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61 Billy Coen

I really love Billy's story. It brought a unique flavor to Resident Evil's cast. It also was nice to see a character who realized that it's not a good idea to split up and investigate when the outbreaks first started happening. I hope he comes back in another game!

Billy is a mystery yet he's super cool and has a haunting past. THERE's SO MUCH RE Can do for him!

I kinda have hopes he and Rebecca meet up again for another game.

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62 The Merchant

I think the Merchant might be in RE5 because when the character buys weapons, who are buying it from?

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Ha Ha Ha thank you, come back anytime

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63 Kevin Ryman

Kevin is voiced by Kirk Thornton and really benefits from the vocal performance. True, he was long considered a newbie character. True, his narrations at the end of the scenarios are not particularly artful, but are nonetheless indicative of his hot-blooded approach to things. He is an optimist to end all optimists in the series, energetic, sarcastic--the latter two characteristics being rather uncommon among Resident Evil protagonists at the time.
And if that wasn't enough, this is: one of his possible final scenario endings involves him fighting a fully transformed tyrant with nothing more than his handgun!

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64 Excella Gionne

Excella deserves to score higher, she's beautiful and smart.

Excella Gionne, near last? DON'T EXPECT ANY THANKS!
Seriously even though she only appeared in one game in a dress that looked like a towel she was pretty awesome. Intelligent, cunning and devious Excella managed to wit her way to the top of Tricell and aided Albert in what almost caused the end of the world (Uroborus). Not to mention she has to be one of the funniest characters and was an absoloute joy to play as in re5 mercenaries reunion: "Aah, you're just not ready for me. You are still a child. Hm Don't expect any thanks. GIVE ME AN ERB. UNACCEPTABLE! " If it wasn't for Albert being a vain ass, we'd still have miss gionne in the resident evil world. Infact if Excella was still alive, he might have gotten away with unleashing Uroborus.

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65 Alyssa Ashcroft

A simple journalist survives to the Raccoon city incident with her strong and admirable personality

She is brave, awesome, strong personality and aura.
She can unlock doors, so you don't need to get the keys.
She has stun gun. She helps her co-survivors anytime as she can.

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