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Dc shoes has the best quality best feeling when you wear them and they have an amazing sense of style and all the people who have read this know that!

Dc only makes shoes like vans want good budget durability and quality that can last almost your whole life until you grow out of them get fila any sport and clothing fila is for walkers runners professional athletes people who wear Sandels urban slippers there awesome I've got a pair that have lasted three years and I wear them like every day these shoes are cool for everyone 20$-120$ for shoes is a good darn deal

They have the most style and comfort

Na dc only comes in like vans kind of shoes what

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Columbia deliver more than it claims

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Keds are comfortable, cute, and stylish! The shoes come in many different colors and patterns.

Just way cool! Fits with most of my outfit!

I love keds they are stylish and are simple I cleary get a shoe may not be in game right now as Nike's but why pay more just for wear just to show you have money everyone goes for what people think and society, I love other shoe brands have over fifty five pairs of Nike's fourty four pairs of adidas. And twenty two pairs of adidas but I have fifty nine pairs of keds cleary I love them a lot

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Have had my pair for nearly four years and they still look pretty good.
Unfortunately, many of their shoes look alike..

I am having these Lovely and comfortable shoes; Genuine quality! Nice experience with them, I will suggest to my friend.

I have a pair a couple pairs of K-Swiss shoes and they are amazing. They are very comfortable, long lasting (i've had them for around 4 years now), good looking ( on guys and girls and with clothes).

They are better than high tec. Who ever even heard of high tec? The ariaki are sharp!

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25Calvin Klein

Best shoes nice look


Comfy, good value, function over marketing

Mizuno is easily fantastic quality and durability, some of them are just indestructible, notably the Ignitus series of Soccer shoes. I like there designs, they come up with some crazy ideas for the colorways and some of them just look like nothing else you'd ever see. They have a great reputation of comfort as well.

Very very comfortable. I've tried all sorts of other brands but these suit me the best

Very, very good

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Talking about sport shoes for running and trekking, they are the best!

Na there ugly get films they are long lasting and good for everyone and good price and trends and different types of shoes

Salomon shoes is great I have one of the kind...

Best shoe ever I will never buy Nike or rebook again

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28Creative Recreation

Have bigger size for people's who wear size 12to17. Thank you.

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Very comfortable shoes. Nice looking too!

Amazing Badminton and Joggers SHOES

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Pretty good for skateboarding

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These are great sport shoes that are also cheaper than most others, and yet they still hold great quality. These are good shoes for everyone.

They are good long lasting shoes and they are good quality for a good price

Only seen old people in Melbourne wear these there crap

Cheap crappy shoes. Wast of money

32Lee Cooper

Running shoes good comfortable

Comfortable and good looking shoes

The best and comport casual shoes.
It only fits for swags... ,
Not for lame guys...

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33ColumbusV4 Comments

Great shoes long lasting great

Last long enough till you reach the grave.

Very durable and lightweight shoe!

This brand is epic. Try it.

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KD's are Nike's get it right people.

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Gucci shoes is like chuck taylors, but they are styled and very expensive I can say. But I, myself, have like 5 pairs. I get one every other year though


There are cool, confertible and pretty. They are a lot of different designs and they are a lot to choose from. Mostly everybody you see were them, some sperry are better than a other. So it should be probably be in 4 place because I like nike, reebok, and converse. So everybody should probbably have a pair of them because its popular this day.

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I think that campus is really the best! Their shoes are really comfortable as well as stylish and good looking. :) They are good for going out, spots and every day activities also. ;) Because of its variety, everybody can find their perfect shoes.

Campus has the best designs and comfort level. Almost comparable to nike and adidas at 1/3 the price.

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