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41 Umbro V 1 Comment
42 Uhlsport

Good gloves for football but Puma is the best!

43 Mochi
44 Force 10


45 Prozone
46 D-Rose V 1 Comment
47 TRV V 2 Comments
48 Merrell

Best shoes ever! Super comfy, stylish, and last really long. Me and my dad both have a pair or two but kinda expensive. Great shoes five stars

Feel great... True to size... Just wish they cost a little less

V 2 Comments
49 World Balance

My sister bought me this for Christmas. Let's see.

50 Kappa V 4 Comments
51 Avi
52 Etnies

I've had 3 pairs the best shoes in the world. They should be ranked one great for skating and bmx.

V 1 Comment
53 F Sports

These shoes are very comfortable

I don't know, how is running it on globlisation but this shoes 100% look like nike with F. Funky, weightless & comfirtable for wearing.

V 1 Comment
54 Champion

Champions are good but Pumas are my favorite

I wear the women's shoes that have the memory foam insoles. Love them

Cheap junk shoes ugly don't last long

Terrible but cheap

V 4 Comments
55 Gold Star

Stupid expensive shoes cost like $500 this is what millionaires wear

V 1 Comment
56 Lescon V 1 Comment
57 Liberty

Well designed, cool looking shoes. Reliable

V 1 Comment
58 Airwalk

Durable is not the best word to describe airwalk, I had one pair, and it only lasted 1 month...

The durability is bull... but is cute and comfy

V 4 Comments
59 Bokai
60 Patrick
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