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22Moulin Rouge

This is a story about "freedom, beauty, truth, but above all things, love". The entire soundtrack is full of beautiful music and lyrics about romance and love. The acting is superb. The costumes are wonderfully done.

I think I listen to "Your Song" everyday. Then not multiple times a week there's: "Come What May" and "Elephant Love Medley".

The two protagonists are stupendous and gorgeous! This should definitely be ranked higher.

Best movie ever! Rock on with your version of "Your Song", Ewen!

Most love movies are slow paced, boring, very little drama and characters which you feel for a little. This movie inverts this completely, it's epic.

Love between a poor writer and the star prostitute - ksquid19

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I can't believe this isn't higher. Grease is a classic come on it's worth a lot. It's so romantic Olivia Newton John is gorgeous

Very good movie but not a romance movie in the strict sense. I consider this film as a musical.

25Pretty Woman

No movie is more romantic than this one!

I love this Movie... It shows every women deserves love.. Must watch movie,

Best romance movie and the chemistry between richard gere and Julia roberts is just best

It's all about Richard Gere.

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26(500) Days of Summer

I am almost wrecked to see this list this movie should be in top 10 at least

So sweet! Really touching, but sad at the same time! Zooey Deschanel makes life o much better! X

Sweet, cute, sad, funny - I love this movie!
It is original and I love Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

This movie has such a great story line

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27Beautiful Creatures

I love this movie...

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28Notting Hill

How is this so down in this list! This must be in like top 5 movies! Love the movie...

My 2nd favourite ever romantic movie.. Should be in top 5!

One of the best movies of julia roberts

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29Annie Hall
30The Princess Bride


Well, duh! It's like the must see cheesy romantic movie of all time! Also, very quote able, hilarious, and fairly innocent.

This movie is romantic, humorous, and down right "inconceivable" (in a good way! )!

31How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days

This is my No. Favorite. Movie of ALL TIME! Clever story line! Matthew is so HOT! And kate is so funny, they bring out the best of each other!

So humorous yet romantic! Kate hudson is so amazing, I just love that girl

This movie is full of romance and a slice of comedy ! WAY TO GO!

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Better love story than titanic

Classic romance and two cute little robots.

WALL-E and Eve are in love. Get with it people. - letdot52

33Sunshine On Leith

Following a tour of duty in Afghanistan, 2 squaddies return home to Leith, Edinburgh and experience the highs and lows of romance, all through songs of The Proclaimers. - Dale

34Me Before You

The only movie that can make me sob and laugh at the same time. Truly moving.

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35Edward Scissorhands
36The MatrixV1 Comment
37The Little Mermaid
38Knocked Up
40Lady and the Tramp
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