Top 10 Songs by Placebo

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Every You, Every Me
This song is amazing, there's just something about it that gets me every time, it takes me to a different place.
I have heard let them a lot but I didn't know the name of the band I always loved the sound of this band even if I hear metal and heavy metal... The atmosphere and the vocals of their songs are great... Know them from a series... This song is great and their best for me but try to get closer or even in the top 10 list pierrot the clown... If you hadnt listen to it do it and you will see
The moment I heard it, it was the song I knew that had the greatest impact on me. It was sweet, sour, and bitter. It was good.
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2Song to Say Goodbye
In my list this songs condenses the real placebo feel. It is caustic, sour and rebellious, sad but lively. This song reminds me the friend that introduced me to placebo. He was indeed blessed with lucky 7's, yet he miserably threw all his future taking drugs. And for me it was also a song to say good bye.
You would think a 8 minute song would just get boring half way through, right? NAH! Not this one! The only feeling you get midway is the awesome realization that the song is not over yet. The song itself is droning and quite beautiful but what makes it amazing, in my opinion, is the absolute heartwarming music video. CHECK IT OUT!
I love this song! It's the first This was the first I heard of the band, is simply spectacular!


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3Pure Morning
i love them all placebo are the best


I mean people best song ever enough said
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4Special Needs
This song is so beautiful! And should definitely be at least in top ten of placebo's best songs, the lyrics are incredible and the guitar in the beginning of the song gets you immediately, I fell in love when I heard it the first time! Please vote for it!
The guitar and piano is just mesmerizing. Amazing song!
Love this song! And Bitter End
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Prolly one of the best songs out's meaning is something that help people get out of drug addiction.Placebo really deserves respect for that song
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6Twenty Years
I can't even describe with words, how this song makes me feel every time I listen it... I get shivers down my spine... Just listen to it, you will feel better soon!
First song from Placebo. Amazing song. They should really catch this song more and build album around it!

7Running Up that Hill
Its the song of the trailer of one of my favourite vampire movies "daybreakers" and it's awesome
I love the vampire dires and hope one day I can meet elana stehen damon bonnie caroline matt tyler or talk to over phone
My favourite song. Deserves to be #1
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8Follow the Cops Back Home
This is actually was the first sing I ever heared from Placebo, and I couldn't find any song more beautifully than this!
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9Without You I'm Nothing
This is such a beautiful, one-of-a-kind love song. It makes me cry every time I hear it, and it stood as my wedding song. It has something that's unique to itself and something that's universal at the same time, but it was so hard choosing between all of their songs. But none beat this masterpiece.
You should listen to this song feat. By David Bowie
So special and unique song!
The part from simply stated a masterpiece
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10The Bitter End
The first song I've heard from Placebo and still my favourite!
Brian's voice is one of a kind.
Also I never get tired of listening to their songs!
An amazing song that deserves much more than the 13# place on the countdown. It got an extremely good opening which proves that the song is in totaly whole other level. The drams and the guitar make it addicted. In my opinion it got to be at least in the top 5
One of the best of placebo I really like this song
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The Contenders

11Special K
I'm a metal fan and I don't like bands that don't have good guitars and drums.. But this band has a different style... It may have not a good sound back system.. But the atmosphere it makes makes a lot of theirs songs well.. Placebo singer got me in... His voice is trule amazing especially in this song love the part he says gravity no escaping gravity... Can't get it out of my head... This song is great.. Its best of all.. May placebo have a lot good work but this song is truly amazing and the best one here... My top 3 list would go like that: 1. Special K 2. Twenty years 3. Song to say goodbye
This song means much to me and every time I listen to it I can't help it, but miss "the good old times".
I think that this is an amazing song, deserves to be in a better place in this list, along with Every You Every Me... Which is great as well.
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12This Picture
O, this is great song! Why didn't you listen it? Give it a shot guys, you will love it
Love this song. Upbeat and fun...
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I just fly somewhere high while listening this song

14Space Monkey
OK so it's not actually about a Space Monkey, but it still has such lovely lyrics and a beautiful tune, should be up higher despite its misleading title.
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15Black Eyed
This song was written with so much emotion. Maybe more than some of the other brilliant songs from Placebo - Pure amazing.

16Loud Like Love
This song has so much emotion and just like every placebo song it is amazing so I think that is deserves to be at the list also it is the new album name of placebo just give it a try and listen
This song is energetic,
Not too deep, but the beat and the energy it brings.
Maan.. Its just beautiful. This one deserves the Top 10
Damn I love this song!
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17One of a Kind Listen to sample

18My Sweet Prince Listen to sample

19Post Blue
It's in the water, baby!

20Commercial for Levi Listen to sample

21Nancy Boy
This is way to low on this list. The first song I heard by placebo and its still my favourite (as well as Teenage angst)
One of my favorite songs! I have loved this song for so long it is amazing!
Great song. It is one of the best songs about bisexuality ever.

22Battle for the Sun Listen to sample

23Where Is My Mind Listen to sample

24Too Many Friends
Too many friends Too many people!
Love it. Surly it should be higher
Great song with an awesome beginning
"My computer thinks I'm gay"
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25Julien Listen to sample

26Because I Want You

This song should be far higher than 31. Far far higher. The deeper meaning behind this song is beautiful. The way his voice interacts with the music is simply magical. Listen to it, you will not regret it.
Your eyes forever glued to mine... every time it makes me cry.
This one should be on the 1st or 2nd place
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28Protege Moi Listen to sample

29I Know
Not only the top song of Placebo but a top song of all times!
You have to hear it.. And then to love it
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30Slave to the Wage
Brilliant song. So many great songs. It's just that this one in particular should be higher
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31Ashtray Heart Listen to sample

32Sleeping With Ghosts
"Soulmate dry your eyes cause soulmates never die" brian's voice when he says that... This song deserves to be upper guys at least top 5
Kidding? This is the masterpiece of placebo. It shoulb be on the top 3 at least
At 37 really... ! Should be in top 5 at least..
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33Kings of Medicine
This is my favourite song from the band, how can this be in the bottom? Simply love it!
'stupid me to believe that I could trust in stupid you... '


I can only say that I LOVE THIS SONG! I can't believe it's so low ranked!
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34Taste In Men

35English Summer Rain Listen to sample

36Pierrot the Clown
Amazing song, the first one I ever heard from Placebo. Never ceases being amazing.
So much emotion in this song
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37Teenage Angst
Reminds me of my younger years. All the confusions, frustrations and disappointments I had.
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38For What It's Worth
Great song! Should be higher in the ranking
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39Peeping Tom

40Protect Me From What I Want
Just perfect, this is what Placebo are about.
Desire, not beautiful, but dirty, dangerous and yet attractive
Live it's just SUBLIME.
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41Bright Lights Listen to sample

Joint best song along with 36 degrees on their best album, "Placebo". Without you I'm nothing is a masterpiece, yes but so is their debut and its also less dark than WIYIN, that's why I pick Placebo.
Bionic, ask for answers, spite and malice, centrefolds, song to say goodbye
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43Broken Promise Listen to sample

4436 Degrees Listen to sample

45Speak In Tongues Listen to sample

46Exit Wounds Listen to sample

47Daddy Cool Listen to sample

48Drag Listen to sample

49You Don't Care About Us Listen to sample

50Passive Aggressive
Surely one of the most beautiful songs from Placebo. Very emotional.
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51Come Undone Listen to sample

52Lady of the Flowers
We all have different tastes but this is my most played Placebo songs by a long shot Excellent, its Brill
The most beautiful of all. Thank you for making such a piece of art.
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I think this is way more better than 52. it's so good, listen again you'll see.
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54Bruise Pristine
What!? This amazing song isn't in their top 66
Its their best song!
It is much better to be as below
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55Breathe Underwater Listen to sample

56Dark Globe

57Plasticine Listen to sample

58Scared of Girls Listen to sample

59Happy You're Gone Listen to sample

60Five Years
Great version of the Bowie classic

61The Crawl
This song is their greatest. Masterpiece!
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6220th Century Boy Listen to sample

63Rob the Bank Listen to sample

64Second Sight
Walk away to save your face, you never were an actor
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65Hang On to Your IQ Listen to sample

66Careless Whisper
Just listen to it people

It is very very very beautiful song, you'd better listen to it, sad and nice

68Scene of the Crime
Placebo -2013 Loud Like Love
Best of this albom
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69A Million Little Pieces Listen to sample

70Burger Queen
Such a beautiful song, I listen this every time I go to bed! So calm and kind!
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71Bigmouth Strikes Again Listen to sample

72Blue American
This song deserves a better rating!
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