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Alpha Phi Epsilon


We SERVE and LEAD the ALPHA PHI EPSILON way! APE forever!
alpha phi epsilon is an inter collegiate service fraternity and sorority, to promote sisterhood and brotherhood lifetime relationship. We are maintaining an excellent quality not the quantity. Serving the community is our willingness. Long live APEANS! IM PROUD TO BE ONE.. SIGMA OMICRON CHAPTER, MINDANAO STATE UNIVERSITY, GENERAL SANTOS CITY
Long live Alpha Phi Epsilon; Truly proud to be Epsilonian! The willingness to serve is authentic... The fraternity and the sorority will help you to prepare for the challenges of the future as community leader and Managers of the managers! Alpha Lamda Chapter Central Luzon State University (Pioneering Batch)
In the long run we shape our lives and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility. We the Alpha Phi Epsilon Bantayan Island Chi Mu Chapter willing to serve never expect a return. GBUs Alpha Phe Epsilon 1961 and Advance Golden Anniversary===
we never imagine that we reach this far, its our golden years moments sharing our love, laugh, bonding and happiest moments, integrity, brotherhood, and sisterhood, for better or worst, thats what we are... WE ARE IN THE PLANETS OF THE APES.. and more apes will rise in the futute.. LONG LIVE!
. . . Being an AΦEans is truly amazing. We don't have an intention to rule. We want tu serve. "if GOD is thy father, man is thy brother". We are proud of being an AΦEans!
. . . Thy/the will to serve!

Rock n' Roll!

Paulded666 EPSILON MU (USJ-R Chapter Cebu)
Here are the planet of the APEs blood of being an EPSILONIAN is the best among the rest. THY WILL TO SERVE to anyone who needs and we serve sincerely without expecting any returns. The real brotherhood and sisterhood is in our heart. We UNITED as one under GOD. We do turns daily ALPHA PHI EPSILON. We are not claiming as number 1 but we belong on the very best.
The greatest and the best... Long live Alpha Phi Epsilon... The will to serve... Central Luzon State University ( alpha lambda ) chapter, Munoz city, Nueva Ecija...
Be proud to be an APEan... the best and greatest fraternity... Long live Alpha Phi Epsilon... the will to serve... Central Luzon State University ( alpha lambda ) chapter, Munoz city, Nueva Eciija...
Thy Will To Serve... Our motto. Expressed not only in words but in deeds. Famously known as the Epsilonians. A group who doesn't aim to be No.1 in popularity but simply goes on and moves on with services to all mankind.
We are here to change the image of fraternity. We do not intent to rule but for service is our priority, we do not make noise we deliver it by helping people. LONG LIVE ALPHA PHI EPSILON! -Pi Sigma Lambda chapter.
well... I'm a Monkey.. Long Live Ape HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Alpha Rho Chapter IloILO City
Alpha Phi Epsilon is willing to serve any time to god, to community, to our country and our brothers and sisters. We treat my brothers and sisters as real brothers and sisters in one family in Alpha Phi Epsilon...
The/Thy will to serve! APE for ever I'll till I die..
I cannot lead you into battle. I do not give you laws or administer justice but I can do something else - I can give my heart and my devotion to these old islands and to all the peoples of our brotherhood of ALPHA PHI EPSILON...19APE 4EVER61
Be the BEST APE you can be... Long Live ALPHA PHI EPSILON! We from Sindangan Chapter in Sindangan Zamboanga del norte will always be and loyal to our beloved fraternity...
here in this humble fraternity/sorority I became a leader, develop myself in helping others.. standing proud.. "pi sigma lambda chapter" family of the free.
Thy will to serve alpha phi epsilon... Do a good turn daily!... We are ape'ans-epsilonians..

Together we stand, united we fall, together we climb to the top 10 fraternities of the world...
Once an APEan, always and forever an APEan... long live Alpha Phi Epsilon... Central Luzon State University ( Alpha Lambda ) chapter, munoz, Nueva Ecija!
Ape forever! The best fraternity and sorrority... alpha lambda chapter... Clsu
Colors fade, temple crumble, stars of sky falls, earthquake shaking, tidal wave attacks... But, ALPHA PHI EPSILON will stand forever and never ENDS... From omega theta chapter University of Mindanao Davao City...
More service... Gain leadership! The philantrophy remains in the blood of every APEANS.. Strengthening service to others and to our country is like strengthening oneself! Long live Alpha Phi Epsilon forever!
We (the APE's) are united as one... We serve UNITED, live UNITED, And die UNITED.. WE belong to the one of the BEST fraternities but we are different from others. WE are KNOWNED for DOING GOOD TURNS DAILY and the best of all, "THY WILL TO SERVE"..
-SIGMA MU chapter Cebu City
apeans rock here in iloilo city..

hi to all my brod. and sis proud 2 be apeans.
Let us be united as brothers and sisters... All apeans-epsilonians please. Support our beloved group... Let's make change and share to them we are different from others for them to understand whats the real meaning of FRATERNITY,.. THY WILL TO SERVE
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