Alpha Kappa Rho


Fraternities?.. Its a nerve cracking... That was my perception when I was in high school.. But when I went to college I start realizing that I am wrong in my perception because the way I observe and look at around most of my classmates, friends and school mates were happy and enjoyed sharing their momentous happenings..
Most often they mentioned their fraternity, but since I am not interested in joining it they don't take efforts to invite me..

Until one day a bundles of young looking men and ladies sitting under a big acacia tree besides our university stage sharing their vision to each other and I'm so glad one of them is my old long lost friend.. And he called me up to joint their rank... I joined them, although I am new in the group but they treat me as their old buddy.. And I found comfortable with them so I started sharing also my own perception.. With out knowing that they are a frat members.. So I feel unease upon knowing that they are members of fraternity but my ...more

Being a Skeptron defines various meanings. We are often the most misused, abuse and misunderstood of other fraternities. Yet, we're always under attack from many quarters of the Greek-lettered fraternities. From the extreme right, comes the scathing charge that Skeptrons are visionary, utopia, impractical,
dreamers, and without good common sense. From the extreme left, comes
the accusation that Sk... Eptrons are vacillating, incapable of action, weak, full of doubts, compromisers, and insincere. Skeptrons are proud of their enemies.

Despite all the bitter accusations made against our beloved fraternity; for hurling the bitterest epithest against us, have slandered and denounced us, have ridiculed and lied about us, still Skeptrons exist and flourish throughout the globe.

The Skeptron identity is a fusion of two extremes. We can much on fishballs along a filthty side street while on the way to a five-star hotel to attend a black-a-tie affair. We can easily relate ...more

This FRATERNITY [ALPHA KAPPA RHO] is great than it can change lives not only by her members but also to the community. As what we can see now a days, the fraternity ALPHA KAPPA RHO made both long time and short time humanitarian projects to the community. And to mention some, these are; Pen and paper projects, feed the hungry projects, give a toy projects, clean up drive projects, blood letting projects, donating arm chairs to some selected public schools, build a home projects (partner with PILIPINAS NATIN & GAWAD KALINGA [cagayan de oro]) and many more. These projects were not only seen in the PHILIPPINES but WORLDWIDE!
As with this we the members of ALPHA KAPPA RHO has preamble that we must be;

A - live we shall keep the burning fire of our brotherhood

L - ove shall be our strength

P - ower we shall posses

H - onor we shall give to our fraternity

A - llegiance we pledge

K - eep and preserve the good name of Alpha Kappa Rho

A - ...more

Alpha kappa rho is a well organized if not the best fraternity in the philippines,.. Before I became a member,. Its very rare that I hear bad new about Alpha Kappa Rho,. They are very helpful in the community,.. Build basketball courts, host a community feeding,.. Every single kid they see in the streets. Every good thing they do,. They don't brag. That's why I'm proud to be a member of this Frat,. I may not know all the things needed to prove that I a member of this Fruitful Organization. ,. But in my heart,. I will forever be a Skeptron. Keep the fire burning! Long Live A.K.P.!

I vote AKP not because I'm a skeptron it's because AKP is the fraternity that has a good hearted to served people with good quality service and not just quantity like other fraternities in the PH. Other fraternities says that they are the best fraternities because their to many and strong but if you see the point the best fraternity is the fraternity who is serves with full pledge without anything to return and give HUMANITARIAN SERVICE and that is ALPHA KAPPA RHO. KEEP THE FIRE BURNING.

May we always be Humane and Humble for what our Beloved Organization done in our community.. Helping Indigent, creating good leaders for our future...
The one and only Organization serve to humanity... Being a Skeptron is the best thing happen in my life.. AKRHO serve to all, without hesitation.. I learn how to become a good fratman when I join this organization.. I believe the TRUTH will CONQUER EVERYTHING.. "VINCIT OMNIA VERITAS"



Love and Serve God, Country, Family, School and Community...

Truth Conquers All!..

As base foundation to Love and Serve God will be enough to know that we are the breed of brotherhood set to Stand for what is Right for the goodwill unto man... Striving, Always giving its best to use the Power of Knowledge in Seeking and Giving for what is Right and True... The Rule which a man should be.. Truth Conquers All!

Let our Fraternities Race in Good Virtue and Touch human life with passion, love and knowledge as God wants us to be... We may now in different group or organization, but surely to One God all our returning...


An organization who believe in humanity, create a strong bridge between man and women throughout the globe without discrimination. I vote Alpha Kappa Rho for all their activities which helps indigent, for all their humanitarian services, creating good leader. Its been their 38 year of service, how much more if another 38 year, we cannot tell for they can be in that year.. As long as they continue their good purpose.. I'm not a member of Alpha Kappa Rho but someday I will become a Skeptron to be good leader.

To us all Skeptrons may we never get tired of giving our hearts to each one and to the rest of mankind¦¦let us not give up doing what is good and of service to God and our country¦..

Glory and Honor we owe to ALPHA KAPPA RHO!

Glory and Honor we owe to our GOD and our COUNTRY!

Let's capture and seize the moment.. Let's keep the fire burning¦

"The Skeptron Mission is to offer the best fraternal experience, focusing on personal character development through leadership, scholarship, community service, and for the attainment of positive social experiences. It likewise works for the advancement of true fraternal ties imbued with respect, courtesy, understanding, and love among fellow Skeptrons"

"Our vision is for the advancement of a just and humane society, always seeking the truth, enjoyment of peace, harmony and goodwill with other fraternities"

"One Strength, One Family, One Solid Fraternity..
Be the Best among the rest.

Its not the organization who trains the future leader but its you yourself..
I vote my beloved fraternity ALPHA KAPPA RHO because I believe that the power of a leader belongs here...

And I also believe that ALPHA KAPPA RHO is the heart of the home of the obedience, respectful and a loyal members and soon to be the leaders of the society...


Long Live! Mabuhay... I SURVIVE 1973, media campaign of every generation SKEPTRON. It is to emphasize VERITAS. Truth of what the AKRHO stands now in the public figure. We are part, we are humanitarian fraternity that exist stronger in every community service we had.

We are brothers behind borders of Mindanao and all over Philippines, internationally as well. Behind every tribes we exist to create so called core of great SKEPTRON BROTHERHOOD that no every fraternity give.


Long live 2 all skeptron, alpha kappa rho the most intellectual and has a creativeness by creating from name and up to logo, their idea and uniqueness from building a good and strong brotherhood and practicing humanitarian by serving other people this are the quality of the best fraternity so that I choose ALPHA KAPPA RHO as a no. 1 fraternity not only in this country but in the whole world. The truth conquers all long live ALPHA KAPPA RHO.

Alpha Kappa Rho Fraternity and Sorority has always been number 1 in all aspects of fraternity standards, may it be popularity, population, dedication to their cause, support as well as public service, I now pose the challenge to the those that question that feat... Fraternity simply means Brotherhood and that is what Alpha Kappa Rho has been demonstrating in words and in deeds, domestic and international as can be noted in our international presence... Long Live Alpha Kappa Rho m/_

Kappa omega" Fraternity is truly a worthy organization of brothers/sisters true to their words, actions and ideals, bonded together as a family and promoting peace, goodwill and friendship wherever they are locally or globally. This is a brotherhood/sisterhood not just by name but by the way we live =K=Knowledge we share with others and E=Equality among men/women.
JoeL Domingo, CLSU KE Batch79, Melbourne, Australia.

AS WHAT IS OUR ORGANIZATION [ALPHA KAPPA RHO] SAY'S "IT IS NOT WHAT YOU KNOW, IT IS WHAT YOU DO WITH WHAT YOU KNOW. " We, together with my fellow skeptron's is not only through the learning's we gain from our family, religion, schools and from ALPHA KAPPA RHO. Instead we used these gained learning's through actions where we can see physical result. THIS IS WHAT ALPHA KAPPA RHO is! COMMUNITY SERVICE! With this I can HUMBLY say that WE can be the start of GOOD CHANGE in this nation and so through out the world

What's the big deal if we're number 58 on this list? This is not an official website for the surveys of the fraternities, and how did they come up with this? Did they ask people from luzon, visayas and mindanao about the fraternities? Hell No! The one who made this list is just an insecure member of one of the fraternities listed here, wanting that their fraternity will become superior and that's 100 percent impossible, because the Philippines itself knows that ALPHA KAPPA RHO is NUMBER 1. LONG LIVE SKEPTRONS! - AKP-CEBU.

I don't wanna sat anything or something... lets just wait and see, who will gonna be the best among the rest... please vote wisely, but I know its depend on what fraternity/sorority you belong... and of course, for me, my number 1 an only one ALPHA KAPPA RHO_1973... LONG LIVE ALL SKEPTRONS... LONG LIVE A. K. P... LONG LIVE AKRHO... LONG LIVE ALPHA KAPPA RHO... <PHUA OF DASMA CITY, CAVITE>

I believe akp is the best brotherhood not because I am one of them but because the unity not only in our country but also the brothers ans sisters outside the country.. We are one very big family and the cohesiveness of the group is the solid ground that is why to this very day it is still one the greatest.. And because it is led by God who the head of the brotherhood that inspires us to serve... We are all leaders.. As Jesus said who ever wants to be first or the leader must be the servant.. AKP is the best

I am a member of Alpha Kappa Rho.. The one who encourage me to join the fraternity is a member of Tau Gamma Phi.. Try to think of it.. Why would a member of Tau Gamma Phi encourage me to join his rival fraternity.. That only says that even him can say that Alpha Kappa Rho is the best Fraternity not only here in the phil.. But around the world.

Alpha Kappa Rho AKRHO as we used all to know about the Skeptron fratmen who are dependent and willing to do the task of a Great Frat men to here Country, Family, School, God And Likewise it's Fraternity we are a honor member's of this Organization who Stand by One Principle's Act as One To uphold our Right's we depend to our Organization to promote a good will being a product of good Society we will be, We born We live we die as a Great Skeptron"s Lone Live Alpha Kappa Rho...

I'm proud to be one of the skeptron... Never quit, never surrender... Long live alpha kappa rho..19akp73.. Japro..
Godblesto all skeptrons, be proud to be a skeptron..
Brod and sis we been drive our selves for years, we must make our lives truhtful...
Love alpha kappa rho, we live to be skeptron we die a skeptron...
Vincit omnia veritas...
Always keep peace for skeptron,

There's a lesson that I have learned in one of the leadership trainings I attended before. It says " others wont bring you down unless you're on top"... That's what we the SKEPTRONS are, we are on TOP... Even if we don't shout and flaunt it, it shows...

We may be outnumbered, but we will never be outfought! LONG LIVE AKRHO!

Alpha kappa rho... My dear fraternity... Long live 2 all bro and sis most of all the GOD, FAMILY, SCHOOL.. Alpha kappa rho grand fraternity make a wonderful memory of all time,.. We do as one body, as long as were many we leave as an remarkable name AS A GREAT SKEPTRON of all time.. LONG LIVE AKP CHAPTER, COUNCIL.. This is the best fraternity of me..

May Not This List be the Reason why we can't achieve anything. As a matter of fact we Have already achieved so much in so little time. Let now Be The Time they Recognize the true Power of the Skeptrons Let them Feel Tremendous Aura we so Exude! Let us Empower Everyone not only our Fellow Skeptrons but also The World! Long Live The Alpha Kappa Rho. Stand by our Principles! And Let the 13 Doctrines be the Guiding light to all our Endeavors in Life. Keep The Burning Fire of Skeptron, Alive! The Culture of The Skeptron, Must Go on! Vincit Omnia Veritas! Truth Conquers All!