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21 Violent Pornography Violent Pornography

Should be in the top 3 definitely... It's one of the most original songs of the system... I'm never tired listening to it. Awesome.

Great song. I love to just scream out this song when I'm alone in my room, or just in a bad mood that day. This song makes me feel great, and alive. This song and Radio/Video along with Chop Suey are quite amazing. System Of A Down rocks! New listeners should start with albums Hypnotize and Mezmerize.

This one is the best in the mesmerize album after B.Y.O. B and Radio/Video, I love it very-very much

This should be way higher in the list! I love this song so much, it was actually the first one I ever heard of System Of A Down.

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22 Cigaro Cigaro

Cool, in denial!
We are the cruel regulators smoking CIGARO CIGARO CIGARO

The songs rocks! - rock2metal

One of the best songs of System of a Down, heavy, fast and amazingly good. I thinks is just much better than many other songs in the list.

Why isn't this song higher? This has such hilariously addicting vocals, showing that System of a Down can be very serious with some of their songs, and have a blast with others. This is shown no better than in cigaro. I can't do this song justice, if you haven't heard it, you need to! THIS is System of a Down1 - Meko750

This song deserves more!

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23 War? War?

I'm Christian and I don't care if this song is against religion, it rocks

Actually I can't really decide which one better between war, spiders, aerials, radio/video, and hypnotize. They got many many great songs. But I love war recently, that's why I vote for war. But seriously this song should be at least at the top ten. I really enjoyed the song of their live performance and the extended play version.

Honestly... My favorite! Can't believe its this low! WOW

One of their best. This gets my vote because it's underrated.

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24 Highway Song Highway Song

Steal this Album is so underrated, to me it's just another great System of a Down album but somehow it doesn't get that much attention :/ anyways, this is probably the best song on STA

Steal This Album's best song, besides Boom!, of course! One of the few romantics they have.

THIS SONG! Easily my favorite song, not just by System of a Down, but my favorite song ever. The incredibly addicting background instrumentals combined with Serj's fantastic vocals that show how diverse he is makes for a perfect song. It may not be the best song, but it's easily my favorite. - Meko750

When all the music drops except for that one guitar riff, and Serj whisper/sings "our days are never coming back," that makes me cry. AWESOME SONG!

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25 Soil Soil

Anyone who doesn't think this song is worthy of top ten hasn't listened to it

I vote it again because it's the best songs with a sad history

I love the guitar on this song, and the lyrics


Awesome song. Very heavy

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26 Needles Needles

How on Earth is this not higher? I've never heard main riff like that before, way better than a lot of higher tracks on this list.

Definitely System of a Down's brand of bipolar songwriting

Daron's guitar and serj's vocals fit perfectly in needles, a great example of the bands chemistry

Should be so much higher in the list, great song

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27 Old School Hollywood Old School Hollywood

This song is pretty catchy. One of my favorites from Mezmerize / Hypnotize era.

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28 Ego Brain Ego Brain

Honestly, this is my all time favorite song. Ever. I don't know why it's all the way at #36 but it's my favorite. The lyrics are beautiful, guitar is awesome. The song 36 should be #36 just because that would be super ironic. Not Ego Brain, best song ever!

Awesome song, its just a shame that it isn't as known as "Chop Suey" or "Aerials". It is an underdog, so it deserves to be voted, so it can shine on the top

Really Awesome way better than Chop Suey

This is my favourite song by them, it just sounds so awesome.

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29 P.L.U.C.K. P.L.U.C.K.

How the hell is this not higher? It is way better than Chop Suey!

Daron and Serj both sing together in the chorus, it's the best part...!
"watch them all fall down" is the best line...!


Politically lying unholy cowardly killers - EpicHorrorMaster

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30 Mind Mind

Mind is one of the best system of a down songs and it is by far the heaviest. THE GUITAR RIFF IS SO SIMPLE BUT SO AWESOME. Serj sounds amazing and shavo's bass sounds great. And also, John dolmayan is one of the greatest drummers ever. The drum part for this song is amazing.

This song releases the anger out of me. It's one of the best!

It's the longest System of a Down song

31 Roulette Roulette

Vote this song it's better than all the songs before top 20 sure and better of question and sugar sure... How can't you vote this song its just perfect the lyrics the music

Are you kidding me? I love Systems hard stuff, but Roulette is the best song ever done by the band. It's the one song when they rely entirely on their extremely talented harmonizing skills instead of their lively fun quirkiness.

This has got to be the best song I've heard from System of a Down. Absolute musical perfection.

I... don't know, how I feel when I'm around you

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32 Tentative Tentative

No one, no one's gonna save us now, Not even God, no one saved us
No one's gonna save us...

Where do you expect us to go when the bombs fall?

This song is so beautiful...

Why is Tentative in 50th place? This song should be at least in the top 10's in my opinion! This song is great! Where do you expect us to go when the bombs fall?

This is one of System of a Down's most underrated songs. The lyrics not only have meaning, but it provokes emotions. And of course, it has an amazing tune as well! Should definitely move up into the top 10.

One of my favorite songs by them! 48th place? That is a joke. Should be in the top 20.

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33 Streamline Streamline

Why isn't streamline in the top ten? This song is too good to be 34, its too good to be 24, its too good to be 14, and its too good to be 4. Streamline should be in the top three!

This song has such an awesome message and should really be considered to be on the top tens list.. I mean, its true. Goodbye's are long so we need to respect this song and vote, not as good at hypnotize but good enough - Uvilla123

Oh my god I think I've lost hope on this band because this is by far second best System of a Down song (besides Hypnotize) and should be MUCH higher on this list

Best system song by far

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34 Sad Statue Sad Statue

Only true fans would know this song. But after looking at this list it seems like this isn't a list for true fans of the band. Chope Suey, BYOB, Toxicity, etc. Are good songs, but they aren't System of a Down's best.

What the hell is Sad Statue doing so far down the list? Have to agree with the below comment, this isn't a list for true fans. Sad Statue has one of my favourite guitar riffs ever, I literally can't get enough of it. This deserves to be higher!

Truly a wonderful song in every right. It does not deserve to be so low on this list. It deserves a place in the top 10 along with Radio/Video who also needs to be up there. How many System of a Down songs can one say they've listened to before they can judge them all?

#31 really? This should be in top 10 easy... AMAZING SONG BY System of a Down.

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35 Radio/Video Radio/Video

Okay-maybe this song shouldn't be number one - but it should at least be in the top ten or five

What? God, this is my favorite System of a Down, to me it should be number 1, but if not at least it should be in the top 10! DAM, this song is so awesome it always makes me dance also makes me spin and jump at the 'la la la la laa' part! POWERFUL!

So many amazing things on this song, the rhythm, Serj's vocal, it kind of reminds me of 80's rock mixed with a lot of things.

The best song. Why? It has its own style that makes it look a lot better than the others. The whole album is great though.

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36 Shimmy Shimmy

This song is awesome! Definitely deserves to be ranked higher. Give it a listen and then vote! I think you might agree yeah

The best System of a Down song... (just listen again)

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37 Suite-Pee Suite-Pee

My favorite for many different reasons, but namely for its haunting rhythm and powerful lyrics. The melody is amazing too. - Brace5

cool bass :D good shavo good job :) :DD cool lyrics and my favorite part is 1:00

I really enjoy this song. It's one of my favorites by them! I think this song should be in the top 20.

My favorite song of my favorite band.

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38 Revenga Revenga

The best system of a down song is chop suey but I'll vote for this one because I think it should be way up higher on this list.

Awesome song, it deserves to be much higher on the list - top 10 at least! But System of a Down is such a great band that even their less popular songs are fantastic!

this song is freaking awesome soad 4 ever - enriquebarajasramirez

You've got an awesome band, when revenga is 31.

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39 Kill Rock 'n Roll Kill Rock 'n Roll

I don't freakin believe it! 42? this song is perfect... should be in the top ten definitely! it's the only system of a down song that I liked listening for the first time...

This is am amazing song! The range I'm it is great and it's nice and simple when you just want something easy to listen to!

This and Shimmy are way too underrated

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40 Darts Darts

Such a strange, unique and great song. WOW. I love the all of first 2 albums...

Strange lyrics but that is what makes System of a Down great

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