Top 10 The Doors Songs

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The Top Ten

Riders on the Storm
This is the trippiest song ever!


Its awesome when you are driving on high speed in rain and listening to RIDERS ON THE STORM

Nothing beats this song. Nothingg... The Doors can't be beat, and this is the top of the top. It's everything they're about and represent.
[Newest]I'm so glad to see this at the top spot! Such a great song. Psychedelia at its greatest.

2Light My Fire
Like Bohemian Rhapsody by queen, Light my fire is The Doors, hell yeah
Fast paced, fun and psychadelic everything the doors are about I can't believe riders on the storm is number 1...
ok all the doors songs are amazing but people light my fire is the definition of the doors
[Newest]One of my favorite songs by the doors! This song got me into the doors in the first place!

3The End
The End features the best of every member of the Doors. Jim Morrison gives his best lyrics with eleven minutes of philosophy mixed with weird psychedelic images and finishes it off by screaming about his mother. He delivers his greatest energy and most affecting feeling. Robby Krieger, Ray Manzarek and John Densmore invent a whole new type of psychedelic music that sounds like it comes from a different planet. The End is one of the most unique and surreal pieces of music ever written and is the Doors best song.
very deep song. he really lizard king and this song really great...
A great song. Very spaced out and psychedelic. Excellent background music. Very surreal.
[Newest]Poetic.. this song is like my story'

4Break On Through (To the Other Side)
One of the most underrated songs ever and it's amazing song that should be in the first top 10 list long live rock'n'roll and hail to jim morrison!
The first song of the first album
For me Forever the best, as reminds me of the moment when I have heard them for the first time in my life
Great song! The doors are the best. Late 60's rock forever man.
[Newest]Psychedelic rock at its best

5L.A. Woman
I can't believe how low this song is. Seriously light my fire and riders on the storm are awesome but they can't compare to la woman...

From the best Doors album of the same name. Love this song. I agree, it should be much higher on the list if you ask me and you're a true Doors fan.
Sadly this song doesn't get the nod when it is up against light my fire.. Which hardly has minimal lyrics.. This song was so difficult to replicate... It deserves some credit
[Newest]The poet king of my generation

6People Are Strange
Perfect! Describes mankind and it's addicting! Best music ever! Jim was the man!
Excellent poetry by JIM MORRISON. Very true and deep..
this song is all about doors


[Newest]This song is pure beauty. Lyrics are the best of any Doors songs

7Roadhouse Blues
If this song isn't in top three, then the world must be psychotic and demented. The blunt and rusted guitar-work, the hard-hitting rifts and drives, and of course Jim's complementing vocals! This song is an accepted masterpiece of Classic Rock.
The song does justice to its name. The background music is a lso fabulous. Truly extraordinary. Deserves a better rank.
It's a great song.. I was surprised it wasn't even included in the first place
[Newest]The background is amazing- that kind of swag can change the attitude completely.

8When the Music's Over
What does a song have to do to get up there in this list? This is one moody song from one moody band... Should be about number six. One of the greatest screams in rock. (Is there a greatest scream list? )
This one is much better than 'break on through' and 'people are strange'.. Should be number 4. Not saying they're bad songs but this one is amazing
This song gives you the best trip ever. The sudden start, melodious initial section, mysterious instrumental in the middle, the slow, quiet poem and the explosive end... Best trip ever...
[Newest]Trippiest song of all time! That scream at the beginning

9Touch Me
The imagery that Jim gives you with his lyrics is uncanny. Combined with the new twist of horn instruments, it really is my favourite song by the doors. Although, the doors probably have the largest amount of songs that I like as a whole. "If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite. "
Oh, God, I learned this like... Not even two days ago and it's almost already in the top 25 most played list. I mean, I knew it before, but I didn't remember it. And here I am. This song is so catchy and so awesome, you just HAVE to love it.
Uh, hello!

The Doors - Touch Me

Into YouTube (Or if you are too lazy, I'd really love for you to click the sample. )
[Newest]This song should be in the top five, truly a great Doors masterpiece

10The Crystal Ship
"The streets are fields that never die. "
Simply beautiful and enchanting track and one of Jim's finest vocal performance.
I think it's one of the best songs ever written. And one of the best songs performed by Jim. And it's very peaceful too.
It gets better every time I listen to it... I'm on no. 100000000000. Simply a masterpiece, and hardly anyone know about it!

The Contenders

11Love Me Two Times
Listen to it. You will understand.
This songs is great, it should be higher on the list
Great song and great guitar riff. Needs to be top ten!
[Newest]Nice song.. should be higher in the list

12Hello, I Love You
I used it as a pick up once, it worked
Come on?. This song is groovy dude!. This song should be on every The Doors playlist.
So nice. Wow, I'm going to try this as a pick up line. Thanks!


13Love Her Madly
Great vocals by Morrison and good lyrics
Manzarek did great as usual and the simple solo by Krieger was the icing on the cake... Definitely The Doors Best Song


Beautiful lyrics and singing by Jim Morrison as always, and such a lovely melody.
"Don't you love her as she's walking out the door? Like she did one thousand times before"

14Peace Frog
Definitely not the most famous song by The Doors but still my favorite. And it was in the Waterboy, so bonus points there.
This is the song that got me into the doors and I love it. First heard it in tony hawk's American wasteland and have been a doors fan ever since then.
This is my favorite song by them has to be higher!

15Spanish Caravan
Are you insane? Why isn't this song at least in the top ten. It's just beautiful. The flamenco guitar of robbie krieger, the extraordinary lyrics, jim's voice...
... Nothing beats this song. The only reason Spanish Caravan isn't higher on this list is because it hasn't been heard by as many people. The Doors at their best!
This needs to be higher. It's such a nice melody. one of the best melodies they've made.

16Alabama Song
This is great I think this song is number 1
I think it is the best song. It should be number three or four
I'm always getting happy because of the rhythem and sad cause of the lyrics and together- PERFECT! Love it to listen in the car when I drive while it's dark outside... :D

17Five to One
No one here gets out alive now! Pure Jim Morrison.
One of my bests jim at his best agressions

18The Soft Parade
This is the trip!
This song is a trip, it's perfect!

19Back Door Man
What a classic rock. Where is Jim now to sing this? Oh man, I should have born in 50's to hear this.. This should be in top ten.
This song is incredible, slow and blusey, wonderful vocals and music from every member of the band


Eat your dinnet, eat your pork and beans.

20Soul Kitchen
Why is this so low on the list?! LOVE this song, very psychedelic yet still has a very catchy groove to it.
I am cream fan, but this is cool sond

Gloria from the live album Alive, She Cried. This is an amazing song one of the best by the doors, it has to be at least in the top 5 guys...


Top 19? Are you kidding? This song is so great! One of the best

22Love Street
Why this amazing is so below! It should be in at least top 15.
When I listened it for the first time... I listened it for a whole night the poetry of jim is aesome

23Waiting for the Sun
Amazing song, amazing length, amazing voice.

"Waiting for the sun" is one of my favorite songs by the doors, and to see that it hasn't made it any higher is sort of disappointing. Nonetheless, the song isn't as popular as some, yet it should still have earned more nods than it has.
Arguably one of the first heavy metal songs ever made... For the album of the same name but not published until 1970. Killer riff.
This is one of my favorite songs by the doors. Why is it all the way down here? Bull crap!

24Moonlight Drive
My favourite song of The Doors, even if is impossible to say which is the best song... All of them are masterpieces...
This song has the best lyrics in rock & roll
The best night driving song with a girl

25End of the Night
Perfect song (good sound and text)

26Strange Days

27Indian Summer
A very beutiful song that only jim could have wrote

28Summer's Almost Gone

29Shaman's Blues

30The Unknown Soldier

31The Spy
This song should be at least in the top 10! It's so fozy and it has such a mysterious melody!

32Not to Touch the Earth
Phenomenal tune. Most underrated Doors song. Put it on your iPod and go crank out some mileage on the trail.
This song needs to move up the rankings... if you have not already, please give it a listen!

33Ghost Song
This song is great it was my first favorite Doors song and it still gives me chills.

34Wishful Sinful
Beautiful, great writing Robbie Krieger

35Runnin' Blue

36Hyacinth House
What a song, this song gives me a high each time I listen to this

37My Eyes Have Seen You
For some reason I find this song cute, is that weird?

38The Changeling

39Whiskey, Mystics and Men
This song is so cool, love it

40Blue Sunday
Low on the list such a deep song by Jim Morrison amazing lyrics.


41Tell All the People
I added this and I will always love it, it is so unforgettable. How can you call yourselves doors fans.
This song is great and should really be in the top 15 but the Doors are just great.

42Wild Child
This song is great is my favorite!

43You're Lost Little Girl

44Celebration of the Lizard

45The Woman Is a Devil
I think this music is not well known, it should be in the top 10

46Wintertime Love

47Unhappy Girl
I can't believe this is so low... It should be at least in the top tens
I just listened to it ohh my doors this is amazing

48Cars Hiss by My Window

49An American Prayer

50Yes, The River Knows

51The Mosquito

52I Can't See Your Face In My Mind
A song that all people can relate to, one way or another.

53Easy Ride

54Land Ho!
Quirky and full of great imagery love the sailor imagery on this track that's what the doors do better than any band to me they create whole realities in a few minutes


56My Wild Love

57Universal Mind

58Been Down So Long
Come on this song is cool the doors were a ballsy blues band to me and this is one of their best love their last two albums so cool

59Tightrope Ride

60Take It As It Comes
Time to walk,
Time to run,
Time to aim your arrows,
At the sun,
Take it easy Baby,
Take it as it comes,
Don't 'ya move too fast,
Because you want your love to last.
Classic Doors lyrics!

61The Wasp (Texas Radio and the Big Beat)
Daring, hilarious and insanely creative. Only daft gits think otherwise!

62You Make Me Real
This song is really good

63Stoned Immaculate

64Do It

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