Top Ten Shooting Games


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The Top Ten

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Awesome game
Above expectation...!
Nice work by the creators
Story of the game is good, and its action are awesome to play, this game always need a top position only, call of duty is the best action game ever.
this game is simply awesome what a game to play this should get the full marks...
[Newest]Call of Duty owns this list.

2Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Call of duty blackops II is the best shooting game because its awesome and it has the best multipayer in history so you shuld vote for black ops II
I think this is a very good game it is one of the best first person shooters that offers a lot of game content and is worth every penny maybe even more. It's a very good game in my opinion and in a lot of my friends so I would recommend you buy this game that's what my friends did and I thank them for telling me to buy it so that's why I'm telling you who Evers reading this. It's the multiplayer gameplay that makes it so good if you don't have it get it as fast as you can as you will be happy when you do
[Newest]Call of Duty is the best ever made in my life I have the game and I all ways play it bo2 is my favorite game

3Counter-Strike: Source
Amazing, It Can Run Skins Just Like Call Of Duty, Got To Play It. Its Insane inside My Brain
its multiplayer version over net and lan rules... there is no game better than this in multiplayer section... check it out...
Awesome excellent superb mindblowing game! Graphics are too good! Amazing game
[Newest]One of the best game played till now... ,it has realistic graphics and amazing scenarios

4Call of Duty: World at War


I have world at war. The graphics are incredible.
It is very gory and it is awesome. World at war is one of my favorite Call of Duty's. It really feels like you are in war. But the best part, ZOMBIES!
Great Nazi zombie mode. Should be above cod:4. Cod:4 is terrible compared to world at war and mw2. Best call of duty yet.


[Newest]Halo sucks cause Xbox sucks.

5Halo 3
Great game. Thank bungie, 343 industries and Microsoft for creating it. I just love the halo games and the companies for making it. Col graphics and combat that is for halo 4 mostly and 3. And I've got halo ce (combat Evolved), the very first halo game I've got since 1st grade. I kept playing it and I got Attached to it. And that's how I'm a number one halo fan. Even my dad's attached to it and he said to my uncle you'd get addicted to it (which right now I am) when I was playing in his xbox 360 kinect, he had halo 3. And my computer is busted and I don't have any gaming console. I was so impatient to wait to wait for the 3 to load up cus I wanted to play it knowing that it'd be the coolest halo I've ever played in my relatives console.
Halo revolutionized the gaming industry and without the halo franchise all the call of duty's would be crappy. I'm a big time nerd on Xbox and I like them all I am a 3k on Gamebattles so I have played them all and honestly there isn't a better game.
Halo is the best shooting game for xbox and pc and also halo 2 and halo 3. But I like halo 3 is the most awesome game for shooting games lover. ;)i finished it more than 3 times. But still I like it.
[Newest]1) Halo 3

2) Modern Warfare

3) Counter-Strike

4) Battlefield 3

My list personally

6Grand Theft Auto IV
Love this game, I want it but I don't have the right console, I played it at my friends place and its awesome.


There is nothing better than another life in a game vision (we are also selling oculust rift's at my website for this game). Shortly nothing can beat this game!
This game has limitless possibilities. You can do preaty much anything. The most realisic game ever made, no doubt about it.


[Newest]This game is flipping awesome

7Far Cry 3
I think it is the best tactical FPS available right now. The gameplay elements are quite fun and also backs a punch.
The best game ever I played!
This game is the best
[Newest]This game is very nice game and very graphics I like this game

8Halo 4
Great story, Stunning graphics, and amazing gameplay. This is one to play!
Pretty good game with amazing graphics.
Fantastic storyline and multiplayer
[Newest]This game has a lot of action I think it should at least go in 2nd place besides I love gun games really good graphics

9Left 4 Dead 2
This is ah nice game
Very nice game. I finished very hardly
I like playing with friends

10Gears of War 2
purely the most epic game the world of fiction has ever seen! amazing soundtrack, you feel as though marcus and dom and delta squad are with you through your journey through cera and the war against the locust, also the love side story is quite touching.
This is most superb and entertaining games for all... I love this very much and I want to share this to everyone... I want still more games like this please upload guys...

The Contenders

This game rocks! Also, it is still so much fun, how fun are the others 10, 20 years later?
Amazing game with an amazing soundtrack.
This put shooters on the map. Also one of the best soundtracks ever. Just listen to E1M1.

12Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
It shows, how can a game beat the best. The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 was the best game, and when Modern Warfare 2 was released, it beated not just MW1, but all of the existing games too. And till nowadays stayed the best Call of Duty game ever created. Perfect music, unbeatable felling, when you play it. Why would we want more, if it's satisfying?
How is this 14? It is the best call of duty ever made, yet it isn't one of the best shooters? Makes no sense.
The best game I've ever played!


[Newest]Its very good game

13Max Payne 3
Yes, really a shooting game. Awesome
WhatA GRAPHICS of the game.. ! Really cool game... Should be in the top 5

14I.G.I. 2 Covert Strike
This is a super hit game. I like this game very much.
Very awesome game. It should be in Top 10
I surely can say that IGI1 is leader for all the modern FPS games today. This second part "Covert Strike also rocks. Many many peoples are waiting for the third part of IGI. :{
[Newest]Damn much nostalgias from this game.. The graphics of this game at that time were like that of crysis 3's at present day..

15Golden Eye 007
This game is the best!
The father of all shooters and should easily be number 1
Began an era of shooters.

16Counter Strike 1.6
PLaying this game for like 10 years and is the best game even on steam it says that is the most played game in the world
Th bet game ever in te world better the Call of Duty 4 or any gm ever an ev
This game cannot became old

17Call of Duty: Black Ops
I love Call of Duty black ops. Zombies are my favoite. My cousins uncle was one of the creators of it. Graphics are insane. I have all the zombies maps. Nice work to the creators of black ops.
Not the best game for me but its still a cool game
Best game...
I m a big big fan of call of duty games...
[Newest]I like Call of Duty black ops 1 the zombies are hard but it is cool

18Tomb Raider
Epic game. This is one of my favourite games ever. It really deserves 1st place. It has great graphics, except for the water. And it is nothing like any of the other Tomb Raider games.


Awesome game iever seen

19Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Its a cool game

20Halo: Combat Evolved
Best game ever created and to all Call of Duty lovers please try the year of 2252 rather than 1943 and please check the stunning graphics
Oh all Call of Duty lovers please try halo series, and fell the power of master chief
This game is 19 spots too low.

21Hitman Blood Money
This is marvelous game.

22Doom 3
Unbeilevable how hooked the game gets you. You never want to put the controller down. Frightning action leads to awsomness.


23Crysis 2
I very like this game and its graphics. The suit is very hitech. The game is very stratgic. The sounds of this game is very nice. The suit is very powerful. At last I would to say adapt engage dominate

24Battlefield 4
It is the best game played ever
Why is this game 25 it should be number 3 it's so cool I have played it it's so cool

25Crysis 3

26Mass Effect 3

27Gears of War

28Half-Life 2
Its amazing and it earned an award of the year 2011

29Star Wars Battlefront II

30Battlefield Bad Company 2
What is this doing all the way down here!?!? Have all you people lost your minds? This game flogs all of the Call Of Duty games put together. There are so many reasons why its better: Multiplayer is more tactical and uses teamwork unlike running in there and spraying your gun and quickscoping. Would have voted for BF3 but its not on the list.
One of the best shooter their is, unlike the call of duty series which does not require team play and which lacks realism, bfbc2 meets these needs and end up giving you a better first person shooter
Better than Call of Duty

31Call of Duty

32Battlefield 3
The best game ever! Realism is there as is fun, intensity and just low down shooting.
Graphics excellent! Storyline very good! Sound of the bullet... Put headphones on and my god! Feels like you're right there.

Why dafuq is this game not in the top 10? Hell this game deserves top 5!

33Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
This is an awesome game soap died and captain price blame yuri for soaps die and watch it in youtube soaps death
Its the best game ever! I think everyone should play and enjoy it. This game is modern warfare end (I think).
It is the best for shoting

34Star Wars Battlefront

35Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway
A WW2 game like no other. Packed with intense action!


Well only by the picture of the game I am sure it will be very nice

The 2009 game is mad but it is a bit hard
I say " it is fun&verygood game "

37BioShock 2

What could be more fun than worms shooting each other with multiple weapons. Amazing video game.


The most epic game of my childhood! Still love all the versions Worms to this day


39Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2

Screw all you call of duty lovers this is true first person shooter
It is the greatest, and most original shooter ever made. Halo is way overrated

41Hitman Contracts
I think hitman is the best game in the world of games forever

42Mass Effect 2

43Time Splitters: Future Perfect

44Battlefield 1943
Yes really a battle field

45Resident Evil 4

46Combat Arms


Borderlands is one of the best games I have ever played

49Quake III: Arena
Great game, made way for all the twitch shooters

50Call of Duty: Ghosts
This upcoming game is about to revolutionize the Call of Duty and the way we look at our nation, the world and first person shooter games. Many people say it will be just MW4 but to me it combines Black ops2 with the futuristic gameplay and storyline and the Modern Warfare series type weaponry. This game will put the players in a new type of "world" where the player is an underdog and an outlaw. This world will captivate true Call of Duty players and attract new fans. Pre order Call of Duty: Ghosts today
I thack that call of duty ghost shaud be number one

51Halo Reach
Amazing shooter game. Best halo so far and best shooter. It has so many weapons, vehicles, people, places, and a lot of other qualities that break away from reality and leave you amazed every time you play. It also has a really great forge mode that has a large assortment of objects and things of the sort to make great maps and a lot of different game modes. Definitely a game worth buying.


Reach is currently the most customizable FPS available in terms of creating new game types and original gameplay. Other games don't offer the possibilities of forge or the deep gametype options that keep me coming back to Reach.
A really amazing shooter game so far, I agree with ilymetallica, and I think it's the best halo so far and there are many awesome features added to it. A lot of people that like Call of Duty dislike halo, but I do not dislike Call of Duty, but I just think that halo is something new to a shooter game. So, in my opinion, I prefer halo. (sorry Call of Duty lovers :P)
[Newest]Love this game! Deserves to be in the top 5 at least

52Call Of Duty 2: Big Red One

53Medal of Honor (2010)
A good game.
Unfortunately, few people play online

54Deus Ex

55Cross Fire

56Team Fortress 2
Now I can see why Call of Duty Modern Warfare would be up there, but it's not the best. Black Ops 2 shouldn't even be near the top it's like a full downgrade down from the original Modern Warfare. It also seems that everyone who voted on Black Ops 2 is around 7 and just said it's the best because it's the best. All the Call of Duty games are is a downgrade of the last that won't go below $60 until the new one comes out. Team Fortress 2 is a now free game made by Valve, the creators of multiple critically acclaimed games like Half-Life, Portal, Left 4 Dead, and Counter Strike. This game is known for its cartoony graphics, its several game modes, and easily identifiable classes. Like the other commenter below me said, it takes lots of skill, strategy, and teamwork to play. Each class is different than the other in health, weapons, speed, size, and abilities. The game is also extremely moddable, and has entire websites dedicated to them. There are loads of achievements for the game, (almost 450) updates happening all of the time, and even though it's an only multiplayer game, there is even a little backstory. If you haven't played the game yet, download Steam and give it a try. I'm sure you'll love it.
This game will always be my number 1 in shooting game history.
Call of duty? The story is good no doubt, but as multiplayer game, not much strategy you can apply, head shot is everything...
The only weakness for this game is it require a lot of players to involve in a match, at least 11vs11 due to a lot of class variety
Why is call of duty number one when this clearly superior game exists? Whereas call of duty is full of both little kids and people who curse constantly, this game is full of people who congratulate whoever just killed them, not call them "fags" or "hackers". Not to mention this game takes skill, strategy, and teamwork, while call of duty is just mindless violence.

57Grand Theft Auto V

58Left 4 Dead
Good for every one good game
Great shooter awesome.

59Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon
Best shooter... Very underrated
My god best game ever

60Battle: Los Angeles

61Project I.G.I.: I'm Going In
It is a classical experience of FPS, I would recommend to anyone.

Involves stealth, combat and many ways to finish, not to mention great storyline and a part of my childhood...
Nice game. I am finished all state on this game

62The Last Stand 2

63Fallout 3



66Freedom Fighters
I have played this game this is most awesome game it has good graphic and good control
One of my favourite games. I like it beacause it has commanding mode

Game by nc soft great third person shooter looks like gundam

68Medal of Honor European Assault

69Return to Castle Wolfenstein
This should be in the top ten at least it is the best game I have ever played even though the graphics wern't so good the game overall was amazing. The game had A. Perfect story line, even on easy the game gives you a challenge to get through the levels. Unlike the new wolfenstein made in 2009. This game gives you a surprise around any corner and also gives you levels where the alarm must not be sounded those levels are hard but that's what makes it fun
A Superb Adventure plus shooting game ever.

70Red Dead Redemption
I don't get why this is 78 on the list this game is so addicting. Gears of war 2, Modern warfare 1 and Mafia 2 are great games too.

71Halo 2

72Medal of Honor: Frontline

73Far Cry 2

74Battlefield Heroes
ItS the best action game.
Awesome 3rd person shooter game

75Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception - Game of the Year Edition - Playstation 3
Laugh out loud what about this homie

76Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

77Battlefield: Vietnam

78Gears of War 3

79Halo 3: ODST


81BioShock Infinite

One of the greatest achievements of the video game industry

83Team Fortress Classic
Best overall online FPS ever made. The game never got boring, it got old and replaced. It had so many methods of play in a time when people wanted Counter Strike's "sit-and-wait" over the speed of TFC. Those fools.


85Conflict: Global Terror
THis Game Is OweSum...
I love This... Best In Conflict Series

86Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary
Great game without question best game series ever is halo any other opinions please let me know
Sorry I'm not the best speller

87Metroid Prime

88Call of Duty 2

89Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction

90Hitman: Absolution
Epic game can't beat it!

91Wanted: Weapons of Fate

92Half Life 2 Episode 2
Its very cool and a continue of half life 2 episode 1 after gordon freeman escapes from the city 17 when it was destroyed by the combine.
It is amazing and I heard that it got the award of the year

93Half Life 2 Episode 1
Its amazing and it's a continue of half life 2.

94Pacific Centre

95Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
People, unlike a lot of people, I know the game Turok, and honestly, this should be number ONE. and Turok should be around fifteen, I am going to make my own list, maybe if I do my name will be Davin, Just like my real... Ta Ta for now.

96Borderlands 2

97Killzone 3

If you see metal gear solid the phantom pain under there I added and read about the turok part trust me, it is not as popular as it should be.

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