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21 Halo
22 Give In to Me

A great perfomance from slash. Awesome solo's in this MJ song, love slash's influence in this song, great riffs. Not to be forgotten that Give in to me contains a great guitarist!

Awesome teamwork with Michael Jackson! Great solo's, love slash in this song.

Just awesome.
How someone can pick out so much on a 24by6 fretboard

23 Shots Fired Shots Fired
24 Rocket Queen Rocket Queen
25 Bad Rain Bad Rain

This song doesn't belong in the 28th position. This stunning piece of work deserve at list top of 5th place.

This is my favourite song from 2012... NO DOUBT!

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26 No More Heroes No More Heroes

Orgasmic. The beginning just leaves my mind blown, one of slash's strongest songs

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27 Crucify the Dead Crucify the Dead
28 Loving the Alien

Are you kidding me, this rift? Is amazing.

29 Beautiful Dangerous
30 Nothing to Say Nothing to Say

Not the most technical song, however, one of the hardest songs Slash has ever done. Anyone who likes metal would enjoy this song

Slash Ft.M.shadows...nice n great solo by slash and Good Vocal from M.shadows For this kinda metal song

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31 Don't Cry Don't Cry

Why Slash's Don't Cry solo is not on this list blows my mind. It sure isn't number one or maybe not even top 8 but it is such a meaningful solo. It isn't just one of the solos where Slash plays really fast. A person actually feels connected to this solo and feels it.

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32 World On Fire World On Fire

This song is a masterpiece

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33 Dr. Dan Theme Song
34 Fall to Pieces Fall to Pieces

How is this not higher on the list?

Listen to the solo cause it's amazing
After this listen to his acoustic cover with Myles, the solo is even better - shatti

35 Promise Promise

This is simply Slash's best songs, with Chris Cornell from Soundgarden on the vocals, this songs is simply perfect, the reflexive beggining, that perfectly executed guitar pattern, and the feeling that it transmits. Its definitely the best from album Slash (2010) which at the same time is the best Slash album ever. It should definitely be on top.

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36 Shadow Life Shadow Life V 1 Comment
37 Standing In the Sun Standing In the Sun
38 Doctor Alibi Doctor Alibi

Great riff and also really breathtaking solo!

39 Wicked Stone

Great melodic song and great solo

40 Bent to Fly

Slash's guitar combined with Myles' stellar vocals make for one damn awesome song!

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