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21 Vectorman Vectorman

This game was nothing like Donkey Kong Country. Vectorman is a third-person shooter, and a very slick one at that. It's a shame this video game franchise fell too quickly.

This is Sega's Donkey Kong Country, except with shooting and futuristic settings.

This game is super fun and was groundbreaking

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22 Ranger X
23 Comix Zone Comix Zone

Fun entertaining and underrated

24 El Viento
25 Streets of Rage 2 Streets of Rage 2

One of the best brawlers ever, it's iconic, but 1 still has a better soundtrack and Adam. Still all improvements came to light in streets of rage 2, short of the soundtrack and Adam.

Can't believe this is not in the top 10. When you think of the Genesis, Streets of Rage should be one of the first series to come to mind. This was the pinnacle of the series!

Why is this all the way down here?

Should be in top ten

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26 Ristar Ristar

Most underrated game in gaming history. Amazing gameplay, tight controls, AMAZING soundtrack, and overall the funnest game I've ever played.

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27 Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
28 Mortal Kombat III Mortal Kombat III
29 Ecco: Tides of Time Ecco: Tides of Time

This is a great improvement over the original. Better music, graphics, levels and you only hear that annoying screaming sound when you die. Plus you can play easy mode, normal or difficult. This should be rated above the original.

30 Alisia Dragoon
31 Castlevania Bloodlines Castlevania Bloodlines

This one is a bit different but still really good in comparison to any of the others

as good as any SNES castlevania except dracula x. - alucard

32 Strider Strider

Better than the arcade version and the best action-platform ever made beside Shinobi III

33 Bonanza Bros. Bonanza Bros.
34 Kid Chameleon Kid Chameleon

This is a beast game and you get to have lots of power ups but I find it kind of weird how they say die when the enemies actuall die and you get bosses that are bald which is really weird cause when they die they have a spas attack

35 Shinobi 3 Shinobi 3

I got a Sega Genisis ( the new version by AT Games that has 80 built in games and small enough to be the controller) for Christmas, and this is my favorite game so far. This is coming from someone who only got to level two you know. My only complaint is when I ran out of continues on level two I was scent back to level one but I am fine with that. - Skullkid755

36 The Lion King The Lion King V 1 Comment
37 Zombies Ate My Neighbors Zombies Ate My Neighbors V 1 Comment
38 Super Street Fighter II Super Street Fighter II
39 Road Rash Road Rash
40 Jurassic Park Jurassic Park
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