyd Cruz


Making sino ka man
This is my favorite
cause it is so interesting

The Contenders

11Princess and I

12Muling Buksan Ang Puso

13Hanggang Sa Dulo Ng Walang Hanggan
The story is great! I love the actors and actress in this drama
This was the good one I saw
For it is best movie in the phillipine

14Ikaw Lamang

15Pure Love
I love Pure Love!

16Walang Hanggan
I like very much the movie, I do not like to miss it even one episode also I love all the actors
This is my BEST movie! I just can't believe it its in the 14th rank! I just LOVE coco martin
I love it with all my heart.

17The Legal Wife
The legal wife number 1
Legal wife is the best ever
Angel locsin is the best

18My Binondo Girl
Where can I get complete copies of this telesere

19Bastat Kasama Kita
Binoy and juday one of the best team up ever in philippine T.V. history

It's a story of hope... That's why I really love this drama... This was one of the best series judy ann santos made... Because of this series she was touted as the philippine young superstar
Very memorable drama.. With charo santos
I love this teleserye because asides from that its has agood moral and good story, also judy ann did a great job on this telelesrye, love it

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