Top Ten Quartebacks of the 2000s

These are my thoughts of who are the best quarterebacks in the decade and I based by skills, determination, wins, and all out heart.

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1Tom Brady - New England PatriotsThomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr., is an American football quarterback for the New England Patriots of the National Football League.

Another comeback king with a great arm and he is very dangerous when the game is on the line and his team needs a score to win... I.Q. is off the record books. 3 rings don't hurt either...

2Peyton Manning - Indianapolis ColtsPeyton Williams Manning is a former American football quarterback who played 18 seasons in the National Football League.

A comeback King and had a great arm... Tremendously accurate and football i.q. is like no other... accurate, a winner, Strong arm knows how to win...

Peyton was the whole entire team when he was gone they went 2-14 when brady was gone his team went 11-5

3Brett Favre - Minnesota Vikings, New York Jets, Green Bay Packers

One of the greatest to ever play the game... Very great arm and you have to drag him off before he misses a game... This guy has played his entire career banged up thats got to count for something... and he has some ice too...

4Ben Rothlisberger - Pittsburgh Steelers

Born winner and was one of the strongest quarterbacks to play the game... He is a winner two super bowl rings and this guy haven't been in the league over 8 years... He does the little things that makes this team wins...

Besides his minor problems outside of football he is a game changer and incredible talent people need to not only look at what he's dome so far but has much more time to become even more of a hall of famer

5Kurt Warner - Arizona Cardinals, St Louis RamsKurtis Eugene "Kurt" Warner is a former American football quarterback, a current part-time TV football analyst, and a philanthropist.

Very accurate but I think I'm giving him to much credit by putting him up here so high because out of all the quarterbacks he's had the best supporting cast around him... 1 Ring almost had two but that darn Big Ben...

6Eli Manning - New York GiantsElisha Nelson "Eli" Manning, is an American football quarterback for the New York Giants of the National Football League.

He is one of the most underated qbs in the nfl has a great arm.. He doesn't have the talent around him like His brother peyton with Reggie and Dallas but some how he gets it done and it didn't take him long to when his first championship either like it did for big brother Peyton... He plays under a lot of pressure because people wants him to be like peyton but he is a Manning just ask Tom Brady and the 2008 Patriots...

Franchise qb with a super bowl ring. You can't argue with rings unless you are trent dilfer. A little inconsistent. Always has a good running game.

7Drew Brees - New Orleans Saints, San Diego ChargersDrew Christopher Brees is an American football quarterback for the New Orleans Saints of the National Football League.

One of the shortest quarterbacks to play in the NFL but he is one the most accurate quarterbacks to play the game... This guys a winner and when he is not get pummeled he is throwing touchdown after touchdown. What a steal for the Saints...

8Steve McNair - Baltimore Ravens, Tennessee Titans

Born winner was very agile in his younger days and this guy had a cannon and he almost pull of the upset against my number 7 pick Kurt Warner in the super bowl... Can't say much bout Mcnair but he was a winner and one of the toughest quarterbacks in the league...

9Michael Vick - Philadelphia Eagles, Atlanta FalconsMichael Dwayne Vick is an American football quarterback who is a free agent. He has previously played for the Atlanta Falcons, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers.

YEAH YEAH I know this guy got in trouble with the dog fighting situation but this kid was on the uprise before making those decisions he made but he rejuvenized the quarterback position he was 1 of the fastest players in the league linebackers and d-linemen didn't stand a chance catching him when he seen them coming and cornerbacks and safeties couldn't even catch this guy man he was just a pure athlete... He has his second chance an I think he's goin take the league back by storm and he has a cannon might I add he just did not have the supporting cast like the rest of these cats...

He use to be like extremely mobile but he's fast and and getting into the passing game more for example the 88 yard td in the first few plays against the redskins and his comeback against the giants in 2012 he'll be number 1 on this list

10Donovan McNabb - Philadelphia EaglesDonovan Jamal McNabb is a former American football quarterback who played in the National Football League for thirteen seasons.

WHAT? ARE YOU NUTS! 10, but mcnair is 6. Ok. Mcnair is a winner? Last time I checked he never one crap. Don't give the guy a sympathy vote because he passed away. Donovan went to the playoffs nearly every year, went to 4 nfc championships, Superbowl, 6 probowls, hold nearly all eagles qb records, etc. When will this guy get some love. For years he was at least the 4th best qb behind Brady( who should be #1 by the way), peyton, and I'll say Ben only cause he has rings ( though his defense and run game helped). Mcnabbs stats where better( then bens) most the time, and he has never, not once had a supporting cast. Except for terrell Owens short stay. Many say TO got them to the playoffs, but TO was hurt the last few weeks of the season and missed the entire playoffs. Mcbabb won that game without TO's help. And who did he beat? None other then Mike Vick. Who is also rank above Mcnabb (I don't know why) like Mcnair. Two guys who really never won crap. Also, you have Brent farve, this is ...more

Last but not least is McNabb he is one of the toughest quarterbacks in the league and he is very mobile and he is very agile to be his size and he has a cannon arm he is by far a top ten decade quarteback but he just can't seem to win the big game that's why he so far down the list...

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11Tony Romo - Dallas CowboysAntonio Ramiro "Tony" Romo is an American football quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League.
12Matthew Stafford - Detroit Lions
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