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81189 Sigma Lambda Nu
82Kappa Omega Phi

I never quite even I die for it... Long live KATHAROSIAN... We rest but never die,1920

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83Lambda Eta
84Adamas Phi Sigma

I vote ADAMAS PHI SIGMA because some of my cousin are member!

85Big Water Royale
86Food Not Bombs

We rest but never die... Long live KATHAROSIAN 19KOP20

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88Delta Sigma Fraternity (I975)
89Beta Sigma Lambda

The Most Honorable House of the Beta Sigma Lambda. Branded as the Brotherhood of Scholars and Leaders established in November 1946 as an Exclusive Law Fraternity, it has now grown to a total of thirteen (13) chapters on a Nationwide scale. The brotherhood from the far up north to the deep down south takes pride in its rich history of honor, respect and integrity which bring together the brotherhood with bonds of blood and steel.


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90Delta Yu Omega Phi Sigma - Order of the Knights of Saint John
91Pi Omicron Fraternity

Pi Omicron Fraternity.. Push Onward Philippines... A fraternity of brotherhood of men with no boundaries, no regionalism, no discrimination.. No seniority... College based fraternity. We may not be brothers by blood but our brotherhood is thicker than blood. Looking onwards to our 50th founding anniversary on 2013.

πo proud to be one of the Son's of Loyalty.. To God.. To Country.. And to the Pi Omicron Fraternity. Push Onward Carry On Carry On! - LCBA Chapter

Push onward! Brothers and sister, Pi Omicron Fraternity and Delta Pi Omicron Sorority Bicol University College of Agriculture and Forestry Chapter, keep MOVING ON.


Pi Omicron Fraternity and Sorority forever! Loyal to God and Country and to the Pi Omicron fraternity!

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92Rivulet Sigma Omega Beta

" I will born rivano and I will die rivano " long live RIVANS!

1. Rivans Believe in God

I believe in God, up to the extent of applying His Divine Providence, truth and order to mankind. The thing I do and will do should be and have purpose of Love and Friendship which the divine graces have granted us.

2. Rivans are brothers and sisters

Realizing that the enduring happiness come only through helping others, find it that no act of kindness is without its rewards, even though it may never be directly repaid, I will do my best to assist others so that the opportunity appears.

3. Rivans fight for the right

I claim that the truth will always come out. Therefore I will always see to it that my human rights, in all extent, must be respected and respect other's privilege of human existence. - dodongreljun

The Rivans Society is guided by the belief of sane ethical and responsible organization which under the new society is committed to the supreme objective of developing a happy, progressive and reputable life. By this, we mean that rendering service to our fellowmen becomes a pleasure to us. We assist the youth in instilling and strengthening the moral values that our forefathers possess in the past, so in this manner, we shall provide a worthy example for his successor to emulate in the years to come. We do not aim for supremacy, the spirit of unity is what you'll get to witness among us. It's what really matters...

Long live RIVANS! "We may fall one by one but united we'll stand"



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93Beta Sigma Upsilon Sigma


let there be PEACE on earth
to have UNITY as a whole
and JUSTICE for those who mourn
so that SOLIDARITY will be upon us.

the true essence of botherhood and sisterhood
is in the heart and mind of everybody
so its better to deserve honor
for the organization that will lead us

to all certified BETAUPSIAN member
dignity and face the enemies
don't let anyone divide us all
and learn to stand on your own feet

troubles, problems, tears and fears
the brave and mighty BETAUPSIANs
were ready for those challenges
knowing that GOD, will depend us...

to the BETAUPSIAN... Fight
to the BASILISKAN... Fight
for all of us... Long live
lets shout and be proud

We the members of Beta Sigma Upsilon Sigma International Collegiate Service Fraternity and Sorority, imploring the aid of the divine providence, determined to an organization to foster unity, solidarity, brotherhood and sisterhood; social relationship and cooperative endeavor among the students and youth throughout the country and world; to establish an organization; to uphold the principles and practice of equality, liberty, honesty, peace, unity, justice, love and integrity: by promoting general welfare and academic goals through active participation of school activities; and to conserve and develop our commitment and service to the community; and secure to ourselves and to our posterity the blessings of independent, democratic and honor organization have resolve to combined our efforts to accomplish this end.

Betaupsian is a brotherhood of men who forge a lifetime bond. Once you become a Betaupsian, you will always and forever be a Betaupsian. As for me the organization represents a lifetime brotherhood... Long live mga kapatid... (ABYSS - C MAGIC 1998)

We exist without noise.

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94Ambassadors - Alpha Sigma Rho

The Ambassadors Alpha Sigma Rho promote the paramount moral principles of brotherhood & sisterhood, guiding youth to reach their full potential, , advocate community service and be a channel of solidarity in the society.

I'm very proud to be a member of Alpha Sigma Rho forever and ever amen...

Long live ambassadors.. ALPHA SIGMA RHO.

I'm proud of alpha sigma rho,

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95Adu Triskelion Syndicate

We are proud to be Syndicate of Triskelion. VIVA SINDIKATO! We Live to syndicate. ARRIBA!

Meet The Lord high! In this syndicate there's no space for good guys... Be Bad in Good way! )

Ariba sindikato! Chapters to other universities will rise soon!


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96Gamma Lambda Omega

Ready for all things, therefore I exist to be Gammans Forever More Power Gamma Lambda Omega F/S

Khit nu mangyari at pang ilan kmi I love gamma lambda omega fraternity and sorority forever and ever

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97Beta Sigma Omega Phi

It's not about the fame, the bond, the number of members, or even being the best org. Group, its about attitude that makes you who you are while you are in a group. This what matters most in a fraternity. Happiness is truly great if all of the members are grateful to ourselves and grateful to what we will be contributed in the society for the future benefits of everybody... Hope we will agree on this... Long live beta sigma omega phi.. I see good hearts in you..

Greater and Grateful at BETANS 1968
I Do Foster To BETANS Lifetime Brotherhood and Sisterhood
No One Can Destroy The Power Of BETANS 1968 Because Fraternities is Nothing Without Beta Sigma Omega Phi

One of the best organizations and deserving to be in top 20, long live Betans 1968 lets continue our loyalty to our org and be a good member to our society or country. We should always productive as the way we have been doing from the past and be an example.

I do foster life time brotherhood & sisterhood

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Preserve yourself brawn brain and blood.

Cap S. From bicol region


Happy 45 years of supremacy TAU GAMMA PHI!
Long live Brods and Sis!

- Triskelion de Mindanao

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99Genuine Ilocano

One for all, all for one, we fall for all, we stand for all.. Long live genuine ilocano

Molding young men and women to be leaders and responsible citizens through Ilocano values and traditions.

A legit organization with Securities and Exchange Commission regisatration number 11888.

I love genuine ilocano

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100Sigma Omega Beta

D best...brotherhood and sisterhood ever. And I'm proud that I became part of ths family.

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